3 Ways to Ensure Your Brand Gets Noticed At Your Next Event

image003Standing out in the crowd at an event isn’t always easy for brands and businesses. Whether you’re hosting the event, exhibiting at a trade show or putting on a market stall, chances are your messaging is going to be competing for your audience’s attention. Below you’ll find some 3 helpful tips that will help make sure your brand stands out.

#1 Theme Your Displays

Think about how boutiques and retailers in busy shopping centres dress their shopfronts and windows every season. They don’t just do it to make their space look good. It’s to grab the attention of their target audience as they’re walking around the shops. While having your brand identity on display – things like your logo, tagline or slogan and company colours – is important, incorporating theming that complements your company or campaign is what is really going to get you noticed.

A well designed theme will help to set the tone and mood of your company or campaign while drawing people in to take a closer look or find out more information. Most importantly, it has to draw people “in”.

#2 Think about Your Furniture

Be creative and choose furnishings and accessories that suit your theme, décor and venue. When it comes to your event set up, black cloth covered trestle tables and dry bars with your company pull up banners are not the only way that you can present the business at an event.

Make contact with a variety of suppliers and see what they have available. Products like Flexad tension fabric display range (available from suppliers such as Tenji Concepts) can really help you add visual impact to your stand. While you can get custom build counters and display stands, there are also some really innovative options like full colour printed fitted and draped table cloths that are made to fit the standard trestle style tables available at most function centres.

#3 Get Creative with Your Promotional Items

Putting your company logo on a pen or USB stick may be cost-effective, but if you want your brand to really stand out, make sure you put some thought into your giveaways and promotional products. The best novelty items are unique, stylish and functional. This is the difference between having something that gets tossed in a drawer and something that becomes a conversation piece or regularly used item.

If you are including printed material, make sure you talk to your designer about creative ways you can present the information.

A little bit of creativity and planning can go a long way when it comes to making sure that people remember your brand. Events are a great way to really ‘introduce’ people to what it is like to work with your organisation beyond your service offering. Try to have some fun with how you present your company’s image; while professionalism is important, personality matters too. That casual, softer and personal style of interaction that events offer is where real and lasting business relationships develop and flourish.

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