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Dear business owner or entrepreneur,

When it comes to producing exponential marketing results he has no equal.

He is a master at growing businesses …

A pure marketing genius …

His name is, of course, none other than Jay Abraham.Jay Abraham, Marketing Genius, Exponenial Marketing

Jay has been my #1 marketing mentor empowering and enabling me to become the best marketer I could ever be.

Jay’s strategies are so exponential that I ran multiple companies OUTSELLING our competitors without a single salesperson on staff.

In case you missed that, let me repeat it again…

… Without a single salesperson on staff.

A 3-year practical MBA squeezed into 3 DAYS!

Just 3 days with Jay gave me more business building ideas and strategies than my MBA that took 2 years and cost over $50,000 (in today’s dollars) to complete.

That’s why I attended not one, not two or even three but a total of FIVE Bootcamps with Jay.

Let me be totally frank with you…

I’d jump at the opportunity to bring him back to Australia.

Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

Yes, I know, his clients dish out a whopping US$5,000/hour or US$50,000/day just to pick his brain.

But, money is not the issue…

Simply put, Jay doesn’t run ‘full-on’ Bootcamps like the last one we staged with him in Sydney in 2007 anymore.

Lucky for you – we recorded every single word spoken at the 2007 Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp!

I will show you how you can secure this rare and exclusive exponential enthusiast collection but first, you should keep reading.

  • IF your business has started to stagnate or sales have stalled… or
  • IF you’ve started to lose customers and have had some cash-flow troubles… or
  • IF you’re stressed about where the next client, contract or project will come from…

This Jay Abraham Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp Recording is your opportunity to be ‘personally’ mentored by the father of modern marketing so you’ll NEVER feel stressed, worried or intimidated in your business EVER AGAIN!

I can speak from personal experience…


Close friends and colleagues thought I was nuts
to pay $20,000 for just 3 days!

From a direct mail envelope invitation, I made the decision to attend Jay’s Bootcamp for 3 days in Los Angeles in the summer of 1996. At a cost of $20,000 (in today’s dollars with travel and accommodation), it was a BIG decision. What happened next confirmed beyond any doubt it was worth it…

At this first Bootcamp, I took 125 pages of notes in my journal so, in effect, I PAID $160 PER PAGE! Would that be the most expensive journal you’ve ever heard about? It gets better…

Those notes produced more than $2.5 Million in ADDITIONAL sales over the next 10 years for my businesses that had a gross profit margin of 40% so that meant I was able to put +/-$100,000 more in my pocket every year for the next 10 years.

Not bad for a 3-day, $20,000 investment!

Bootcamp, Jay Abraham, Journal Example

Actual Page From My Bootcamp Journal

As a business person, it meant I was able to build one of my service companies 3 times faster, with double the industry average sales per employee, with a fraction of the industry’s employee attrition rate while consistently producing twice the profitability of my competitors.

Say it with me… KA-CHING! KA-CHING!

An often over-looked application of Jay Abraham’s
Exponential Marketing Strategies is within the corporate arena…


While working as National Business Development Manager for a global IT software company, I was able to create a PROSPECTING sales funnel that was 30 times better than the company’s average that converted to SALES within 1 percentage point of the company’s 26-year benchmark.

This meant that I, along with 2 colleagues in Australia out-performed 90 of our colleagues in other geographies COMBINED. These countries included the United States, Canada, China, The United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Belgium…

So, you’d have to start thinking Jay’s strategies are pretty darn good.

Too bad that Jay won’t run another Bootcamp here in Australia. As I said before, he doesn’t do Bootcamps anymore.

But, I have the second best (or even BETTER) deal for you IF you’re quick…

You see, back in 2007 Jay ran his last Australian 3-day Jay Abraham Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp here in Sydney.

It was a ‘sell-out’ event for at least three reasons…

One, well let’s face it, Jay is a legend. No one else thinks like him, speaks like him or crafts strategies like him. He is THE one and only ‘original’.

Jay Abraham, Marketing Expert, Bootcamp

This Bundle Is The Next Best Thing To Being In The Room

Two, it was his final Bootcamp in Australia – ever.

Three, he shared his BIGGEST strategies and personal breakthroughs that took him over 30 years to develop and produce, working with 12,000 businesses in more than 460 industries from around the globe.

THOSE were his BEST business-building secrets revealed over 3 days!

The exact same strategies he used to create over
$9.4 BILLION DOLLARS for his clients…

How much would you pay to learn his biggest personal breakthroughs and strategies that made him and his clients an INSANE FORTUNE?

Bootcamp participants gladly handed over $5,997 for the privilege. (Just so you know… Since then, they’ve had the benefit of the past 4 years to put the strategies to practical use, making millions of dollars in that time.)

Now, listen to this…

The $5,997 excluded accommodation, food, travel and time off from work they had to take to be there physically, in person.

For many the ‘full’ cost ran well into tens of thousands of dollars!

Some, even travelled from overseas to be there (from as far as Indonesia).

This is the official pricing for the 2007 Bootcamp, pulled from our archives

Was it worth it? You be the judge…

Out of 250+ participants NOBODY asked for their money back. I wasn’t surprised because his 2007 ‘performance’ was truly his best one out of the all Jay Abraham Bootcamps, events and seminars I’ve attended over the years.

As a result of that Bootcamp many businesses have turned into exponential marketing champions…

“One Bootcamp graduate created $9,000 of new sales in the first week alone with ONE single strategy.”

“Another added more than $1 Million DOLLARS in NEW SALES within a year!”

This wasn’t just another business-building seminar…
The Bootcamp was unlike anything else you could have ever experienced!

This was a literally once-in-a-lifetime encounter that you wouldn’t be able to relive or experience ever again, but there is a silver lining…

We recorded the ENTIRE 2007 Bootcamp from start to finish, word-for-word and turned it into a home-study course for those who missed out on this landmark and unfortunately final event.

Jay’s goal is tomake you MORE PROFITABLE and to help you BUY BACK the time you once had before you went into business – so you have more time for yourself and your family.

Jay’s approach is entirely different to other marketing experts in four key areas:


  1. Jay’s unparalleled experience allows him to see right through to the soul of your business issues. His no-nonsense approach will help you strip away all of the unnecessary ‘fluff’ and focus on what is truly important in your business.
  2. Jay’s mindset is the main reason he is credited as being a marketing genius – his theories are so different to those of anyone else. Startlingly original and yet disarmingly simple in his approach, he has revolutionised the way business people market, sell and deliver their products and services around the world. He invented and popularised the exponential mindset in North America for the past 4 decades. He’s been a well-kept secret in Australia for far too long.
  3. His track record – Jay has created more entrepreneurial millionaires than anyone else on the planet. He has created US$9 Billion in wealth for company owners and shareholders by ‘finding’ 6 million new leads / prospects for his clients.
  4. He is the source, the creator of so many of the marketing theories you’ve heard about (money back guarantee, unique selling propositions, host-beneficiary partnerships, etc.) The best thing about learning these strategies directly from the source is that you’ll understand how each theory fits into an overall holistic mindset that, once adopted, creates a solid foundation upon which to build an amazing, business that will grow and prosper!

At the 2007 Bootcamp, Jay revealed how to take multiple proven, tried and tested concepts from different industries and how you can adapt them to your specific business for explosive results in minimum time.

Using these devastatingly effective secrets
your competitors will never see you coming
as you literally blow them out of the water!

A co-founder of FedEx, Michael Basch, says that he met only two marketing geniuses in his life and Jay is one of them. Jay has been featured twice in Investors Business Daily – both on the front page and in the Leaders & Success section – “Jay knows how to maximise results with minimum effort”.

Jay Abraham, Marketing Genius, Exponential Marketing

Forbes Magazine listed Jay as one of the top 5 executive coaches in America saying Jay’s speciality is “Turning corporate under-performers into marketing and sales whizzes”.

Jay has been very successful at what he does for others. He’s produced thousands of success stories and made a lot of money for a lot of people.

He’s also spawned an entire generation of marketing consultants who credit him as their primary mentor – that includes me.

He has been acknowledged as a unique and distinctive authority in the field of business performance enhancement– maximising and multiplying business assets.

Jay Abraham’s reputation is ROCK-SOLID.





Jay’s strategies produce explosive results.

He is not some ‘short-lived’ business coach or some wannabe trying to make a quick buck from passing on second-hand knowledge. Not Jay. He’s an exponential master, a scientist, the original creator of exponential marketing.

Jay has primarily been compensated on the basis of his clients’ results. If his techniques produced clearly identifiable additional profits, he received a percentage.  If not, he got nothing.

He put his head on the chopping block so clients didn’t have to risk a PENNY!

Jay Abraham made BILLIONS for his clients
and MILLIONS for himself – deservedly so.

How would you like to be paid on similar terms? Would you survive?

Well, not only has Jay survived over the past four long decades and during some of the worst market recessions in history, but he has been praised by and written about in high-profile magazines like…

Jay Abraham, Marketing, Exponential Marketing

Initially, Jay was hardly seeking any publicity. He was too busy producing exponential results for his business clients. It was the media seeking him out to write about him and his stellar bottom-line results.

How can one man be so much well known, respected and followed by others?

Everything he teaches comes from direct, hands-on experience…

Jay has spent the last 30+ years solving problems and significantly increasing the bottom lines of over 12,000 businesses in more than 460 industries worldwide…

Jay has studied and solved every kind of business question,
problem and challenge turning them into opportunities…

Jay Abraham, Media Coverage, Marketing, Exponential Marketing

He understands the patterns that limit and restrict business growth… and that’s where I know he can make a dramatic contribution to your business.

Getting your hands on the limited Bootcamp recording is the O-N-L-Y way for you to bring this marketing genius back to life, so-to-speak.

With this recording in hand, you’ll begin to grow your business, online sales channel or website sales immediately.

You’ll be making money as you walk or drive to work – all 36 hours (yes, they were long days) are yours to listen to as often as you or your team needs.

The ‘No-B.S’ content has, on its own, delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales to hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you all around Australia.

The “self-paced” nature of this home-study program means your results are only limited by how much you TAKE ACTION on all the tips, tools and techniques revealed.


You will learn how to:

  • Reduce your marketing costs by identifying and stopping what doesn’t work
  • Get others to grow your business for FREE
  • Uncover hidden assets in your business that you can turn into cash
  • Cut your sales cycle by as much as half
  • Work less, earn more
  • Shift your mindset to exponential growth
  • Get motivated and inspired again
  • Stop being out-performed by people dumber than you
  • STOP wasting your time and money on mailings, ads and website gimmicks that don’t get results.

Where would you be in your business IF you had access to these secrets?

How much would it be worth to your bottom-line?

Multiple times, throughout the three-day event Jay conducted a series of Rapid Fire Q&A Sessions where people were invited to come to the microphone and ask any question they wanted.

Listen to this… Jay answered those questions right then and there from the stage – no censors, no holding back. This alone will let you see and understand the patterns of thinking of this exponential master.

At the Bootcamp, Jay also revealed the following secrets:

  • How to effectively communicate your value proposition to your clients.
  • How to turn pain-in-the-bum clients into your biggest advocates and fans.
  • How to identify and WIPE OUT the obstacles that are preventing you from making progress in your business.
  • How to drastically reduce customer attrition and stop prospects and clients from escaping your sales funnel!
  • A simple 3-step formula to help you identify the highest and best use of your time.
  • How you can produce windfall profits by uncovering hidden assets that are lying right there under your nose right now.
  • Little facts about HUMAN NATURE that can make you instantly more persuasive.
  • How to take hidden assets (some think are worthless) and turn them into CASH!

    Coaching, Business Coach, Sydney Business Coach

    How to take hidden assets (some think are worthless) and turn them into CASH!

  • The #1 REASON why you’ve hit your earnings ceiling.
  • How to become a scientist in your own business and DOUBLE your profits in the next 12 months while drastically reducing your marketing spend!
  • How to create a catalytic effect that leads to fast profits.
  • The art of anticipating other people’s actions – little facts about human nature you won’t find anywhere else.
  • How to DOUBLE your productivity.
  • How to produce moneymaking advertisements that work.
  • How to leverage other people’s assets and achieve exponential results in your business.Jay Abraham, Bootcamp, Marketing Bootcamp
  • How to turn your product or service into the ONLY viable solution you prospective clients will consider before making a decision to purchase.
  • How to become the pre-eminent expert in your area or niche.
  • How this ‘silly’ question can flood your business with more clients than you can handle.
  • How Jay creates business turnarounds in minimum time.
  • How to become a marketing genius – Jay will let you know exactly how he does it!
  • How to create killer Unique Selling Propositions – a single short sentence that will enable you to finally start charging what you truly deserve and not a cent less!
  • How to become a better father, mother, business owner, marketer and person – you won’t believe how EASY that is.
  • WHY your marketing doesn’t work and what would Jay DO if you paid him $5,000/hour!
  • Find out what your customers REALLY want –  (reality is irrelevant, customer perception is the ONLY thing that counts!)
  • Business Coach, Exponential MindsetHow to turn ABSTRACT ideas into tangible bottom-line strategies that grow your business.
  • How to STEAL customers from your competitors – totally ethically!
  • Jay’s formula for creating KILLER presentations that will engage and mesmerise any audience.
  • How to turn your cold leads into warm leads and warm leads into eager cash-in hand clients.
  • Jay’s personal lessons to help you promote yourself more effectively.
  • 3-steps to becoming a top-gun copywriter.
  • How to produce guarantees that improve your sales and conversion rates.
  • How to influence people.
  • How to up-sell, down-sell and cross-sell like a marketing genius.
  • WHY your sales letters and emails don’t convert the way they should – a small ‘twist’ to make them work like a charm.
  • How to turn sceptics into active followers and buying clients.
  • How to unleash a torrent of fresh new referrals that will flood your business with cash!
  • How to use the art of triangulation to acquire cash, assets and resources you need for your business to take off like an adrenaline-charged carnivore.
  • How to turn problems into opportunities – Jay’s signature formula that has landed him on the covers of glossy, high-profile magazines.

Are you getting excited?

With this powerful recording in hand you should be able to create at least $100,000 of new additional income to your personal or business bank account in the next 12 months. But wait, there’s more!

These are not just any case studies… First it’s a massive compilation of FIVE HUNDRED AND TWO case studies. Second, these are money-making ‘recipes’…

These are the KEY distinctions that “ANYONE can understand and apply the same strategies, tactics and techniques and adapt and adopt them to their life and business”.

You see, there were WAY more case studies… beyond the 502 case studies that you will receive. But Jay had to reject HUNDREDS of submissions because they were either not valuable or applicable to a bottom-line business owner.

So, the 502 case studies are the most practical, actionable and universal strategies that you can apply to your business immediately!

Of course, having over five hundred case studies at your fingertips is one thing. Getting to the ONE you need when you need it is quite another…

…That’s why we got our hands on the 502 Incredible Case Studies Index created by Troy Lynch.

With this special index in hand you’ll be able to instantly monetise/profit from the 502 case studies. Here’s why…

This special 58-page index cross references them all by strategy so you can instantly find what you’re looking for.

Not only that… EACH key strategy has been distilled to two critical components:


#1 – Implementation and outcome

#2 – Action and results.

You can QUICKLY get directly to the SOURCE to read exactly why the case was successful

That means you get INSTANT ACCESS to all 502 Case Studies.

You should know that Troy found the 502 Case Studies so valuable, he cross-referenced them all for his own use because WITHOUT IT, the information overload was overwhelming.

Extract from the 502 Case Studies Index – Examples of successful advertising

Each strategy is cross-reference for super-quick access for time poor entrepreneurs who want to cut to the chase and get things done

That’s why this Exponential Collection is so valuable.  It’s all about giving you all the tools you need to produce real, tangible bottom-line results in your offline or online business FAST!

Each of the 502 Case Studies is fully documented and cross-referenced for easy access

But, wait, there’s more…


The 259-page Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp Workbook is a priceless collection, a repository of ALL the strategies covered during the Bootcamp, in one, single, easy-to-find PHYSICAL reference that will become your ‘KEY TO MARKETING SUCCESS’.

This is NOT a downloadable PDF. It’s a printed workbook, spiral bound with templates, checklists, articles, cases, diagrams, charts and transcripts you won’t find anywhere else.

I need to tell you something…

When I attended my first Bootcamp, I invested more than 100 hours reading and listening to the Bootcamp Grounding Material that Jay sent ahead of the seminar. With about 12 weeks to prepare, I set out to learn as much as I could so that WHEN I attended, I would have better, more qualified questions to ask.

Following the Bootcamp, I logged more than 300 hours implementing, refining and adjusting what I learned during the 3 days. That’s 400 hours in total (then I stopped tracking my time).

As I tell you this, you might think you don’t have that kind of time – I understand. You’re working longer hours, probably making less than ever.

Also, you misunderstood something – the 400 hours were dedicated to my business, my wealth creation and lifestyle preservation, not a distraction to my ultimate dream and goals.

Without that investment, I have no doubt I could not have retired from the Rat Race back in 2005 at age 42.

Here’s the thing most people forget – we all have the same amount of time, 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week.

It’s what we do with those hours that
separates the working from the wealthy.

I’ve been through the process and I have put together all the pieces of the puzzle to make it easier, faster and cheaper for you to acquire this information to develop the skills and abilities that you need to be truly successful in business.

Need more proof of the priceless value of this workbook, here is the complete Table Of Contents of the 2007 Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp…

The Bootcamp Workbook is filled with dozens of “easy-to-use” checklists and templates

Keep reading to grasp the level of detail I have gone through, putting together these hand-picked and customised components you cannot ever find anywhere else…

This component takes this one-of-a-kind package into the profit-making stratosphere! Listen to this…


AFTER the Bootcamp I asked the most proactive business owners and Bootcamp attendees to collected their best, most practical and potent business-building distinctions.

Business Coaching, Business Coach, Business Advice

Photo of the actual distinction cards collected from Bootcamp Graduates

We collected a total of 1,116 Bootcamp distinctions and 355 were really good.

The rest were duplicates or just too general and not valuable or meaningful enough to share with you. But the 355 were the hottest, best of the pack, most powerful, viciously accurate distinctions, hand-picked by the Bootcamp Graduates…

…then we went back to the same people with an online survey and pushed, prodded and cajoled them to come up with even more nuggets of vital business-boosting information…

…using this powerful tool, we collected an additional 220 distinctions, removed the duplicates and ended up with the “514 Powerful Profit Propellers”.

Business Coach, Business Mentor

So, first, Jay shared his BIGGEST secrets and personal breakthroughs that he learned in the past three long decades – the EXACT same secrets he used to create over $9.4 Billion dollars of wealth for his clients…

Second, the most ambitious, switched-on and bottom-line focused Australian business leaders and entrepreneurs literally hand picked the best distinctions from Jay’s life-time collection of THE BEST moneymaking strategies and secrets… collectively creating this unique collection.

This collection is the essence of the entire event condensed into its most potent form ready for immediate application and/or inspiration when you need it most!

Now, listen to this…

Just ONE IDEA could be worth tens of thousands
of dollars to your business.

Just one! That’s how powerful an idea, a distinction can be. It can be the breakthrough idea that opens the floodgates of profit in your business or the snowflake that triggers the avalanche of prospects rushing into your business or the blockade that prevents your hard earned dollars from leaving your bank account wastefully.

The 514 Powerful Profit Propellers™ are quick and easy for you to apply IMMEDIATELY to spark your innovative spirit, the reason you got yourself into the business in the first place. By having this list handy, you’ll be able to rekindle the passion that makes you who you are – and be your very best.

The 514 Powerful Profit Propellers™ sells for $297 but you get it as a bonus as part of this Jay Abraham Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp Recording package.

Hold on… we’re not finished yet! WHEN you take action now,  you’ll also get…

You really need to read the full story about this product to get the full impact of how it came about.

I put together a product called the SME / Entrepreneur Business Building Toolkit based on the very best strategies from legendary marketing genius Jay Abraham and Peak Performance Expert Anthony Robbins.


SME Toolkit, Business Building Kit, Jay Abraham

The SME / Entrepreneur Business Building Toolkit – PHYSICAL INVENTORY

This is the ‘holy grail’ of the best business-building strategies
conveniently packaged together for instant implementation!

Put simply, by going through this gold mine of the best strategies and secrets you will finally understand how to extract maximum profits in minimum time from your offline or online business.

You will turn your business around and immediately improve your results faster than you thought possible.

Let’s face it. You’ve probably attended many seminars in the past where you got totally pumped up, then the next day, you were wondering “where do I start or how do I make it WORK in my business”?

Let remind you… this program is all about action, implementation and results.

Each component is designed to make the process of learning and deploying the strategies as fast and convenient as possible.

  • You get videos to watch, because often, they are the only way to learn.
  • You get audios to listen to when you’re out with your iPod or in your car. Audio programs are one of the most time efficient ways of learning new skills.
  • You get documents to read, after all is said and done, it’s still the most powerful source of information, data and knowledge.
  • You get case studies that pin point what to do and the costly mistakes to avoid.
  • You get checklists to manage your processes. Cutting to the chase is important when time is at a premium.
  • You get reference documents to refer to. Sometimes you just need to double-check something to make it ‘just right’.
  • You get summaries and lists. Inspiration and fresh ideas are hard to come by – unless you have a wide variety of pre-selected strategies and tactics to choose from.

Review the description page of all the components and you’ll have to admit – A LOT OF WORK HAS GONE INTO CREATING THIS PACKAGE…

This is what all the documents INCLUDED in the SME Kit look like once they’ve been printed!

All of it for YOUR exclusive benefit.

You may feel tired and maybe even uncomfortable and you won’t necessarily agree with everything you will hear, read and watch. That’s ok. Most people disagree with Jay until they experience the explosive growth and profitability that result from following his recommendations.

Profit, Business Growth

This is your opportunity to learn from the best of the best – Jay Abraham, the marketing legend.

If you want a much more profitable and predictable ‘brick ‘n mortar’ business or establish a cash-generating Internet business that earns you passive income 24/7/365, you must learn what your competitors don’t know to out-smart, out-think and out-strategize them.

Let me ask you a few questions…


  • Are you frustrated, unhappy, maybe even disgusted with how little take-home cash you pull out of your business or online channel?
  • Are you working harder than ever, but have less to show for it?
  • Has competition increased and your ability to cope decreased?
  • Do you detest the “cheapest price” competition and would you prefer to sell ‘upmarket’ but don’t know how to land those key accounts?
  • Do you provide an outstanding service but know you come up short in sales and marketing?
  • Are you concerned that you have to worry about “where the next job is coming from” just to pay the bills?
  • Would you be thrilled to work fewer hours, but worry if you actually worked less than 60 hours/week your sales and/or profits would suffer?
  • Are you feeling your business value is declining and don’t know how much you could sell if for – or even IF you could sell it at all?
  • If your business has grown and there’s more income, has that actually translated into greater wealth and security for you and your family?
  • Are you realising you’re nowhere close to where you thought you’d be by now?

How would you like to have the absolute confidence of KNOWING what to focus on in your business and what to do next…

There are ONLY 68 recordings LEFT!

The key is not to work harder or longer hours. Jay will show you how to leverage the only assets that you do have to your best advantage so you can increase your turnover while enjoying a better work-life balance.

STOP being chronically busy producing mediocre results in your business!

If you’re tired of merely being busy constantly worrying if tomorrow will be better and hopefully sales will go up…

ANYTIME you get stuck …

ANYTIME you run out of cash or capital …

ANYTIME the competition elbows you in the face or pushes you to the wall …

ANYTIME you feel like giving up …

…you can simply invite the legendary marketing genius, Jay Abraham, into your lounge room or your car “on demand” to share his best kept secrets at a click of your car’s CD player or iPod and get unstuck and moving in leaps and bounds forward again.

Jay, the world’s marketing genius will be your profit generator,
your bar setter, your results multiplier… your possibility compass!

That’s why this Jay Abraham Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp Bundle is a must-have for any serious business owner, marketer or entrepreneur… it will give you the ability to listen over and over again to make sure you don’t miss a single golden nugget of wisdom.

You don’t want to miss anything because a SINGLE idea could be worth thousands, if not tens of thousands, of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

You’ll capture more and more ideas, insights, thoughts, concepts, distinctions, strategies and tactics that can work in your business IMMEDIATELY.

Business Growth, Lead Generation, Referral Systems

You get to hundreds of questions and Jay’s expert answers and priceless advice

Imagine producing the results of a 60, 70 or 80-hour workweek in no more than 40 hours… I know, it may sound just like a dream. It is. Without these strategies it will remain a dream.

That’s how I was able to run multiple companies outselling our competitors without a single salesperson on staff. I was using Jay’s strategies to accomplish extraordinary results in minimum time.

With all the extra time you’ll gain you could take your family on a holiday, start a new business venture or a website that pumps revenue 24/7/365 into your bank account without you lifting a finger or simply kick back and have some fun.

Tony Robbins coined the phrase: “Compressing decades into days.” Simply put, it means that by mirroring the masters, you can extract and steal their best-kept secrets that took them decades to master and develop and learn to apply them in a matter of days!

Before signing off, I have to reveal my bias. I’ve invested over $150,000 in my personal development and education. As I stated at the beginning of this page, I attended Jay’s Bootcamp a total of 5 times, Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within firewalk seminar 11 times and listened to his Personal Power audio program 14 times.

I did that to learn, refine and eventually master the strategies, techniques and mindset – NOT as a public speaker, but as a business owner operator who wanted to out of the Rat Race as fast as possible. I was able to do that back in 2005, at age 42.

Now I help ambitious entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and goals, leveraging what I’ve learned and giving them short cuts that are tried and tested.

But I have to reveal one more element to this story – the LAST Bootcamp I attended FOLLOWED the last one that I staged with Jay. I flew (at my own cost) to Kuala Lumpur the week following the last Australian Bootcamp to ATTEND the Bootcamp as a participant. No one in the audience knew who I was, sitting at the back of the room, DOING THE BOOTCAMP for the 5th time.

Why would I do that? Simple. BECAUSE there is always something new to learn, a new twist, variation or nuance. PLUS the context changes and YOU/I change.

I was in my 30s when I attended my first Bootcamp and walked on fire for the first time… I’ve changed a lot since then. My perspective has changed, my companies have changed – I now live In Australia instead of North America…

My point is this – I’ve done everything I can to make this the single most beneficial ‘package’ possible. As Morpheus said to Neo in the movie The Matrix…

“ I can show you the door,
but you are the one who must walk through it.”

Exponential Programs - Bootcamp Bundle Special Offer Dec 2013


As Albert Einstein said,

The thinking that got us to where we are
is not the thinking that will get us to where we want to be.”

IF you are NOT where you wanted to be by now, how are you going to get there If you don’t change something?

Jay Abraham’s reputation is unequivocal and stellar. I am one of his most prolific protégés having combined his teachings with Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy’s strategies to help more than 200 entrepreneurs APPLY and refine their business practices  over the past 20 years, producing out-of-the-ordinary results… using a special mentoring philosophy that might just resonate with you.

Einstein also taught us…

“The thinking that CREATED the problem
is not the thinking that will SOLVE it.”

This special collection has been constructed to shift you into Boundless Opportunity Thinking™ so you can embrace a (new) paradigm that is exponential marketing – where you set the rules and win the game and become the business champion you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Onward and upward!

Business Coach, Sydney Business Coach, Melbourne Business Coach

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