10 Recession Proofing Tips

The article below appeared in this week’s BRW Magazine. It’s a classic example of what you can do with an Exponential Mindset. I ripped out the page and was going to send it to Jason Chuang, a graduate of our Business Mastery Platinum Program. Then I caught myself and realised that you also need to benefit from it.

So here it is:

10 Recession Proofing Tips For Your Business

10 Recession Proofing Tips For Your Business

10 Recession Proofing Tips For Your Business

The very first one is Don’t cancel your cleaners. If you’re in Melbourne, contact Jason at www.Red-Ants.com.au. The other suggestions are equally valuable.

As you can see, by posting this on my blog and sending Jason an e-mail – he can see that I am helping to grow HIS BUSINESS. As an exponential marketing enthusiast, he’ll turn around and send this blog post URL to his clients and prospects to read.

By doing that, he’s getting MY business in front of his business prospects and clients = he’s now helping ME build my business!

It’s win-win!

If you engage Jason’s services, post a comment on this blog and I will give you a gift worth at least $97 in appreciation for playing full-on…

So there you have it – a COMPLETE Exponential Marketing Strategy that is FREE and can help YOU grow your business EVEN in the middle of a recession!


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Top 10 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in a Recession.

  1. Don’t cancel the cleaners

  2. Don’t cancel the graduate program

  3. Don’t give the CEO a mega-salary and then sack half your staff

  4. Don’t discount

  5. Don’t merge in haste

  6. Don’t cut advertising expenditure

  7. Don’t stop talking

  8. Don’t cut muscle

  9. Don’t ignore debts

  10. Don’t despair

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