Boosting Sales Post COVID-19

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to knock the whole world out of its rhythm. Many businesses have been forced to close their doors for good either during the lockdown when they were unable to make money, or afterward when social distancing measures have meant limited capacity and so reduced earnings. It’s a tough time for business owners, both big and small, and with no sign of real-life returning in the near future, we’re to expect further challenges and changes.

The companies that survive this time will be the most adaptive ones, that look after their customers and staff, and that find new ways to make money. Here’s a look at just some of your options if you are trying to boost your business sales, now that things are starting to open up again.

Increase Customer Confidence

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People are still anxious about returning to real life. Many are still trying to avoid crowds and staying away from stores and public places as much as they can. Those that are out and about are likely to avoid stores and businesses that don’t seem to be doing their best when it comes to social distancing and cleaning.

Take the time to put measures in place and to find ways of enforcing them. Install hand sanitizing stations, let your staff wear masks, paint social distancing markers on your floor, and use disinfection services to keep everyone safe. Do as much as you can, and your customers will feel more confident using your business.

Keep in Touch

Your business might be changing faster than ever. Opening hours might be different. You might be offering restricted services or fewer products. If you want your customers to keep coming back and spending money, you need to be able to communicate these changes quickly. Social media and email are often the best ways to do this.

Shift Old Stock

If you are holding a lot of old stock thanks to lockdown, a sale can help you shift it and get your customers in. Alternatively, donate to charity to boost your reputation.

Increase Your Online Presence

Your online presence is important, even if you don’t decide to sell online. It gives you an effective way to reach your audience and can drive customers into your brick and mortar store.

Take Care of Your Staff

Customers appreciate a business that has a positive reputation and looks after its staff. Taking care of your team will also improve the customer service that they offer. Think about their specific needs. Those with children might struggle to work full-time if the school is closed or running reduced hours. Team members that live with older relatives might prefer to continue working from home to reduced risks, and those that travel on public transport might like to start work earlier to avoid busy services.

The main thing is that you continue to adapt and that you continue to communicate changes effectively. The pandemic isn’t over. For all we know, it is only just beginning. So, make changes, and do your best, but don’t be surprised if things change all over again in the not too distant future, and be ready to let your customers know how changes affect your business as soon as you can.

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