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Study Shows Taller People Earn More Money

Research has shown that taller men are able to earn more money than their shorter counterparts simply because taller people are perceived to be more intelligent and powerful, this according to a study published in The Economic Record by Wiley-Blackwell.

The study entitled “Does Size Matter in Australia?” uses newly available data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey to estimate the relationship between hourly wages and two aspects of body size: height and BMI.

Does Size Matter? Study shows Taller People Earn More Money

The study finds that taller people, particularly men, earn more money – with every five centimetres of height being worth about $950 per annum.

“Our estimates suggest that if the average man of about 178 centimetres gains an additional 5 centimetres in height, he would be able to earn an extra $950 per year – which is approximately equal to the wage gain from one extra year of labour market experience”, explained co-author Professor Andrew Leigh.

The study also finds that, while there are wage returns to height in Australia, there are no systematic wage penalties to having a higher body mass index (BMI).

Professor Leigh added, “We began the project with a primary interest in whether overweight people were paid less, but eventually realised that the most interesting thing in the data is the relationship between height and wages.”

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It’s not MY job…

I can’t say it often enough… Whenever you’re given a task – do it right. This one’s from exponential copywriter Farhad Khurshed… I know you’ll agree this is a simplistic example, but illustrative of just not showing up to work with your A game. This blog is all about giving you the skills, aptitudes and strategies to run up the corporate ladder of success – literally two rungs at a time. Stay tuned for those insights and a little humour from time to time. We know for a fact that success is not about taking everything seriously – it’s about being serious about the right things at the right time and ENJOYING the process!

"It's Not My Job"

"It's Not My Job"

Unleash The Speaker Within Was Frickin’ Amazing

I tell people all the time that the Law Of Attraction works in mysterious ways, attracting the positive things you need just when you need them. This photo was taken by David Conroy, The Lone Drainer And Pronto!, Sydney’s Premier Plumber – it’s not my vehicle, but the plate might as well be!

Frickin License Plate

Frickin License Plate

The incredible thing about what we do is transform people’s thinking from ordinary to exponential. When that happens – FUN STUFF like this erupts.

Professional Mastery is all about tapping into the true potential that you have as a PROFESSIONAL – regardless of what that profession is. Our Business Mastery stream focuses on the BUSINESS whereas this new stream has the focus on YOU, the main actor in your life…

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