Dr Marc Dussault’s Exponential Video Series

If you want to outsmart your competition, achieve more with less effort, double your sales or triple your profits online, offline or BOTH, you’ll find the content and tips explained in these videos priceless.

Video 1: Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Sales Funnel … by Being Antimimeticisomorphic!

This video reveals why even many smart entrepreneurs are working harder and harder but keep getting the same mediocre and disappointing results. This 10 minute video is guaranteed to pull you out of your current rut and help you to start achieving slightly better results right away to give you the motivation to stay on course to create truly stellar results with far less effort than you’d think possible.

Here’s what this could mean to you:

  1. Your online/offline business isn’t performing as well as it could or should be.There’s plenty of untapped potential sitting right under your nose – all you have to do is just change your approach to get a different result.
  2. It’s probably the reason why you’re working harder and harder and yet have less and less to show for it.
  3. Making it happen is easy – easier than you think. In fact, people dumber than you are using these strategies right now and outperforming you.

Video 2: How to speed-read on screen up to 600 words per minute!

Did you know that when you read on-screen your reading speed drops by a staggering 50%? If your average reading speed is 250-400/words-per-minute off-line, doing it on screen will take you TWICE as long unless you watch this video showing how you can kick your on-screen reading speed up to a whopping 600/words-per-minute at the click of your mouse!

If you feel overloaded and overwhelmed with an avalanche of daily e-mails, documents and other electronic messages that you must read and act upon DAILY – then this short 4 minute video will make you 50%-400% more productive today!

Here’s what this could mean to you:

  1. Just think of how much time you waste every day reading long e-mails and other electronic messages. No wonder you’re always strapped for time! Well, this little secret will help save you as much as half your current reading time or MORE! If you’re like the average business person who spends 10+ hours/week reading, that’s an incredible 5 hours, or 1 hour/day saved. That means you can get home in time for dinner to EAT with the kids and not just tuck them in at night!
  2. Super-achievers are not smarter than most, but they have figured out how to achieve in minutes what others take hours and days to accomplish. Speed-reading is one such skill that anyone, including you can learn in less than 60 seconds.
  3. Making it happen is easy – all you need to do is watch this 4 minute video and you’ll be convinced.

Video 3: 1% Improvement

This is an AUTOMATIC SYSTEM to make you, listen to this, you’re not going to believe it, 3,778 X BETTER in the next 12 months than you are today – GUARANTEED!

It’s a sure-fire way to boost your income, explode your mindset and move you forward in quantum leaps toward your goals with the least amount of effort and in the shortest time possible.

You’re either moving forward or backward – moving forward has never been easier and your success is virtually assured if you watch this short 2 minute and 11 second video to learn exactly how to do it.

By tomorrow you’ll either be 2% better or 2% worse – it’s your choice!

Here’s what this could mean to you:

  1. Success comes one step at a time. But you must have a SYSTEM that keeps you focused and on track. You can’t leave it to chance if you want to be in the TOP 10 to 20% of the population.
  2. Your income is in direct proportion to your mindset and thinking – just imagine if you were 50% better, 167% better, 3,778% better in the next 12 months by only investing 5 minutes/day. Would you make the time?
  3. Making it happen is easy – it’ll take you exactly 2 minutes and 11 seconds…

Video 4: Virtual Real Estate Workshop Invitation

Listen to this exclusive invitation if you want to learn how you can generate a passive income of $100,000+/year. It outperforms almost any investment vehicle you can think of…

Just like a property investor buys and sells property for cash flow and capital gain, this strategy is just as hot but pumps money into your account up to 10 times faster and with less up-front capital requirements!

The working model is as easy as 1, 2, 3… just watch the video to learn more.

Here’s what this could mean to you:

  1. Creating passive income couldn’t be easier. But just like any other boom, you need to jump on the bandwagon before the rest of the population finds out. This is when the BEST and EASIEST money-making opportunities exist.
  2. Using this simple model you’re going to turn hundreds of dollars into thousands in days and weeks rather than months and years.
  3. Making it happen is easy – unless you don’t have $200 to spare, then this is not for you.

Video 5: Internet Marketing

This unique program with the unheard of guarantee leverages the Double Whammy™ effect to help you annihilate your competition using Exponential Internet Strategies, Mindset and Methods – even if you are a complete online novice.

It could be just what you need to pump up the flat tyres of your offline business into wheels of fortune – no matter what you’re trying to sell!

Here’s what this could mean to you:

  1. The Internet could open the floodgates to UNlimited profits for your business – without hiring any additional staff or running expensive promotions or ads.
  2. Using the Internet you can keep having conversations with thousands of qualified prospects all at the same time even while you sleep! What would that do to your bottom line?
  3. Making it happen is easy – all you need to know are the exponential levers that you can turn to transform your bricks and mortar business into a money-making clicks and mortar business.

Video 6: How To Get 1 Percent Improvement Part Two New Year’s Resolutions

Most people make New Year’s Resolutions when the first day of January rolls around but few follow through. People make promises to lose weight, make more money, be a better parent, break bad habits like smoking and start regular exercise. Those promises soon turn into empty and broken promises sooner rather than later.

So, many feel like a failure. That’s because most people don’t understand an exponential short-cut that makes success easy, effortless and virtually guaranteed.

If you’ve already watched my first “1% Improvement…” video, you know how easy it is to get 3,778 TIMES BETTER in less than 365 short days.

The formula is so simple that even a fifth grader could do it. Yet, for some strange reason, some people seem to struggle in using it to their advantage. That’s why I decided to add a fresh distinction that should bring this breakthrough concept to life for you.

No matter what your New Year’s Resolution is, using this new ‘distinction should help you reach your goals with LESS effort and make THIS YEAR your best one EVER!

You’ll understand how to leverage yourself so that you get a disproportionate reward to the effort that you put in.


Many times getting one percent better means you need to STOP doing some things. How cool is that! Not only will you end up with MORE TIME, each day, you’ll actually become better at whatever you set out for yourself – 3,778 TIMES BETTER BY THE END OF THE YEAR! Just watch the video and see for yourself.

Video 7: Solving the Marc-Ka-Ching-Kube

A thrilled and overjoyed Internet Mastery Platinum Program member finally solves the Kube using a proven formula. It didn’t happen instantly but it would never have happened if she had no access to a tried and tested formula that works.

Watch this short 30 seconds video and see what happens when persistence meets a determined human spirit.

Here’s what this could mean to you:

  1. No matter what your personal or business challenge, someone already has the answers and can help you to bridge the gap so you can jump over it with one easy step.
  2. If you want to do something that you think is impossible, try solving the Kube™, it will expand what is called your sphere of influence and teach you lessons that will unleash the genius that is within you, just waiting to get out.

Click here to get the solution to the Rubik’s Cube™.

Video 8: Business Mastery Platinum Program – Jason Chuang’s Testimonial

If you are ready to take life by the horns and begin the journey of realizing your true potential, stretch your comfort zone and expand your thinking, then you will be inspired by this enlightening short video.

In a nutshell, it shows that there is a ‘sleeping’ giant in all of us, including you. All you need is someone to show you how you can reveal it to yourself so you too can open up a brand new world of possibility and boundless opportunities.

I don’t know many people who have the same level of courage and determination to succeed as Jason does. If you’re ready and are brave enough to give it an honest go, this video should give you a handful of distinctions and the needed ‘kick in the pants’ to help take your first step – believing in yourself.

Here’s what this could mean to you:

  1. Success is easy once you connect yourself with the right people. But you must stretch yourself and try something different if you want to get a different result. Einstein said it best when he said that “the thinking that got you to where you are now, is not the thinking that will get you to where you want to be.” He also defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”.
  2. You will never realize your true potential unless you blast through your comfort zone and expand what is called your sphere of influence by learning from those who are already living the life of your dreams. Jason did this one early Saturday morning… Now it’s your turn.

Video 9: Dr Marc Dussault has fun with Mark Buhagiar of Austlink

If you want to protect your business from financial trouble and ravenous ATO agents – you need a super accounting system that perform magic with those ‘disgusting’ numbers that you hate to look at and think about – the bottom line numbers that are never big enough at the end of the financial year.

A super accounting system will help you keep more money in your pocket without getting you into trouble with the ATO.

Watch this short video to discover the secret of finding the best accounting system for your small business. It’s a simple distinction that can save you tens of thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money as well as the pain and frustration in dealing with the ‘necessary evil’ that is accounting and bookkeeping.

This funny video is tongue-in-cheek, but gets to the point of the matter. It’s another example of Antimimeticisomorphic behaviour. Doing out-of-the-ordinary things to get extraordinary results.

When you watch the video, you’ll experience a totally fresh and humorous way to promote your services, guaranteed to help you out-smart your competition on ZERO budget while having fun! An impromptu segment at the 4-day Platinum Program Advanced Business Mastery event turned into a lead generator for Mark Buhagiar of Austlink Services.

HUNDREDS of people have now watched this video, as you are about to right now. What is that worth to YOUR business if YOU were in a similar video?

Give that some thought as Web 2.0 strategies are Steroids for your business and/or online sales channel.

Video 10: Long Tail Niche Marketing News Agent Gets Standing Ovation!

If you’re greedy and want more money from your business while working less, then watch this short video of Michael the News Agent.

You’ll see what happens when Michael takes action on just one simple, but not-so-obvious, exponential strategy that I shared with him one morning when I was stuck in a painfully slow queue waiting to pay for my BRW magazine.

On that fateful day, Michael did what most business owners rarely, if ever do – he took action.

The idea immediately increased the life-time-value of one of his best clients over 22 times without him having to open the cash register even one single time. That’s 22 EXTRA “Ka-Chings” that he’d never ever heard if he missed the one simple distinction that you’re going to learn when you watch this RAW HAND-HELD video.

Just think about it – if a newsagent can do this, imagine what this one simple distinction could do in YOUR business.

Think about it, a newsagent …it’s one of the most competitive, difficult businesses to run. In fact, there are more than 7 businesses in one.

Magazines, consumables (cigarettes and drinks), lottery tickets, public transport tickets, stamps, international wire transfers, photocopies and office supplies, etc.

I bet you never quite thought of it that way…

The best part of this video is that the exponential idea helped Michael save his BEST clients time and long, frustrating queues you’re accustomed to each time you have to visit a ‘non-exponential’ news agent.

Grrr! I am sure you hate waiting in line as much as I do!

You won’t believe your eyes and ears how simple this strategy is. Go ahead and see for yourself. The video will give you fresh new ideas to grow your bottom-line profits and will make you crack up a little because it’s fun, totally unscripted, RAW and UNEDITED.

If you’re a keen Exponential Marketing Enthusiast, you’ll want to COUNT the strategies used in this video. Watch it as often as you need. I counted more than 25 strategies within the first 3 minutes. See how many you can come up with.

How many do YOU use in YOUR business? What 2, 3 or 4 strategies can YOU use TODAY in YOUR business? What YouTube video can YOU create that is fun, relevant and valuable to YOUR audience?

Imagine having HUNDREDS of people watching your YouTube videos, getting to know you and self-selecting to purchase from you…

Imagine what it would do to your bottom line…

Imagine getting all that for FREE.

The Internet’s Web 2.0 strategies Pure Profit Adrenaline for your business, online and off.

Video 11: Viral Video Marketing

Viral Marketing is easy when you have 500 people helping you…

I was just speaking at a Private Boardroom Briefing recently and explained to participants how easy it is to succeed once you adopt an Exponential Mindset™…

But there’s nothing like SHOWING you first hand.

Rosti Zacharias, of a 2008 Exponential Internet & Business Building Bootcamp Graduate came across this really cool viral marketing idea…

He sent it to me – I laughed out loud amazed at the quality and innovation of the concept.

I captured it and posted it on YouTube so you can have a laugh too.

Viral Video Marketing 101.

Exponential Mindset Thinking 101 – “Do Stuff”.

Video 12: Bootcamp Encore Presentation

I’m sure you’ve heard of our Bootcamp – listen to this invitation to get on the court with me and start playing your Business and/or Internet ‘A’ game.

Due to popular demand, we’re staging an ‘encore presentation’ of the 2008 Exponential Internet & Business Building Bootcamp

Wouldn’t you like to have such great response that you have to perform ‘encore’ services for your clients and prospects?

Exponential Marketing Strategies produce those kinds of results – making sure you are only selling to people who want to buy from you.

For example, we’re looking for the most committed business entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers who want to outperform, outsell and outmarket their competitors with the least amount of effort. That’s the KEY for us – to do it creatively, in a fun and inexpensive way so it’s within everyone’s reach. Anyone who wants to learn these strategies can. That’s why we’re successful – we cater and focus our energies on people who want to take home an extra $50,000 to $100,000 this year without working longer hours.

They want, as explained in the YouTube video, to play their ‘A game’ with other like-minded players who have the same outcome. They know that playing with equal strength or BETTER PLAYERS, their game will improve and therefore their RESULTS/REWARDS!

Video 13: How To Save Time GUARANTEED to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

Most people make New Year’s resolutions when the first day of January rolls around but few follow through. Not because they have a weak will or lack of discipline or even because they are less intelligent than most people.

The problem seems to be in their lack of time.

Many high achievers are too busy constantly producing stellar results in several areas of their lives that they run out of time at the end of the day to do the things that really make a difference and matter to them.

Imagine how much BETTER you could be if only you had that EXTRA hour each day.

You could master your craft more, catch up on industry news, spend more time with the kids and family or simply kick back and drain that stress out of your system.

This short video will not only show you how you can get that extra hour each day, you’ll also understand how you can improve your productivity, cut your stress and even grow your paycheque. It’s amazing what you can do once you adopt the Exponential Mindset™ – go ahead, watch the video and see how simple it can be.

Video 14: How To Write Killer Copy that sells

Imagine using the power of words to entice, motivate and persuade customers to buy from you. A nice claim? How about some proof?

This short 2 minute and 4 second video puts a REAL $50,000 letter right in front of your eyes – a letter that brought in a nice FIFTY THOUSAND worth of business through the door.

The best news … you can steal, adapt and use it for your own business as soon as TODAY!

Most direct mail letters don’t work and the ones that do hardly break even. After multiple testing, I uncovered the ‘hidden factors’ that make all the difference – I point out those factors in this short video.

If you’re trying to figure out how to turn your inactive clients into cashflow, this video is a must-watch!

Video 15: What I created for Dr Marc Dussault

This short video shows how an exponential mindset enthusiast created massive demand for his services by thinking outside the box.

He simply started with asking himself different questions and so he arrived at a different solution. But he didn’t stop there. He ‘exponentialised’ his idea and leveraged it to put his name in front of THOUSANDS of potential prospects at almost no out of pocket cost to himself.

The key to his success was that he started asking different questions, and he kept doing it over and over, again and again until the idea gained massive momentum. Right now, he doesn’t need to do anything as the idea keeps tirelessly promoting his services at ZERO cost – yes even while he sleeps!

If you struggle with finding new business for your product or service, this video should help you create new demand for your business on shoestring budget! The best news is that once you get it going, you can repeat it over and over and reap the financial benefits again and again.

Video 16: Virtual Real Estate – How to flip a website MindMap

A talented cartoonist, Mr Paul Telling takes you behind the curtains as he reveals his unique and mind-boggling ‘formula’ for presenting information and showcasing his services.

Not only that. He also shows you a little-known concept of flipping websites for profit. You’ll be mesmerised, educated and entertained, all at the same time as you learn how to turn the Internet into a new stream of income for you. This short video will open your mind to a new sense of unlimited potential of using the Internet to grow your business like never before.

Video 17: How To Flip Websites to Generate Passive Income and Profits

Most people make this concept more complicated than it should be. In this short video, I uncover why most people never make it online and WHY only a few ‘lucky’ individuals become financially independent. Of course, it’s not by luck but by adopting a particular mindset, that sets winners apart from the losers.

A single question prevents people from using the Internet to their own advantage. It’s probably the ‘question’ that is stopping you right now from making it big online.

You’ll see how this little understood Flipping Websites model beats the Stock Market, Real Estate and most investment options available today.

The best news… most people don’t know it exists and those who do are leaving stacks of money on the table. The better news… this opportunity PAYS you $100/hour while you’re learning the ropes. Imagine what the potential could be once you ‘graduate’. Stop imagining, watch it and see how you can grab your share.

You’ll see, not all websites are created equal. There is one type of website that you should park in your portfolio and there is the other that you should flip immediately. And there is one more you must know about.

While there are millions of websites online, there are only 3 kinds of websites you need to understand to be successful. This video drills deep down on the mindset required to make a decent living using the flipping websites model. And because it’s NOT what most people would do, your success is almost assured, as long as you follow the system.

Once you do the basics, this model leverages the ‘wind’ of the Internet and gains massive momentum, which starts making you money day and night, no matter what you do!

A single website won’t make you rich, but you’ll be amazed at what a handful of ‘good’ websites can do as soon as you ‘tweak’ the right things, [some of which you’ll learn in the video.]

For more information on this amazing wealth creation opportunity, go to

Video 18: How To – Exponential Marketing Strategies – Sneak Peek

Make more money

  • An overview of 15 marketing strategies you can tailor to your business
  • Examples and case studies from local Australian companies such as:
    • A jeweller pulled $55,000 out of thin air by using just one technique
    • A software company generated $150,000 in sales 6 months faster with 200% better conversion rate and no discounting!
    • A specialised health care provider booked more than $150,000 in treatments in less than 3 hours with less than $1,000 in marketing costs!
    • A training company tapped into a Host-Beneficiary Partner’s database to produce $25,000 in less than 60 days, total cost, less than $300!
    • A consultant made $6,000 in one hour. Yes, one hour. And then made an additional $2,000 without even lifting a finger!
  • 12 tips, tricks and techniques to avoid making the most blatant mistakes
  • 3 secrets you don’t want your competitors to know

Video 19: How To Get New Leads and Prospects

In this video you’ll learn how to attract to your business or website an unlimited number of HOT prospects who are desperate to spend money with you. Imagine that! Of course, that will probably never happen if you continue doing what you/everybody else in your industry has always been doing. But it can and it will happen as soon as you understand the simple yet profound concept that Dr Marc Dussault wants to teach you about, using a fun and entertaining metaphor, in this video.

What you need is this known yet little understood 3-word strategy that this video helps you see with ‘new eyes.’ Having that powerful strategy working in your business could get people start chasing you rather than you having to chase them. Imagine that for a difference! It’s not hard and the strategy is pretty simple to understand and apply. Because it is so simple, your competitors are not using it to their full advantage. And that can be a good thing for you and a bad thing for them as long as you take ACTION upon what you learn about in this video.

Imagine not having to worry about whether you will make enough money just to pay for your overheads, meet your mortgage repayments this month or pay the bills. This video will show you how you can make more money while spending LESS hours in the office. Impossible? Just watch it now and see for yourself.

This video will show you how you can have fun while being in business. Enjoy!

Video 20: How To Improve Results INSTANTLY

This mindset-shifting powerful video will reveal to you how you can revolutionise your life, business or career in the shortest time possible – no matter whether you’re a high-school dropout or a highly-educated individual.

As you watch this video you’ll have those ‘ah-ha!’ slap-your-forehead moments that will help you see your personal development and success in a brand new light. If you’re already a high-achiever reading countless books and constantly finetuning your edge – stop.

This video will show you how you can read and learn LESS but actually produce better results. Imagine how much extra time and satisfaction that would give you. Watch the video and find out one of the most powerful shortcuts that will catapult you from where you are today to where you don’t even have the courage of dreaming about of being.

Success is a slow, laborious and often a frustrating process until you learn about what Dr Marc Dussault wants to share with you in this powerful video. If you are serious about success and want to live your life by design rather than by default – watch this video now.

Video 21: Real Time “Live” Demo – Increase Sales and Profits

Watch this video and learn how you can DOUBLE or TRIPLE your sales or profits within the next 12 or 24 months. Think that’s a bit unbelievable? That’s why you need to watch this video. Simply because you can achieve amazing growth and results in your online or offline business using Exponential Marketing Strategies – the ones you’ll learn about in this video.

Those strategies were tried and tested over the past 20 years in 200 industries producing over 2,000,000 new leads, and creating in excess of 200,000,000 of personal wealth for 2000 lucky business owners. Of course they were not lucky, they had access to Exponential Marketing Strategies. Imagine getting a share of these amazing results. Well, guess what? Regardless whether you do or you don’t, someone else will step in and take it for you. This video will show you how you can start creating these exponential results for your self.

Here’s the real kicker…

Exponential Marketing Strategies work in ANY financial climate. They actually work BETTER during tough recessionary times, simply because they make you think counter-clockwise to the way most people think.

So watch this video right now to learn how you can get your share of the next $200 million and 2 million leads! You’ll never have to chase clients, or do cold calling or stress over how to pay your bills ever again. Enjoy!

Video 22: How To Live A Millionaire Lifestyle

This video will show you an exponential way of putting your message across in a way that will flood your business or website with new leads, make that phone ring off the hook, and put an end to the financial draught in your business, by doing out-of-ordinary things that produce EXTRA-ordinary results.

This video will teach you how to engage BOTH sides of your customers’ brains and communicate your message so that it not only sinks deep into their subconscious mind but so that it inspires, motivates and makes them desperate to open their wallets and give you their money.

This video is not just about making money – it’s about travelling the world … discovering a new culture … learning a new musical instrument – whatever it is that gives you a balanced lifestyle and gives you a healthy vibrant existence.

You’ll also learn how by becoming a global citizen of the world, you’ll be able to work less and play more. Don’t miss it!

Video 23: How To Use Piclens Cooliris Firefox Plugin To View Images

This video shows you how to quickly get photos and images from the Internet. It’s a plug in for Firefox called Cooliris, previously branded as Piclens. It’s a must-have if you use or refer to images on an on-going basis. Enjoy and don’t forget who showed it to you! Make sure you let people know it came from here!