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How many awards are enough?

Ray Keefe and his team at Successful Endeavours in Melbourne have been on quite a winning streak these last few years, amassing a collection of 18 business and innovation awards, the 2 most recent ones a few weeks ago…

Ray Keefe, Casey Business Awards

Ray Keefe and his winning team at Successful Endeavours

Here’s the thing about winning awards:

  • Awards create instant credibility (if you don’t have enough of it already)
  • Awards build belief once you have credibility
  • Awards are exponential because they attract instant media attention
  • Awards make you, your team and your clients feel good
  • Awards are the reward for a job well done

Most small businesses struggle with… credibility… Hmmm…

Something to think about the next next time you’re wondering where the next job, project or contract is going to come from. You can start with this list of Australian Business Awards.

Want to become an award-winning business, contact us today and we’ll show you how.