Double sales in one day?

I can’t do this one justice – you have to read this e-mail for yourself…



Hi Marc,

Thought I had better tell you this because I don’t believe it happened…

On Sunday I was listening to your Tele Conference Call that you sent me and being the Dinosaur that I am I had just woken up & come out of the cave and was trying to get my head around what you were saying, talking about Bundles and it was not until you mentioned the muffin that I understood…

I used to be a Retail Butcher and when ever there was a shop or establishment that was going bad I would offer the owner a deal and tell them I can double their sales and still make profit on the bottom line.

The first thing I would do after cleaning up would be (we used to call them 2 Fors) to start increasing sales by Bundling — I did not know they were called that…

Well yesterday I thought I would give it a go and bugger me dead I nearly doubled my sales in one day… a normal Monday probably would be about $600.00. Yesterday I took in $1,100.00 in one day…

How does it go again? You know something but you don’t know you know it?!?

Something like that…

If you’ve seen my location you would laugh… It is like Fort Knox security grids everywhere.., and the only cost to do that little exercise was 2 bits of butcher’s paper… I don’t know if I am allowed to a say it or not but, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching.. Ka-BLOODY-CHING!!!

I just thought I would tell you ..  THAT’S AMAZING!


Peter Wilson,
Oz Cakes.
Phone: +61393599292
Fax :    +61393599344
Mobile:  0412 103 943


When you’re in Melbourne, you want to get out to Peter’s shop… I am sure his pastries are as good as his Exponential Marketing Strategies!

Onward and upward!


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2 Responses to “Double sales in one day?”

  • WOW!

    That rocks Peter you are a legend.

    I love hearing this stuff, it give me a buzz knowing just ONE strategy of Marc’s is worth SO MUCH.

    I cant wait to hear about the next episode in the Peter story!

    Imagine if you got those results every Monday for 50 weeks of the year?


    Not bad for a $9,997 program, if that was the only thing you got, it would still be worth 3x what you paid!

    KA CHING!!!


  • Here is an additional distinction from someone who shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons…

    … in the past I would have offered her a discount for volume, what I did with this client is after reading about the baker who doubled his income on a Sunday by offer 3 for the price of 2, is I offered her 1 free [] for every 5 of the same [] that she orders, so she actually gets 6 for the price of 5. When she orders 10 of the same [] she gets 12 for the price of 10 plus a 5% discount.

    During our meeting tonight she was telling me that she is very excited about the offer of 6 for the price of 5 and the same for the larger order of 10 again. The best part is that she is paying full price for the pieces and the extra piece will only cost me just over $50 to give her.

    Not only that – this INCREASES his sales by 200, 300 and maybe even 500%. AT NO EXTRA COST.

    Say it with me… Ka-Ching!

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