Introduction To Welding For Your Business

Welders are tradespeople with mastery in their ability to skillfully, and deftly, weld together two materials – generally, these are metals, but it can also be plastic or polymers (thermoplastics) too.

Their number one tool, alongside their iconic face shield, is their welding power supply, which enables them to generate the pressure and, usually, the heat to weld the materials together. There’s more from WO in terms of the different equipment used. From that basic description, it’s easy to think that the skillset is simple to pick up. In reality, experience counts for everything. We’re going to tell you why you need a professional welder for your job.

What Do Metal Welders Do?

Well, that’s really dependent on what needs to be done. It’s thought that there are well over 70 different types of different weld processes! Ultimately, when searching for welders, the vast majority of clients are looking for metal welders to help finish big jobs. Generally, these jobs don’t just require two bits of metal to be fused together; it can also include the repair of metal parts (such as the hull of a ship) or involves other low-temperature techniques such as the soldering and grinding of materials. Ultimately though, as is said above, what a welder does when working is really down to their expertise and experience. So it can be attaching metals together, operating flame-cutting, soldering and brazing equipment; following blueprints to specification and shaping the metal.

There are also certain welders who develop business specialties too such as shipbuilding and repair, machinery and repair, custom fabrication, structural construction, pipes or even aerospace vehicles. They can work everywhere: either in a controlled setting, such as a workshop or a factory; indoors at a specific site; outdoors at a construction site; underwater when repairing the hull of a boat and even in outer space! The latter option is hardly your everyday job… But it has actually been done. These people also require more than just technical skill – they also require a lot of patience and stamina. They can be on their feet for hours at a time whilst they operate their machinery.

What About A Steel Fabricator Welder?

A steel fabricator welder’s job is a little different from just performing a general weld or some kind of maintenance/repair/strengthening. This involves cutting bending and shaping steel alloy to make the final product; so it’s not just about joining two pieces of metal together. It sees many pieces of metal attached together in some sort of predefined shape and size.

This job requires a very skilled hand – someone who has experience in taking these raw materials and components and putting out items of market value at the other end. Due to the amount of materials and labour required, getting it wrong could be extremely expensive – there’s very little room for error. This form of fabrication is used in everything – from construction sites to everyday items. Nearly everyone knows what the classic fabricated steel ‘I-beams’ look like – often seen painted a kind of red – and even ladders and buckets are fabricated in this manner too. It’s a long process that starts with the identification of the materials required and ends with a marketable product of some kind. So in order to get these things right, you need someone with expertise and experience who won’t get the job wrong.

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