Finding A Suitable Location For Your Manufacturing Line


When starting a business, we are often expected to build everything ourselves. Businesses are not a given afterall, but something we must work to justify year after year. For this reason, it’s important to make the larger decisions accurately, reasonably, with an eye for both the short term consequences and long term effects. This is especially true when you consider the loan or startup funds that some businesses take in order to establish themselves and pivot to a position of predictable revenue and success.

Finding a suitable location for your manufacturing line is important for obvious reasons, but sometimes a great deal might look like it on the surface while unfortunately lacking in some areas. This is where your discerning mind for business need come in, and how you should assess all angles when you have this opportunity. After all, a manufacturing line is often something expected to last for years, and so you really cannot afford to ‘trial run’ certain environments only to pick up and move again.

Our advice will help you with this process:

The Road Layout

It’s likely that you’ll wish to purchase an excellent industrial property, but before you do you should consider how the roads and entrance lanes might help or hinder your firm. Large deliveries will likely be a must, and that usually signifies large trucks will enter your property. Not only that, but you may need ample parking for your staff, and the ability to drive other transport vehicles around your premises. You may need to secure certain entrances, and divert the flow of traffic at peak times around your firm. Not only that, but you may need to begin a logistics network here, which potentially means a need for many trucks to park, among other necessities.


It’s of course essential to secure your manufacturing premises, because this is an area that will be handling, storing and preserving many of your important assets and prototype design information. For that reason, it’s important to consider how the access to the industrial estate is metered. Could you implement your own security solutions, or could you sign onto a service in the local area that will provide this? What effect will security have on the inflow and outflow of important products and services to your line, and how might you secure the interior as well as exterior?

Facility Modifications

Once you’ve identified a potential site for your factory, you also need to carefully consider how many modifications you’ll need to carry out. Remember, the return on your capital will depend on it. If all you need to do is rent out the building, then the amount of money you’ll make should be substantial. If, however, you need to make big changes, it might not be worth it.

Think carefully about the type of alterations you need to make. Hiring a line marking service will always be far less expensive than, say, building a new annexe or increasing the height of the ceiling. Thus the type of modifications you make – as well as their quality – matters tremendously.


Electrical bills, heating bills, and preserving certain items for sensitive storage can all assume that you have the most relevant setup possible, and much of that is determined by your location, the amount of rooms, the empty space, the potential need for installing your own equipment such as ventilation safety gear, and also the cost in training staff to interact with your building. Factoring in all these variables can help you ascertain if a location is worth it or not, or if you simply need more time to find something more on-budget.

With this advice, we hope you’re more than able to find a suitable location for your manufacturing line.

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