So Your Business Is Expanding – Why Worry?


If you have achieved any level of business competence whatsoever, you will likely experience some form of growth. This might be due to needing to expand operations due to increased orders, building new departments on top of the current structure of your firm, or simply because you’d like a new office.

This can be an exciting time. It shows you’ve made the right decisions to develop your firm in a competent way. It shows your self-sacrifice has been worth it to a degree. It gives you the strength to keep pursuing the next level. It can also be atrociously worrying. After all, how can you feel comfortable when you have a whole new set of responsibilities to take care of now? This might mean managing more departments, or having more staff salaries riding on your shoulders. The adage of ‘do not ask for a lighter load, but broader shoulders’ applies here.

Now, in order to gain those broader shoulders you will need tools to increase them. On a personal level, it might be the barbell that helps you overhead press in the gym. In a professional business setting, it’s going to be the support network around you. Here’s what you need:

Complete Services

It’s important to implement solutions that can be set up quickly, and in a compatible manner. For example, is it superior to install many different computing systems with variant software, or to provide one entire, cloud-based, uniform computing solution for each employee? Of course the latter. Using complete services along these lines that outfit your company with the tools and equipment it needs for success is important, both to save setup time and even discount a little cost.

Services such as BCI Worldwide even offer a full outfitting of the equipment requirements of your firm, from top to bottom. It’s much better to consult with companies like this as they offer tailored, easy to communicate with services. When perfection matters and you need your setup quick and thorough (because time is money,) there is no better option.

Communication & Policy

Moving is relatively worrying for staff. An upheaval of this sort makes staff unsure of their positions. They might worry for their jobs. They might need to relocate. This is why you absolutely need to communicate well in advance about your plans to move. By in advance, we mean the moment you do decide on a location, or on a new growth strategy. Wait until you implement it, at least in a reasonable timescale for your staff. It can usually pay to do this at the end of the year if possible, as the long vacation time allows staff to get their affairs in order.

Also, set up customized policies regarding how you expect staff to behave during this period. This will provide them the platform to follow when unsure. Open your doors to communicate at all times. Daily office emails can help your staff stay informed and prevent any strange rumors or decrease in morale from occurring.

With these two suggestions in mind, your move is sure to be worthwhile. We wish you the best of luck.

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