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The MasterMind Mentoring Methodology

If you’re reading this it’s because you’re either a Platinum Program Member or otherwise considering joining the program. The MasterMind Mentoring Methodology I’ve developed is a combination of the very best cognitive theories and practical components to ensure that you not only embrace more content, but understand and remember it longer so that it is available when the time comes for you to apply in your business, career and personal life.

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First, it’s important that I preface this discussion with the disclosure that even though I have 5 university degrees, I am not an academic, nor do I want to be one. I undertook my formal and practical education for one reason only: To achieve the best results with the least amount of effort.

That means I have searched the world over to access the penultimate strategies, methodologies and frameworks that are proven and tested in the real world – not just in academic settings. I have scoured scholarly journals, popular psychology, general business media as well as obscure and some would describe as obtuse sources without reservation or prejudice – the only selection and retention criteria is that “it works”. In addition, it’s imperative that the strategies, techniques and methods work for any “ordinary” person, without constraint or qualification other than an open mind and “average intelligence” combined with a desire to make things happen.

The foundational principle of my MasterMind Mentoring Methodology is exponential leverage in all is shapes, forms and sizes. First and foremost is the establishment of an Exponential MasterMind Experience which is explained in detail in a separate document. In summary, a MasterMind exists whenever a “third mind” is present to answer questions to problems that you didn’t know even existed and/or situations before they occurred – I call this having 20/20 Foresight.

For that to happen, ‘on command’ each and every time requires absolute mastery of group facilitation skills which I’ve acquired, developed and honed over more than 20 years as a university professor, consultant, coach, advisor and mentor to thousands of business people across North America, Europe and now Australia.

The frameworks that are triangulated, combined and integrated are too numerous to mention, but are the result of reading more than 5,000 academic articles 1,000 business and personal development books, 6,000 magazine articles and countless online resources too numerous to mention.

Academically speaking: The selection and retention process was iterative in nature, designed for geometric business growth as well as determining a low initial cognitive inertial datum point whilst establishing easy-to-achieve momentum.

Simply stated in plain English: Everything has to be easy to understand, quick to implement and simple to measure. Otherwise it gets filed in the ‘too hard basket’ and is abandoned.

Entrepreneurs and business people are time starved with ever-increasing attention deficits. Today’s surplus of information overloads business owners negatively affecting their ability to process date effectively and efficiently. This recent phenomenon has led to what has been defined as Thin Information Versus Deep Knowledge.

Deep knowledge is a well known academic term, but at the time of this writing, it did not yet have its own Wikipedia page which goes to show you how innovative the concepts I provide my clients are.

Deep knowledge is what we know to be true, not by memorisation, but by weaving the fabric of several disciplines into a tapestry of understanding and comprehension that becomes ‘second nature’ to its master whereas remaining completely and utterly foreign to the neophyte.

Deep knowledge is largely acquired over years and decades of exposure to stimuli – knowingly or otherwise. It is one of the ways, like language that separates us from other species. It is also where the most profound shifts in understanding come from, creating quantum shifts that appear almost miraculously out of nowhere. It’s the “twenty-year overnight success story.”

Deep knowledge can be accelerated with considerable ease and effect. It requires an Exponential MasterMind Experience to acquire, assimilate and process the sheer magnitude of data and content. That is what my MasterMind Mentoring Methodology achieves – Cognitive Compression™ – simply stated it collapses decades into days as Anthony Robbins has popularised.

In addition to Anthony Robbins “mirroring the masters” philosophy, my MasterMind Mentoring Methodology introduces the cognitive component – in other words HOW WE LEARN NEW THINGS.

The best metaphor that illustrates this is if I show you how to solve a Rubik’s Cube™ step-by-step, you might be able to solve it on your own, but if you understand how you LEARNED how to solve the Rubik’s Cube™, you can not only solve the cube, but any other algorithmic problem or issue… I’ve developed the Marc-Ka-Ching Kube that takes this concept to a whole new level.

Hmmm… Now that’s something to think about.

The reason I developed my MasterMind Mentoring Methodology is because I never wanted to be a coach or consultant that someone is dependent upon. Even though at first it might be ego-boosting and financially rewarding, it soon becomes a burden that limits one’s ability to scale and expand his/her reach.

As a business coach or consultant, you can have at most 40 clients at any one time – it’s a general rule of thumb that plays itself out in all situations, industries and professions. With such a limiting constraint, I sought out an exponential solution – which is how and why I created the MasterMind Mentoring Methodology.

The cornerstone principle to the MasterMind Mentoring Methodology is the use of the Socratic method – which involves asking questions. Not just any questions, but exponential questions based on the principle that the better the questions, the better the answers.

Socrates was infamous for his never-ending questions whereas Aristotle was applauded for his intellect, analytical and reasoning skills. The MasterMind Mentoring Methodology brings both within a process that transcends the individual by requiring a group dynamic involving contributions from all members in a safe, open and trusting environment.

The business press has popularised terms such as the wisdom of crowds, predictable irrationality, simplexity, critical mass, outliers and other mathematical phenomenon identified by “Super Cruncher and Freakonomics” authors and researchers.

When Deep Knowledge of these subjects is obtained, several organising principles emerge – those are what constitute the building blocks of the MasterMind Mentoring Methodology.

As a participant in the Platinum Program, the MasterMind Mentoring Methodology is pervasive throughout all program components, interactions – even including this document.

For some, it’s overwhelming and too much to handle. For most, it’s a welcome feeling that permeates every aspect of their experience. They finally feel (back) in control of their destiny, past, present and future.

Boundless Possibility Thinking is a term associated with the MasterMind Mentoring Methodology as much as the Exponential Mindset Thinking can be. The subtle differences between them are that the MasterMind Mentoring Methodology introduces you to Exponential Mindset Thinking so that the realm of Boundless Possibility Thinking can be within your reach.

In layperson terms, the how (methodology) enables you to do (think differently) to achieve different results (possibilities) which is the what or in Simon Sinek’s vernacular, the ‘why’.

The Socratic Method is all about asking questions – you’ll notice that everything I do or say involves questioning the status quo and questioning how it can be improved. Unlike mismatching non-conformists who contradict just for the fun of it, a Socratic approach seeks to identify and pinpoint the one percent improvements rather than adopt an all-or-nothing approach.

Trust is essential for the MasterMind Mentoring Methodology to manifest its magic. Trusting the process is paramount because without faith and conviction there is no expansive thinking possible. As Deepak Chopra extols – you have to “release yourself from the expectation of the outcome.” Only then will the solution to the problem appear, as if by magic. This is what happens when you “tap into a discontinuity of the universe creating a non-local correlation” that defies logic.

If any of this resonates with you, you know what to do. Contact us and apply for membership in the Platinum Program. It’s the experience of a lifetime that will transform you into becoming the person you know you’ve always wanted to be.

The Platinum Program fulfills my purpose and mission in life: “To continue to live and expand my dream destiny empowering others to discover and live theirs.”

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