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Simon says… YOU SUCK!

Yeah, you heard me…

“Simon Says” YOU SUCK!

I know you’ve played Simon Says – in fact close to 4,000 people played it at Anthony Robbins’ Last Australian Unleash The Power Within Event in Sydney last weekend. (Yeah it was friggin’ outstanding!!!!)

One of the illuminating exercises he does is play the game “Simon Says”.

I have attended 10 UPW events over the past 20 years and EVERY SINGLE TIME, the winner is a young child, 5 to 10 years old.


How does that happen?

3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 people in the room, MORE THAN 2,000 of them are over-achievers, EXCEPTIONALLY SUCCESSFUL yet a prepubescent child wins.

Sure not everyone wants to win the game, but that still leaves HUNDREDS who TRY TO WIN…

But don’t.

Why do the boys or girls win?

1. They want to PLAY more than win.
2. They do want to win, because that’s the point of the GAME.
3. They are ‘coachable’, totally open to the process of the game.
4. They have LESS negative self-talk than adults.
5. They have FEWER strategies which means less conflict in PLAYING the GAME the way it’s supposed to be played.
6. They have LESS limiting beliefs and experiences – they actually BELIEVE they can WIN.
7. They have LESS negative anchors because they have played and WON the GAME and REMEMBER winning, therefore can re-create the experience in their sub-conscious.
8. They feel more CAPABLE of winning because they haven’t been beaten down by life with successive ‘failures’ – they have that feeling of ‘invincibility’ that every time they play, they CAN WIN.
9. They are open-minded.
10. They are playful.
11. They know how to FOLLOW THE RULES to WIN THE GAME.
12. They have FUN without the burden of ego or reputation.

That’s why YOU SUCK at Simon Says.

Feel bad?

Don’t. I sucked too.

Until I got my strategies together after several years of ‘failing’ and finally ended up on stage, in the last 10 out of a room of 4,000. I ‘almost’ could have won, but just couldn’t get beyond the burst of the command that Tony would give. He was just too ‘tricky’ for me and yes I was ‘beaten’ by an 8-year old!

The lessons I learned then and AGAIN at this year’s UPW is – PLAY to WIN, like a child who thinks and feels invincible- the MORE FUN you have with it and LET GO, the better your outcome will be.

After all, it’s just a game.

That’s NOT a metaphor – it’s real life.

Life is just a game to be PLAYED WITH FUN and child-like abandon.

Enjoy PLAYING the game as you keep lifting your standards…

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

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