Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Top Gun Sales Strategies 1 of 4

If you’ve attended any of my events, you probably know that I am averse to doing things the way everyone else does. I call it antimimeticisomorphism. One of the ways I was able to win sales awards early on in my career was the systemisation and automation of the sales process. It’s one of the […]

Together Everyone Achieves More?

I am not sure this team really understands the concept of TEAMwork… Not exactly what you’d call a high performance team…

Sport Can Be Hurting Your Career

This is one of my core principles I originally learned from an Ottawa Professor, Michel Chossudovsky, the author of The Globalization Of Poverty And The New World Order. It’s pretty radical and out there as a concept and philosophy, but one that’s worthy of sharing with you – IF you want to get and stay […]

It’s time to change jobs

When you no longer care to do the job right, it’s time to change jobs as these two real examples prove.