5 Ways To Help Your Business Grow

Photo: Ken Teegardin, under creative commons license

Photo: Ken Teegardin, under creative commons license

Your business is an extension of who you are and what you have worked towards for so long. Just like a child, a business needs cultivation and lots of time and energy to help it grow and thrive. While the early stages may be tiresome, hard work will pay off in the end if you put in the effort. Here are a few ways to help your business grow.

1. Plan to Grow

In order to grow, you need to have a business model that will allow for change and be able to adapt to whatever the current market environment is at any given time. Growth in business does not only refer to profit margins or an expanding workforce. While these things can contribute to business growth, your business can only grow if you are aware of what the market needs and can adapt to follow it. For help with creating a suitable business plan, consider enlisting the help of a group that specialises in creating business models for growth and development, such as Predictable Success.

2. Invest in Your Team

Your business will grow considerably if you have the right workforce. Invest in the members of your team. Give them considerable time to train and retrain and understand the business principles. The best workforce is one who feels comfortable and motivated in the work it is doing. Take time to encourage and reward their efforts.

3. Open Another Location

Business growth can be quite literal if you want it to be. If you have one location for your services, consider expanding by opening another location in a different area. More locations can help you grow your business and reach more people. If your business is not based at a physical location, consider opening one as a type of shopfront for interested customers or investors to see you in a different setting.

4. Build Your Customer Pool

More customers means a higher revenue stream and more people to use your products. Build and expand upon your customer pool as much as you can. Use both traditional and non-traditional methods to get the word out about your product. Many businesses now use social media campaigns to communicate with the public about what they offer. Grow your business by using the tools of the day to expand your breadth and market potential.

5. Expand Your Products/Services

Growing a business can often include expanding upon the products and services you already offer. Do you own a landscaping business? While you may own and transport all of your own tools and equipment, many people may own their own equipment and not enlist your services. Expand your landscaping services by also offering maintenance and repairs on external equipment, or provide low-cost landscaping materials (e.g. soil, plants or garden tools). Build upon the service you already provide to reach a larger customer base who may use only a certain aspect of what you provide.

No matter what your business plan, growth can only be effective through flexibility. You must be willing to constantly change and improve your model to achieve lasting results.

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