Monthly Archive for April, 2011

Goal Setting

My blogs are all about showing you examples of antimimeticisomorphism – the goal setting video below is a classic example. I agree and disagree with it, because there is a subjective element to it, but for now – watch it and make up your own mind. This is the kind of video I will have […]

From ‘Just A Job’ To Finding Your Calling

I come from a family that valued higher education, hard work and integrity. I can’t say that it’s all that common these days. One of the foundational principles I was brought up with was the understanding of the hierarchy shown below. This Professional Mastery Blog is all about helping you migrate from having ‘just a […]

Japanese Earthquake Highway Repair – 6 Days

As you know, as a regular reader of this blog, it is focused on concepts and ideas related to one central theme- Exponential Mindset Thinking™. Today’s post is timely because of the tragic circumstances of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. This BEFORE and AFTER photo says it all.. Someone once said “what doesn’t kill us, […]