Increase Your Sales By As Much As 50%

Today’s sales tip is a classic one that I recently had a client’s salesperson use to produce a $20,000 sale within one hour. It’s so simple that most people I advise to use this just don’t do it – to their detriment. It’s one of the most powerful sales techniques I ever used when I was ‘selling’ on a full-time basis. It’s one of the ways I got to sell more with less effort… Intrigued?

#1 Sales Tip To Sell As Much As 50% More

Make your sales calls starting at 7:00, 7:30 or 8:00 AM only to OFFICE NUMBERS. You’ll catch early bird business owners who are getting started on their day, keen to get ahead of their to do tasks without the intervention of the gatekeeper.

A client’s salesperson did this on my recommendation and made a $20,000 sale the FIRST DAY he implemented it. He kind of did it for another few days and then stopped altogether. Of course this person is not a superstar salesperson.

A superstar salesperson learns this technique and perfects it… That’s advice for clients who pay for the privilege of those distinctions.

For this blog post – you have your 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine distinction – you know what to do – GET ON THE PHONE EARLY!

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