20 Tips To Boost Your Direct Mail Response Part 2 Of 2

Today’s post is the second of a two-part list of 20 Tips to Boost Your Direct Mail Response. Direct Mail is still a very effective way to market your products and services. To learn the art and science of Direct Marketing, you should consider our Killer Kopywriting System.

10 More Tips To Boost Your Direct Mail Response Part 2 Of 2

  1. Describe the key benefits of what you are offering. The more illustrative, descriptive and alluring you can make it, the better – think expensive restaurant menu…
  2. Make it irresistible to take action right now. Any delay must have a penalty attached to it – even if it’s missing out on being the FIRST to take action.
  3. Tell your prospect the exact steps you want them to take. Do you want them to CALL, EMAIL, SUBSCRIBE, COME TO YOUR STORE…
  4. Use Management By Metrics to track every aspect of your campaign. Test different headlines, calls to actions, images, text, descriptions and even PRICES!
  5. Make a plan for your follow-up and follow-through. Without it, the campaign will fall apart quickly without gaining momentum.
  6. Track your results with checklists and systems to make sure you know what’s working and what’s not for the NEXT TIME.
  7. Debrief with your team to get their input about what you can improve and change. Be open to ALL criticism.
  8. Combine direct mail with email, fax, sms, TV and/or radio campaigns.
  9. Identify the person you want to reach and label it to them even if you don’t know their name: “To the person who pays the bills” or “To the person sick of high bank fees” or “To the fast track career person who…”
  10. Use Killer Kopywriting to increase your direct mail response rates.

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