Perfection is the Poison of Profitability

This weekend, I got an e-mail from Gavin Buckett of AGBSolutions who was telling me he was looking forward to getting his blog up when his website supplier would get around to it…

That’s when my Exponential Mindsetâ„¢ kicked in.

I have two things that are ingrained in my automatic business reflexes – an acute sense of urgency and the need to keep ‘doing stuff’.

I told Gavin that he could go on to, as we had taught him at a previous event and DO IT NOW.

It takes LESS THAN 5 minutes to get a blog up – you can always fine tune it later.

There was NO REASON to wait, in fact it was costing him money to wait.

Yeah sure he can have a blog at his website address, but until then, WHY WAIT?

So he did it, as I would expect him to do – he’s got the Exponential Mindsetâ„¢ when coached…

He’s done a great job as you know from a previous post on our Internet Mastery Blog.

The reason I am telling you this is so that YOU TOO can take action and DO STUFF.

Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

Onward and upward!

Gavin is still looking for a new business name – contact him if you have any inspiration at

As you can see from the posts to this blog, this is NOT rocket science. It’s about making a 1% improvement EVERY DAY.

To learn more about the Exponential Mindset, go to

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