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Personal Productivity Principles

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There is a philosophy that states to get more done, you need to do less. It’s seems counter-intuitive, but all successful super achievers adhere to it because it’s the only way NOT to become a martyr to your ever-growing to do list.

You know the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) that 20% of what you do creates 80% of your results and conversely 80% of what you do is a waste of time producing the remaining 20% of the outcomes you want.

At this first-time ever event, I will share with you the tips, tricks and techniques I’ve used to out-perform my peers over the past 30+ years.

I’m going to cover:

  • How to manage a portfolio of opportunities (work, family, sport, investments, etc.)
  • What is your Next Best Step and how does your “highest and best use” fit into it?
  • The RPM System to uncover how you can get  organised and focused on your top priorities with a self-perpetuating feedback loop that GUARANTEES eventual success.
  • Gap Management – how to leverage downtime effectively to get a lot more done with little or NO effort.
  • Wave Theory – how to make sure you’re at your best when you need to be doing your best. Athletes have training schedules and taper to make sure their waves PEAK for competition… You can do the same for work.
  • Immersion and how to make it part of your process – so you can outperform your peers or competitors by creating breakthroughs “on command”.
  • How to maintain motivation when nothing seems to be going your way or you hit an unexpected obstacle.
  • How to establish balance between achievement and fulfilment or getting that work-life balance that everyone talks about.

Of course this will include my Exponential Mindset twists on the traditional:

  • New Year’s Resolutions
  • Goal Setting
  • To Do Lists
  • Time Management

I cover these topics throughout our elite Platinum Program curriculum, in an informal, anecdotal format. For the first time, this proprietary content will be presented with an integrated framework with real examples and physical samples so you can fully grasp and appreciate how powerful it can be.

BRW Magazine Cover, BRW, BRW Cover, Get More DoneWith this knowledge, you’ll be able to get past overwhelm and overload and get a LOT more done with less stress, pressure and anxiety.

After speed reading, this is the most powerful ‘personal mastery’ principle or concept I have developed. It has allowed me to consistently out-produce my peers in all areas of activity including athletic, academic, corporate and personal endeavours without ever getting stressed out, suffering a burn out or any physical manifestation of stress.

I have seen first-hand how some of the veterans of the Platinum Program have embraced this approach giving them renewed enthusiasm for their careers and businesses while achieving greater peace and tranquillity – even a sense of serenity.

It’s a process, a journey, a work-in-progress since the ultimate outcome remains a continuously changing target as you evolve and progress beyond previous limits and constraints into the realm of boundless opportunity thinking…

You’ll determine the rules of the game
you want to live by, on your terms.

Of course that means knowing what that game is AND your role in it!

Something worth reflecting on as you book your seat and begin the transformation process. Right now.

Time Mamagement, Goal Setting, Personal ProductivityOne of the foundational principles I will cover is getting past analysis paralysis to become more proactive and curing yourself of procrastination once and for all.

The only reason you self-sabotage or sub-optimise your results is because you don’t have a compelling goal to motivate you or you lack the proper questions to get you going and growing into the person you know you can become.

I will share with you the questions you need to start asking yourself as well as the strategies that will transform you into a personal productivity powerhouse one thought at a time.

I could go on and on, but let’s face it – you have a lot to get done today. Time is money and you want to know “what’s in it for you?”

Simple: I am going to teach you how to start living the life(style) you’ve always wanted so you’re free of stress, pressure and anxiety.

This is an exclusive invitation to attend a Platinum Program Workshop to see how Australia’s most ambitious and driven entrepreneurs are learning to get and STAY ahead of their competitors.

Do you still have doubts? Have a look at my Personal Profile below and as you flip through the 24 pages of results, achievements and accomplishments – ask yourself one question:

“How did I do it?”

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