4 Effective Marketing Strategies For New Restaurant Businesses

The restaurant business is one of the most competitive industries out there and so many new companies fail very quickly. You rely heavily on passing foot trade and most of your business is concentrated on the weekend. Filling a restaurant on a Friday and Saturday night is not too difficult if you are in a good location, but if you want to survive, you need to find ways to fill your restaurant in the middle of the week, and that is much harder. You need a good marketing strategy in place if you are going to create a buzz about your restaurant and convince people to come out mid-week specifically to come to you. These are some of the best marketing methods to fill your restaurant every night of the week.

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Discount Cards

Discount cards are one of the most effective marketing strategies for a restaurant. If you give people a discount, they are far more likely to come to the restaurant to see what it is like. They are not risking as much because the price is reasonable, and it’s a great way to kick start word of mouth marketing. Follow the link to learn more about creating your own gift cards for your restaurant. If you create a limited time offer, that will encourage more people to come in and try your restaurant before they miss out on the deal.

Free Samples

A good restaurant finds success on the back of great food more than anything else, but if you can’t get people to try the food in the first place, how are you supposed to fill the restaurant? That’s why free samples are such a great way to capture passing foot traffic and get people into the restaurant. If you set up a stall near the restaurant and hand out some free samples and menus, you will create a lot of buzz about the restaurant.


Branding is so important in the restaurant industry, and one of the best ways to get your name out there is to use merchandise. This is often more effective with street food restaurants that have a strong brand as opposed to fine dining places, but you should consider creating some t-shirts with your logo on and handing them out. You could even combine this with your free sample stall.

Food Bloggers

Food bloggers carry a lot of weight and if they recommend a place, their followers are likely to go there in big numbers. Before you open the restaurant, you should spend some time looking for the most popular local food bloggers. Contact them and offer them a free meal in exchange for a review. As long as you impress them with the food and service, you should notice a big increase in diners. You can also offer a discount code to the blogger to encourage their followers to come in. This also helps you to measure the success of the strategy because you can count the number of people that come in and use that discount code.

These are all effective ways to market your restaurant business and make sure that you are fully booked all week long.

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