Exponential Extravaganza – FINAL ENCORE Performance In Sydney THIS Saturday!

Yes, you read correctly, there will be one final curtain call for The Exponential Extravaganza, on Saturday, 3 July from 10 AM to 5 PM to accommodate non-Sydneysiders to fly in and out on the day. Click the event hyperlink to register, it’s rare you get a second chance like this.

If you considered attending the first time around, make it happen now -> click here <- to register.

When you go to the event page you can read about all the elements that I cover, but fundamentally, you want to attend for one reason and one reason only. To learn how to think like a champion, a winner. That’s all there is to it. The full day event covers the 4 dimensions of an Exponential Mindset because it’s a holistic approach, not a bunch of hit or miss tactics.

When you think Exponentially, you start to act Exponentially and your results become Exponential – which simply means INCREASING at an INCREASING rate.

If you want the best results with the least amount of effort and want to TEST DRIVE EXPONENTIAL STRATEGIES – Saturday’s your second chance!

Click here to check out what it’s all about and register.

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  • Thanks Marc for an awesome presentation last Saturday; Having gone to the Exponential Extravagenza in Sydney on the 26th June I can highly recommend those that did not make it commit this time to get to the event;
    It was a reminder for myself that there is the opportunity to have work / life balance and it can be achieved without having to add more to the to-do-lists;
    This is a great starting point to see what tools are available to do so;

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