Why spruikers will never go away

When I got into this industry, I have to admit I was “naive”. I actually believed there were enough people out there who wanted to learn respectable and legitimate strategies to become successful.

What I keep seeing however are deluded people who keep getting attracted to the “get rich quick schemes about how to make money in your underpants working from home so you can make money while you sleep”.

What has me disheartened this week is that I got emails from 3 different people and together the message came through to me loud and clear.

MOST people want the easy way out.

MOST people don’t want the responsibility that goes with success.

MOST people aren’t open to constructive criticism.

MOST people when all is said and done, are frankly lazy.

MOST people have no willpower.

MOST people will never truly succeed to a point where peace and serenity prevails.

But I am not interested in MOST people, I am focused on the FEW.

The FEW who want results that persist over the long term.

The FEW who accept that success is not a burden but a privilege.

The FEW who encourage constructive criticism as feedback for improvement.

The FEW who are willing to invest time and effort, but expect a return on that investment.

The FEW who know willpower has nothing to do with success when you’re authentically ‘on purpose’ to achieve your chosen mission in life.

The FEW who know in their heart and soul that success is a journey where peace and serenity is the result of congruent and authentic living.

But my epiphany this week is that I am not actually interested in the FEW…
I am actually interested in the RARE individuals…

The RARE individuals who seek knowledge that is proven, tested and legitimate.

The RARE people who are devoted to a continuous improvement regime not as a burden but as a liberating philosophy that success is inevitable and therefore stress-free.

The RARE who hold themselves and those close to them to a higher standard of results as well as behaviour.

The RARE who don’t seek the spotlight, but seek to become the inspiration for others to follow – without coercion and pressure, because they want a higher purpose or outcome.

The RARE who are grounded in their beliefs and aren’t trying to prove themselves to others, but are still driven to achieve for the greater good – their family, the community or an important cause that is bigger than themselves.

The RARE that are held accountable to others who seek the same things, a peer group of excellence, a MasterMind Group.

That’s where the true elite reside – in that desire to excel and accomplish things that MOST people will simply never aspire to.

Here’s the thing that hit me this week and why I’m writing to you today.

SOME people think they’re one of the RARE people when in fact they aren’t even one of the FEW – they are, by their actions, just like MOST people.

Give this some thought be because I did – more than 20 years ago when I made the conscious decision to hold myself to a higher standard.

How did I make the switch?


I asked myself the following question, the reverse of

“If I knew THEN what I know NOW, what would I do differently?”

I asked:

“What do I need to know (learn) NOW that I will need,
to achieve what I want in 10 or 20 years from now (THEN)?”

That’s when I set out on my quest to learn from the VERY best, to get fit, healthy educated and informed.

Of course hindsight is 20-20, but with this question I established 20-20 FORESIGHT.

If you yearn to be one of the RARE people others admire, respect and get inspired by – come to the Exponential Extravaganza.

It’s an overview of Exponential Mindset Thinking and you’re only opportunity to get an overview of the 4 dimensions of true mastery.

I don’t have to say anymore, you’ve already decided who you really are.

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  • That was great, Marc.

    Felt for a moment like I was reading one of the all-time great speeches from someone like Martin Luther King. It hit a nerve inside me. Made me question where I sit now. And where I want to sit moving forward.

    I’m already booked in to your Brisbane Exponential Extravaganza next Saturday (19th Feb) and can’t wait. Hats off to you Marc!

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