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Business Coaching Case Study: How To Become An Expert

I was recently working with a client, Bree Robbins of Paddington Pups in Brisbane. As her business coach and mentor, we were discussing how she can differentiate herself within her existing product and service offering. I’m not advocating this is the primary theme, but rather a secondary or additional Pathway to Profit™. When a dog […]

Exponential Entrepreneur Of The Year Winner Shows How It’s Done: Leveraging Case Studies

Sam Kritsotakis of Eskae Jeweller recently won one of six prestigious Exponential Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards. After-the-fact people often look ‘back’ and realise how obvious it is… Which is why I wanted to share with you one of the many Exponential Marketing Strategies we’ve taught him – leveraging case studies. Click on the hyperlink […]

My Mindmaps are the Highest Rated!

Check out the link below – two of my MindMaps are the highest rated by users of the NovaMind Software Users… How cool is that?!?! I have two MindMap Case Studies. A Mindmap Case Study on Marketing and MindMap Case Study on MasterMind Groups. If you haven’t used NovaMind to do your Mindmapping, you’re really […]

Double sales in one day?

I can’t do this one justice – you have to read this e-mail for yourself… _________________________________________________________________ SUBJECT: I DON’T BLOODY BELIEVE IT “BUT” Hi Marc, Thought I had better tell you this because I don’t believe it happened… On Sunday I was listening to your Tele Conference Call that you sent me and being the […]

Get Better Business Results THIS year – Gavin did it, so can you!

Gavin Buckett’s Case Study will motivate you to get off your butt and ‘do stuff. Click here to download Gavin Buckett’s Case Study now. It’s good something for everyone – if you’re looking to get the BEST RESULTS with the LEAST amount of EFFORT. Onward and upward! Marc P.S. If you’re still keen to consider […]

2 Exponential Case Studies

Today’s post is about what it means to THINK and ACT EXPONENTIALLY… First, Farhad Khurshed of www.safcommunications.com had an exponential THOUGHT. FarhaD came across two case studies that he THOUGHT were KEY examples of antimimeticisomorphic a.k.a. exponential thinking. Once he had the THOUGHT, he then took ACTION. He e-mailed me knowing that as Australia’s #1 […]