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Internet Use On Vacation

I just blogged about Internet use on vacation on my Professional Mastery Blog – you should go there now and check it out. It’s something to consider, but it’s not what you think.


Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp Day 3 Of 3

Well, this is the last day of the Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp… What an exciting 2 days it’s been – hundreds of ideas (most of them free) to get more online traffic that converts to sales. Here’s the last thing I want to say about this last edition of this version of the Bootcamp.

With like-minded people in the room, there is a magical experience that gets created – it’s called The Exponential MasterMind Experience. It’s special because it works like magic. We’re actually ‘doing it’ live at the Marriott Hotel in Melbourne… You’re unfortunately not there – your fallback is to get the audio program and determine if an Exponential Mindset™ is for you.

Click here -> to get the Exponential Mastermind Program.

You’ve been left behind, this will help you get back on track to catch up – IF you want to produce results that baffle your competitors and impress your friends and colleagues.

You have to believe it works, otherwise, you’re right – it won’t work for you.

But when you believe, the results are well… E-X-P-O-N-E-N-T-I-A-L.



Video technology the next steps…

This blog is about introducing you to the latest and greatest stuff that’s out there, believe you me, this is “out there”. Watch and enjoy! Of course if you come across anything like this, please forward it on to me by leaving a comment on this blog.


Some 1% improvement is NOT worth doing

As a business coach to entrepreneurs and business people who want to increase sales and expand their businesses, I advocate the 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine. It’s a concept that is covered on Day 3 of my Bootcamp events when we cover the concepts of Pathways To Profits™ and determining your Next Best Step™. With Internet strategies there are so many things to do, the most important question is “what should I focus on?”

That is the “million dollar question”.

At my upcoming Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp, I will, for the last time, reveal how to do this for non-Platinum Program Members. The process takes a few hours to learn, but once mastered, you will always do the right thing, at the right time for the right reason/outcome.

It’s a simple, easy-to-learn methodology that I’ve developed to re-create success for over 2,000 businesses across 200 industries over the past 20 years. In fact, the strategies are so effective that I now GUARANTEE RESULTS when you attend the Bootcamp as a VIP Ticket holder.

As a business coach I don’t just reveal strategies, techniques and tactics that work, I advise and mentor my clients to learn to do it themselves. That is why I am The Exponential Growth Strategist and not “just a business coach“.

The saying “teach a man how to fish and he’ll feed himself for a lifetime” is true with business coaching, but most coaches don’t have the competency to teach, they consult and create a dependency with their clients to ensure they need them so their personal income is “secured”. I don’t do that. I make sure I teach people how to think exponentially leveraging a MasterMind Group of the most ambitious entrepreneurs around.

Why is this important? Because success on the Internet is about doing what works. Finding that out is a process. If you want to know how my clients do it, contact us and we’ll reveal the secrets to you, but you should know that this upcoming Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp is the last one I’m doing. That means in 2011, you’ll have to be a Platinum Program Member to learn these strategies.

I’m going ‘upmarket’ with my most valuable information and strategies. I will still have introductory seminars and workshops, but the most powerful will be reserved exclusively for those willing to pay for it. Their reward will be that I GUARANTEE RESULTS. I would think you’d agree that’s not just fair, that makes good business sense.

That’s the whole point, it’s win-win.. Ka-Ching!


A shocking new fact about Google

Google Page 2 ‘Almost’ As Good As Page 1? Google recently reported that 38 to 45% of people searching on Google immediately click to page 2 because too many people are manipulating keywords to be on Page 1. That means you now need to be both on Page 1 and Page 2…

“The Internet is the easiest thing that is hard to do.”

As a business coach, advisor and mentor, I teach my clients little known facts like these to make sure they are always one step ahead of the competition. There’s a joke that explains this metaphorically:

There are two guys in the forest and they come across a bear. One says to the other “Oh SH_ _! We have to out-run the bear!” when the other says “No mate, all I have to do is out-run you!”

That’s the reality of Google rankings. If you want to make sure you’re always one step ahead of your competition, contact us. Most of our programs now come with a RESULTS-BASED GUARANTEE.

That says it all don’t you think?


Google And The Internet Are Controlling Our Minds

There is a great article on CNN’s website that summarises Nicholas Carr’s new book called “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains“. It reflects what I see in business people and entrepreneurs every day. People struggling to cope with more and more information, lacking the cognitive and reasoning skills to handle it. In this day and age, deep knowledge is increasingly important when technology and Internet allows us to be intellectually lazy and superficial. This is exacerbated with social networking where people spend countless hours with like-minded people, further narrowing their breadth of exposure to (the lack of) differing viewpoints and perspectives.

This is one of the foundational principles I teach my clients as a business coach, advisor and mentor. I challenge people to think, evaluate and analyse problems and situations differently. My process, methodology and framework will be presented at my upcoming event “Etch-A-Sketch Thinking In The iPad Age“. If you want to learn how to learn, think and reason in this quickly changing world, attend the event. The strategies are so good, I actually back them up with a $5,000 results-based guarantee.

This blog does a great job introducing you to ideas and concepts, but it’s superficial, just an overview. That’s the problem today. People wrongly consider information as intelligence and knowledge. Information is just bits and bytes of data. Intellect and knowledge is the ability to do something with that information.

It’s what engineers do when they problem solve.

It’s what lawyers do when they interpret the law.

It’s what physicians do when they diagnose illness.

It takes time, skill and a PROCESS.

Otherwise you’re just “surfing the web” thinking you can build your own house, defend your own case and cure your disease.

That’s the problem in a nutshell.

The solution is right between your ears. The question is will you do anything about it?


Beware of Old Wine In New Bottles: SKYPE

I’ve been using Skype more and more, but as I do, some people just don’t get it. New technology means NEW ways of working. Not OLD wine in new bottles as one of my Ph.D. professors used to keep saying when academic research was just a re-hash of what we already knew…

Skype is powerful technology – but it can also KILL your productivity if you let it. BECAUSE it has IM chat capabilities, some people think they can just send me chat messages and EXPECT A RESPONSE….

Y’see that’s the same as taking all your phone or mobile calls directly – you end up being a receptionist.

Time value… I’ve discussed this so many times before, but it bears repeating…

What do you value your time at?

At the upcoming Exponential Extravaganza event, I’m going to go into this into more detail, but essentially it’s summarised that if you want to make $100,000/year, every hour you need to create $100 of value per hour. If you want to make $250,000/year, you need to create $250 of value per hour…

So how can you do that if you answer IM or TXT messages in real time?

Something to think about… Something someone with an Exponential Mindset™ considers VERY seriously…


Why you should attend the Exponential Extravaganza

INTERNET MARKETERS: If you’re FRUSTRATED spending rather than making money on the Internet, you’re not alone. The fact is only 5% of people on the Internet make money, in fact they make more than the other 95% combined. The top 5% have figured out how to do it with strategies that you can use, right now.

The Internet is the easiest thing that’s hard to do – Unless you know WHAT and HOW to do what works! Come learn the time-tested, proven techniques, tips, tactics, skills and strategies the top 5% use that you can customise and optimise on your website IMMEDIATELY. Be forewarned – these are NOT get rich quick in your underpants tactics – they work for plumbers, retailers and dentists.

You should attend the Exponential Extravaganza also IF…

  • If you’re in a job you don’t really like, you’ll be shown easy-to-use strategies to determine whether or not you should quit your job and/or change your career.
  • If you kind of like your job, but think you should get paid more, I will reveal 3 strategies you can use to get that raise or promotion you want.
  • If you’re stressed out at work, I’ll show you 2 reasons why that happens with antidotes that you can take to relieve stress the next time it pops up!
  • If you’re struggling financially, at the Exponential Extravaganza, I am going to reveal, for the first time in a FREE event (I share this with my top Platinum Members) how to start a business with no money down AND an $100,000 investment portfolio with less than $5,000.

The strategies to be revealed are NOT get rich quick schemes (MLM). They are based on what the super rich are doing right now to build and protect their wealth.

    With all that said and done – go ahead and book into the Exponential Extravaganza. Bring your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend with you. If you have ADULT children, bring them along as well as long as they’re adults – sorry, this event is not appropriate for children. If you have friendly colleagues you get along with, suggest they attend as well.

    I hope you’ll attend this one-off event. It would be a real shame for you to miss out, after all it’s the ONLY time I am doing this for FREE.

    Brisbane Saturday 5 June

    Melbourne Saturday 19 June

    Sydney Saturday 26 June


    Small Sounds, Big Deals: How Do Number Sounds Influence Consumers?

    Small Sounds, Big Deals: How Do Number Sounds Influence Consumers? This article was so interesting I just had to share it with you. Instead of interpreting it for you, go to the original article by clicking the hyperlink – it’s brief and exceptionally well written! You’re welcome. It’s who I am and what I do… Find stuff that you otherwise wouldn’t find yourself!


    Virtual Autopsy

    This blog’s main focus is Internet Mastery – anything that has to do with the Internet for business purposes. Today’s YouTube video is another example of the strides we’re making with Virtuality – doing things that were once impossible. Watch the video and I’ll get to why this is important for you and your business.

    The reason this is important to you and your business is… Continue reading ‘Virtual Autopsy’


    Thank You Says It All

    We all know that saying thank you improves customer service… However doing it online sometimes is a little more difficult to do. Recently, Apple ‘thanked me for filling a customer service survey’…

    I thought it was such a great way of saying thank you that I wanted to share it with you – to say thank you for reading this blog!

    Thank You

    Thank You

    This is one of my favourite types of strategies – the LITTLE THINGS that make a BIG DIFFERENCE. I am going to incorporate this with all my product thank you pages – if that increases customer service and repeat business by just 1 percent, it means thousands of dollars, but MORE IMPORTANTLY it means happier clients.

    That is one of the fundamental principles of Exponential Marketing – ADDING VALUE every step of the way – EVEN after the transaction is complete.

    After all a satisfied client can give you a referral and come back to buy something else…


    Internet Marketing… Philosophical?

    Many new clients we deal with realise that a lot of what we do is NOT DOCUMENTED anywhere – they have to do it because they have to TRUST this stuff works. THEN once they do it, they need to TEST and track using what I call Management By Metrics. That being said, it takes an open mind and a low uncertainty avoidance predisposition to even CONSIDER it. Its been well documented in the Entrepreneurial literature that success is directly proportional to the level of Uncertainty you are able to embrace.

    Think about that.

    This is especially true BECAUSE…

    Continue reading ‘Internet Marketing… Philosophical?’


    Google Chrome

    Today’s post has two purposes. First is to let you know that Google has a new browser called Google Chrome and secondly that if you want to communicate effectively using YouTube videos, check this series that will leave you mesmerised. YouTube is without a doubt revolutionising Internet Marketing, but it’s still up to human beings to be creative and imaginative.


    Social Media Revolution

    As you know by now, my short blog posts are rare. This is one of them. This YouTube video is a must watch for anyone involved in Internet Marketing. It is absolutely priceless. I know you’ll want to watch it more than once and forward this blog link to colleagues and friends.

    The Social Media Revolution Is Here


    Last Wealth Creation Workshop Is In Sydney Next Thursday 9 July

    I just wanted to let you know that the last Wealth Creation Workshop in advance of the 2009 Exponential Business Building Bootcamp takes place next Thursday night 9 July from 6:00-9:00 PM in Sydney. Click here or on the hyperlinks to register. This is the last chance to attend this 3-hour workshop this year. It’s FREE and has been the source of substantial breakthroughs for attendees… Why not join them now while it’s FREE?

    The reason this is important to you as an Internet Marketer is because the 95% of people who don’t make any money on the Internet don’t understand that they need an economic engine – A BUSINESS MODEL that makes money.

    They think that the Internet is a money-making machine when it’s not. Not anymore than the phone or fax was. In as much as the Internet is GREAT technology – that’s all it is.

    THE BUSINESS MODEL is where the money’s at – for the top 5% who make MORE than the other 95% COMBINED.

    The Internet is said to be the easiest thing that’s hard to do – that’s because people just don’t have an Exponential Wealth Creation Mindset – attend this 3-hour Wealth Creation Workshop to understand what this is all about. It’s the last time I do this Workshop for FREE.


    Amazing Technology You Have To See To Believe

    I’ve published posts about this Exponential Technology before, when I first saw it used for President Obama’s inauguration, but recently, Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours sent me another twist on this concept that will have you both excited and worried about what Big Brother is up to.

    Incredible High Resolution Photo Imaging Technology

    Once you’ve looked at the two previous blog posts, take a look at this GIGAPAN Perspective of President Obama’s Inauguration.

    Now, zoom in on the crowd at a baseball match… and now check out the crowd on the beach.

    Scary and exciting isn’t it?

    Arent’ you glad you’re a subscriber to this blog? Let your friends know about it and send them the link to this blog post!


    How To Lose Hundreds Of Prospects INSTANTLY

    Recently, I needed to get in touch with someone who decided to change his e-mail because of a deluge of spam. First, he never told me he changed it and second – he changed it and literally increased the chances he would LOSE hundreds or even thousands of prospects INSTANTLY.

    How To Lose Hundreds Of Prospects INSTANTLY

    Continue reading ‘How To Lose Hundreds Of Prospects INSTANTLY’


    5 MORE Ways To Increase Your Internet Sales

    In my previous post “5 Ways To Increase Your Internet Sales” I started a list that I thought might be worth continuing… That is if you’re still committed to the 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine which is all about doing the LITTLE THINGS that make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

    1. Figure out Twitter – and start testing one useful Twitter a day
    2. Put up a new blog post – and make sure you use a service like to get your blog out to the proper places – I explained this to our Platinum Members recently at Internet Technical Mastery. It’s easy to do within WordPress…
    3. Surprise one of your customers today and do an endorsement of them to your entire database.
    4. Send out a press release or announcement to your local papers about a newsworthy tidbit you can share
    5. Share some good news with those on your database (they are sick and tired of bad news … it’s everywhere!)

    If you have other ideas, please add them as a comment right here and make sure you include your URL so that a backlink is created back to your website or blog. The BETTER the suggestions, the MORE people will click through to your site…!

    But then again you knew that – if not, you’re a prime candidate for our Internet Mastery Silver Membership!


    5 Ways To Increase Your Internet Sales

    You already know about my 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine, but the question is what can you do TODAY to IMPROVE by 1%? If you could do just one of the following things each day, imagine what would happen to your results?

    1. Write a new short blog post about something you saw through Google Alerts
    2. Post a useful comment on a forum or blog that your perfect customers commonly frequent
    3. Send a Top 10 list or helpful article to your clients and prospects
    4. Distribute just one article to the e-zine banks and directories for them to post (for free) all over the Internet for you
    5. Get a Flip cam and create a short 60-second video with a tip your clients and prospects would find useful (making sure your website is mentioned in the video) – and post it on YouTube

    I’ve said it before – this is NOT rocket science. It’s the methodical, disciplined people who constantly and CONSISTENTLY out-perform their peers – leveraging the 1 percent improvement doctrine through the SHEER TENACITY of compounding.

    1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1% 1% X 1% X 1%…


    Every once in a while a really cool idea crosses my desk that I just have to share with you. In this case it comes from none other than Australia Post. I have not yet used this service, but I thought you might need it before I do. I am streamlining ALL my operations and have this service slated for a Sept-Oct review.

    If you do use it, please let me know how it goes.