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Lack of resources?

“Whenever you face a deficit
in resources, you need to
replenish your inventory of ideas.”

— Dr Marc Dussault


Exponential Marketing Principles Revealed

Every once in a while I get carried away with ideas, thoughts and what I call distinctions (key tips and techniques that make all the difference in producing results)… Today is one of those days. This post covers what I call the basics of Exponential Marketing for both the NOVICE as well as the VETERAN of Exponential MasterMind Thinking.

Exponential Marketing 101: Mindset

It all started for me with Albert Einstein’s quote “The thinking that got us to where we are is not the thinking that will get us to where we want to be.” That hit me like a two-by-four across the head when I first hear that in my mid twenties…

If you are in your twenties or can remember what you were thinking back then, chances are you were like me – thinking you ‘knew it all’ or at least knew enough…

Boy were we wrong!

So if we have to change our thinking – HOW exactly do we do that? That’s a dilemma and conundrum wrapped up in a paradox!

I was able to make my first quantum leaps (to use some of Einstein’s terminology) listening to Anthony Robbins for Personal Peak Performance Development. It’s important to note that he is a PEAK PERFORMANCE coach, not just a ‘positive mental attitude’ motivator – in fact he hates being called a motivational guru – for a reason.

Motivation is empty – it just gets you fired up with nowhere to go.

Personal Peak Performance is all about knowing who you are and using THAT knowledge to propel you to an outcome, goal or even a life-long dream. In as much as Tony Robbins is great, don’t get me wrong – he is the world’s best at what he does – his teachings, programs, events and products are not enough.

That’s when I learned I needed to triangulate multiple frameworks from other world-leading minds such as marketing genius Jay Abraham, sales master Brian Tracy and spiritual and philosophical mentor Deepak Chopra.

Triangulation in simple terms is like what a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) does to locate you on the earth – it takes each dimension (x, y and z) and determines where you are along the axis to pin point your exact location.

What I do for myself (and now my clients) is create a continuum of strategies, tactics and techniques along the 4 axes (peak performance, marketing, sales and philosophy) whereby the INTERSECTION of these 4 dimensions is the point where your Exponential Potential is released to give you a quantum breakthrough.

I know it sounds surreal and I guess it is for the uninitiated.

Once you adopt an Exponential  Mindset, it’s like learning a new language – you stop translating and start thinking in the new language – only then can you consider yourself fluent… In linguistics, fluency means you can communicate with a whole new group of people who speak that language. In business, that fluency means abundant wealth and success – because you now possess the language of profitable thinking.

I call this antimimeticisomorphism. I even have a website dedicated to having fun doing out-of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results with the least amount of effort at the lowest cost.

I have a series of fun videos on the concept on my Personal Mastery Blog under the category antimimeticisomorphism.

I am about to publish a bestseller of the same name – via an interactive publishing model involving a small group of contributors that has already spawned a secret website.

As you can see for yourself – this is a VERY different way of doing things… That’s the whole point!

But you know what? It’s also great fun – producing new, exciting products like the Marc-Ka-Ching Kube™ and concepts like the 1 percent improvement doctrine outlined in the following two short YouTube videos.

The 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine 1/2

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An Exponential Customer Service Idea

Every once in a while I come across a fantastic idea that I just have to share with you. I was recently on The Great Ocean Drive in Torquay at a restaurant called Growlers that has GREAT FOOD and ambience on The Esplanade…

But that’s not why I’m blogging about it today – they also had this Exponential Customer Service concept that blew my mind – a fantastic idea that every restaurant should consider…

Exponential Marketing Idea To Keep kids Busy AND QUIET!

Exponential Marketing Idea To Keep Kids Busy AND QUIET!

This is absolutely brilliant – kids get to be creative, have fun and are quiet – it’s a win-win-win-win for the restaurant, patrons, parents and kids!

Stock Market Meltdown: Turning Paper Losses Into Cash Profits

This is NOT investment advice, but many people are asking me what exponentially minded investors are doing in these turbulent times…

They are turning paper losses into cash profits.

They are buying on the way down so that if their portfolios have ‘lost’ 10, 20 or even 30% on paper, they HOLD those unimpaired assets and buy MORE of them at a LOWER price. Some people call that dollar cost averaging.

That doesn’t sound very exciting.

Turning paper losses into cash profits is much more enticing, attractive and motivating – don’t you agree?

In these turbulent times, you MUST master your emotions and use every technique you know to maintain and sustain your Exponential Mindset™.

I say this to our Platinum and Diamond Members all the time…

“You have to KEEP RAISING THE BAR because others will gladly lower it for you.”

This has ‘never’ been more important than it is now.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

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You can sense that EVERYONE has an opinion now and it’s stronger than ever – that’s because there is DOOM AND GLOOM and the majority of the population revel in it… The masses cause the hysteria – the cooler, calmer heads prevail. The 5% who are wealthier than the other 95% combined.

YOU decide where your head is at or others do it for you. Think about it…

Bootcamp Graduate makes $15,000

Sam Kritsotakis, of Eskae Jeweller just sent me an e-mail explaining several clients who have come ‘out of the blue’ to BUY from him. These include referrals from EXISTING clients…

The reason I created this post is that there is no ‘direct connection’ between the ACTIONS Sam has taken since he attended our 2008 Exponential Internet & Business Building Bootcamp and these sales…

BUT Sam knows something most people don’t.

He KNOWS all about Deepak Chopra’s Exponential Mindset™ philosophy:

Release yourself from the expectation of the outcome so you can tap into a discontinuity gap in the universe to instantly synchronise with a non-local correlation that will trigger a quantum leap of creativity and innovation to help you manifest infinite knowledge and boundless possibilities enabling a conspiracy of improbabilities that create your ultimate destiny.”

That’s the thing about an Exponential Mindset™ you think and ACT in ways that harness the power of the universe in ways that make you look ‘lucky’…

Funny how ‘luck’ seems to follow some people around whereas others don’t.

Onward and upward!



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78 1 Percent Improvements to Grow Your Business Exponentially

In a previous post I asked people to send me their 1 percent improvements as they took what I call their Next Best Steps after the Exponential Internet & Business Building Bootcamp.

These are the responses I received… I was going to share them only with the participants, but as you can see we fell short of the 101 that I was hoping for.

That tells you a lot doesn’t it?

MOST PEOPLE CAN’T MANAGE even a 1% improvement per day…

You know what that means… When YOU improve 1% per day, you’re in fact improving 2% per day BECAUSE your competitors aren’t improving 1% per day!

Check out these submissions – I forgot to ask for peoples’ names so the submissions are anonymous, but PRICELESS.

78 1 Percent improvements to Grow your Business Exponentially

1. I called GTAX and spoke to Gary Tuminello about tax options for Platinum Program and discovered that he used to manufacture lingerie.
2. “I know you don’t know, but if you DID know, what would the answer be?”
3. Added my USP to the first page of my website
4. After watching a few Tony Robbins YouTube videos, I’ve started asking myself “why?” I have chosen to do something. Why? So I have a clear outcome to expect rather than “It seems like a good idea”.
5. Changed my voicemail message to Marc’s exponential version
6. Choose what you want to be the best at
7. Contacted various people i met at the bootcamp ragarding conversations we had
8. Create something that is bigger than your business… such as an industry association or club.
9. Create, upload, and embed onto your homepage a YouTube video of yourself delivering the long version of your USP.
10. Decided to join the Business Mastery Platinum Program
11. Developed new pricing structure to be communicated this week
12. Diarise your expended time. When you start listing it… even for 3 days….you seriously start to question what you are doing. It becomes apparent what is and what isn’t your highest and best use of your time.
13. Don’t use any “institutional” advertising. Make all marketing direct response marketing – this makes it measurable, and almost always gives a better response.
14. Don’t aim for perfection. It is too hard and our built in ‘fear of failure” mechanisms mean we won’t start. Do SOMETHING…then improve it.
15. Don’t be satisfied with a good outcome. Look at what caused that outcome, and ask yourself how you can duplicate it and leverage it.
16. Don’t try and change people. If they are lazy, work out how that laziness can help you. If they are greedy, work out how that greed can help you. If they are busy, work out how their business can help you.
17. Every day when you wake up write down the three things you want to achieve.
18. Find a virtual assistant who can look after any job that you do on a regular basis that takes you more than about 25 minutes. You’ll pay between $8-15 an hour, and free yourself up for your work which should be worth more than that (otherwise, get a job as someone’s virtual assistant ! )
19. Find your own voice in your writing. Ditch corporate speak. If you can’t read it out and sound natural, it’s not ‘you’.
20. Get a 3rd party to call prospects and clients and ask them what they think about you. Do this in an anonymous manner with all results being aggregated…so no comments are directly attributable. This is the format which will get the most blunt comments. The feedback might well sting but will be extremely useful.
21. Have a workshop with your staff and list the 11 most common things that people call into your business for. Devote 3 minutes to each to come up with the optimal answer for each scenario. No more “making it up on the spot”. You don’t have to be scripted, but you will have the essence of the answers.

22. Have started going through my notes from the bootcamp and am adding best idea, second idea and also expanding on a few as well
23. I added an outside the box, unique, creative game to the beginning of my next group coaching session.
24. I changed my voice mail and from it have had great results
25. I connected to Marc Dussault on LinkedIn.com
26. I contacted a guy that I never got around to going out on a date with months ago…have lined up to see him this week !
27. I contacted Empowernet as I did not receive the first two emails sent.
28. I contacted Louis Vuitton in UK to start the recruitment process again.
29. I contacted Salesforce.com, attended a webinar and found out more about what they do and had a client manager allocated to me
30. I copy the first cheque received from a new customer and file it. Why? It gives me information that I can use to followup on if the cheque bounces.
31. I created a personal USP (short and long)
32. I filed my tax return with GTAX
33. I followed up with key contacts made at Bootcamp within 48 hours
34. I found a new unit to move into by myself.
35. I gave the gift of setting up internet networking to another
36. I got out my Tony Robbins ” Get the Edge” CD’s and listened to them and did the Pain vs Pleasure activity assocaiting lots of pain if I DON’T have an exponential mindset !
37. I honed and re-honed by USP for my new business venture launching in September
38. I learn how to increase my productivity by using an Apple Macbook Air. It is brilliant!
39. I now let a majority of phone calls go to the message bank. Why? To encourage people to “self-select” into my sales funnel and allow the “tire kickers” to go to the competition.
40. I only exchanged business cards with those who I felt presented opportunities for mutually beneficial exchanges
41. I re-wrote my USP AND did Pathways to Profit creating a website overview for my graphic designer
42. I registered and contributed to a forum to keep in contact with exponential mindset bootcamp participants and share exponential ideas
43. I researched the lingerie departments of David Jones to prepare to write an article on improvements that could be made to increase their sales and efficiency.
44. I review and ponder a couple of pages from my bootcamp journal notes every morning and jot down my ideas to take action on
45. I reviewed my entire Bootcamp Journal and used highlighters to identify every distinction I can act on NOW and over next 12 months.
46. I secured 12 new URLs and linked them back to our business website. Why? To differentiate our product offerings from the competition.
47. I sent a survey to all my current clients asking them about where they like to shop,surf the internet etc as well as key words they associate with life coaching so I can get REALLY clear about them and the conversations I’d like to have with them to add value
48. I use Nova Mind Maps now in multiple ways in both business and to help me better organize my time and be more efficient
49. I used Guru.com to out source what others can do as well as me
50. If I have a customer in the shop and the phone rings, I don’t answer the phone even though they say they can wait. Why? To show I am listening to what they are saying and they are the most important person to me at that time. Would you ask your immediate customer to wait while you started serving another customer that just walked in?
51. If you are at 100% capacity, you are not charging enough. Your prices should be high enough that at least a proportion of your prospects think you are way too expensive.
52. If you often quote people for your product or service (as I do) ask them what their most important criteria are (you should be having this conversation anyway…) and when you quote put that in the quote to them ie if it was based on timing… “I have chosen the best option which will will make sure we deliver this project by 25th September, guaranteed”. This reminds them that you understood, and it they are evaluating multiple proposals yours will stand out.
53. If your product or service is unique (and it should be) make sure your marketing communication tells a story so that people know what to expect by the time you have a conversation with them – you then maximize the value of the conversation talking about new stuff rather than covering the basics
54. In every situation where you make a mistake or lose money STOP and ask yourself… ‘What is the lesson in this’. How can I use it to my advantage. How can I change what I do so this is the last time it happens.
55. Invite all your clients and contacts onto LinkedIn. Adds credibility to you. As people change jobs it means you can stay in touch.
56. Make your best point first. People are too busy to decipher a long and cryptic message. If they keep reading make your next best point.
57. Market towards those that might not be ready to buy right now…. in any given market of qualified prospects only 7% are buying right now. At least another 37% are interested but have not decided on a supplier. Another 40% don’t know they have a problem. The rest are loyal to who they have. Make sure your marketing aggravates those that don’t know they have a problem, and lead them to you as a solution. Swing the undecides to you in a risk free way… then they at least enter your sales funnel.
58. Purchased related URLs about my business
59. Put customer testimonials inside your quote/proposal. They are not just for ‘marketing materials’. Acknowledge that your quote or proposal with the $ on it is also part of your marketing.
60. Re-designed my business card to include my USP
61. Re-worded email signature to request referrals
62. Replied to Marc about the newsagent clip
63. Run spell checker on all my emails and request a reply receipt. Why? To improve my email professionalism and to show I care whether they have received my email.
64. Sorted out a few problems with a significant person in my life.
65. Spend your time on what you and only you can do. Anything that is left, that costs less than your target income, get someone else to do the rest. If you get someone to do it for free, make sure there is something in it for them.
66. Started reading ‘Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed
67. Started the development of a marketing plan for the business, revolving around exponential thinking and ideas
68. “Stop trying to sell who have not self selected somehow. Once they have raised their hand and entered your sales funnel THEN devote energy to them.”
69. Submitted a project on Guru.com for the body copy of my website to be re-written by a pro
70. Taking a few days off to recouperate and absorb the bootcamp
71. Tell people how you are unique. Don’t hide it!
72. “The more you niche, the more you are attractive to those in that niche. By being a generalist you cast a a wider net, but not very deep. Your clarity about your niche is the brightness of the spotlight that makes the fish jump in your boat.
73. “There is so much happening that you cannot stay the same. To stay the same is to go backwards. (if you are wondering about how much is changing, what ShiftHappens again!)
74. Took professional photos of staff to use on promotional material
75. Understand and use permission marketing.
76. When you work, work 100%. When you play 100%. Most people spend their work hours dreaming about when they are not working, and their non-work hours worrying about work.
77. Work like you are going on holiday tomorrow. Work fast. Don’t accept interruptions. When you give someone instructions anticipate areas they might not understand and clarify in advance.
78. Yes, I’ve changed my voicemail message to Marc’s Exponential Voicemail message.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

If you have additional 1 percent improvements you’d like to share, please add them as comments to this post. I’d love to share them with THOUSANDS of our readers!

An Exponential Mindset is not just about making money

You have to listen to this 12-year old Canadian girl who epitomises the Exponential Mindset.

We have to start leveraging our Exponential Potential to start solving these problems.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

Onward and upward!

Thank you to Frank Marinko who sent this to me. It’s amazing what people do once they know you care. They make sure you get stuff like this to inspire, motivate and nourish your belief in the power of the human spirit.

Its not waht you raed, it’s waht you unedrtsand taht cunots

Getting e-mails to potential prospects today has become a pain in the %@$%!!

There are spam and junkmail filters, whitelists, greylists, blacklists, you name it.

Given the tough market out there, the torrential downfall of spamming, and hence the competition, an intentional Freudian slip of the tongue – or rather of the word, may after all be of some use.

Knowing a thing or two about the psychology of reading in this case can help to make the difference between getting an e-mail through to your prospects, or losing it within the great abyss of cyber deletion.

Keeping the above in mind, I suspect that you’ve received the following e-mail at least once in you’re online lifetime experience, sometimes entitled “Only a few people can read this” or “If you can read this then you’re a genius”.

The message contains the following…

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Otherwise written:

According to a researcher (sic) at Cambridge University, it doesn’t matter in what order the letters in a word are, the only important thing is that the first and last letter be at the right place. The rest can be a total mess and you can still read it without problem. This is because the human mind does not read every letter by itself but the word as a whole.

This text has been circulating on the internet since around September 2003, but it’s origin can be traced back to a PhD thesis written in 1976, by Graham Rawlinson entitled, “The significance of letter position in word recognition”.

So what’s real psychology behind this and how can you use it to your advantage when it comes to getting your messages through?

You probably didn’t have much of a problem reading the above text or the subject line of this post in ‘scrambled’ form.

Well, compare that with the following three sentences:

Not too bad…

1) A vheclie epxledod at a plocie cehckipont near the UN haduqertares in Bagahdd on Mnoday kilinlg the bmober and an Irqai polcie offceir

More difficult…

2) Big ccunoil tax ineesacrs tihs yaer hvae seezueqd the inmcoes of mnay pneosenirs

Even harder…

3) A dootcr has aimttded the magltheuansr of a tageene ceacnr pintaet who deid aetfr a hatospil durg blendur

All three sentences follow the “rules” described above. The first and last letters remain untouched, while all the other letters have been moved.

So why do these sentences become increasingly difficult to read?

Basically because changing the letters while keeping the first and last letter the same is not the ONLY thing that’s going on.

The following FACTS of reading psychology also help to explain this phenomenon of reading…

Fact #1: Middle letter transpositions are easier to read than exterior transpositions.

For instance, it is generally easier to read the USHER written as “uhser” as “ushre”.

Fact #2: Misspellings (and letter transpositions) do in fact disrupt the reading process.

As M.J. Adams notes in his book Beginning to Read: Thinking and Learning About Print: “Regardless of semantic, syntactic, or orthographic predictability, the eye seems to process individual letters…Disruptions in adult readers’ eye movements indicate that the visual system tends to catch the slightest misspelling.”

Fact #3: Short words are EASIER to read than longer ones.

2 or 3 letter words don’t change at all, and the only change possible in a 4 letter words is to swap the order of the middle letters which (e.g. ‘fear’ becomes ‘faer’) doesn’t cause too much difficulty.

Fact #4: Function words (the, be, and, you etc.) stay the same, mostly because they are short words.

The result of this is that the grammatical structure of the original is maintained, thus helping you to work out which word is likely to come next and so to read the text as a whole. Hence, words that are predictable are going to be easier to read in this situation.

Fact #5: Transpositions of adjacent letters are easier to read than more distant transpositions.

That explains why in general it’s easier for the word problem, to read it when it’s written ‘pborlem’ than when it’s written as ‘porbelm’. In the latter case there is a more distant transposition than in the former.

Fact #6: Reordered letters which don’t CREATE another word are easier to read.

Hence, its harder to read words which can be confused with other words when their letters are swapped (like ‘salt’ and ‘slat’). To make an easy to read jumbled word, you should therefore avoid making other words.

Fact #7: Transpositions that preserve the SOUND of the original word are easier to read.

Consider the word ‘toatl’ vs. ‘ttaol’ for total. The first is easier to read since it keeps the sound of the original. This is due to the fact that we often attend to the sound of the words even when reading for meaning.

Fact #8: Predictable texts are easier to read.

For instance in the above email text, given the first few words of the sentence, it was probably pretty easy for you to guess what words were are coming next (even with very little information from the letters in the word). That’s because CONTEXT plays an important role in understanding speech distorted or presented in noise. The same is pretty much true for written text that has been jumbled.

Fact #9: The SHAPE of an entire word plays an important role in reading.

For instance, “CaSe MiXiNg” substantially slows down reading. Hence, a language such as Chinese which depends more upon the written form may become completely illegible when scrambled.


Taking these little facts from reading psychology and applying them to e-mails could therefore possibly make the difference between getting through to prospects or having you’re mail deleted.

To offer one simply example, let’s say you want to send an email that read “Order now and receive…etc.”

Many filters will BUZZ on to the word “Order” and mark your email as spam

Allow yourself from time to time a bit of a Freudian slip (don’t do it all the time, or else you’re e-mails WILL look like spam to your readers) and rewrite the heading as follows:

“Odrer now and receive…etc.”

Most of the times it’s the SMALL things which you do which can make a BIG difference.

Onward and upward!


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Onward and upward!

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