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Business School Leaves Entrepreneurs Empty-handed

Entrepreneurship is a 24-7 job. It requires the willingness to look at different perspectives and the ability to generate new ideas. Modern entrepreneurs need to be flexible enough to keep up with technology and to recognize and adapt to changes in the market. They need intuition and resilience in the face of obstacles. Unfortunately, most of these skills are not taught in business school. In fact, many business classes hinder the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Bowling Green University recently tested the entrepreneurial skills of two different groups of business students. One group consisted of students who had experience running their own business, and the other was a control group that had only regular classroom instruction. The study tested the students in three areas vital to entrepreneurship; overall business capability, the ability to embrace uncertainty, and the skills to start up a company. The results of the study showed that entrepreneurs test higher in every category.

The entrepreneurs’ overall business capability was 7% higher than the students, they rated 4% higher in risk taking, and 2% higher in start up skills.

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