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Goal Setting

My blogs are all about showing you examples of antimimeticisomorphism – the goal setting video below is a classic example. I agree and disagree with it, because there is a subjective element to it, but for now – watch it and make up your own mind.

This is the kind of video I will have my clients watch and we’ll discuss it in a MasterMind Session to reveal key nuances and distinctions. If you’d like to participate at this level, give us a call.

From ‘Just A Job’ To Finding Your Calling

I come from a family that valued higher education, hard work and integrity. I can’t say that it’s all that common these days.

One of the foundational principles I was brought up with was the understanding of the hierarchy shown below. This Professional Mastery Blog is all about helping you migrate from having ‘just a job’, to developing a great career, accelerating in your profession and ultimately finding your calling – the reason you’re here and the only way you get to feed your spirit living the dream life you’ve always wanted.

It’s what I describe as

living a life of revolution by design
rather than evolution by default
to avoid extinction by stagnation
” — Dr Marc Dussault

From Just A Job To Finding Your Calling

From Just A Job To Finding Your Calling

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Japanese Earthquake Highway Repair – 6 Days

As you know, as a regular reader of this blog, it is focused on concepts and ideas related to one central theme- Exponential Mindset Thinking™. Today’s post is timely because of the tragic circumstances of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

This BEFORE and AFTER photo says it all..

Someone once said
“what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”

That being said, this is a testament to the Japanese people’s resilience and their engineering and construction expertise deployed with flawless execution.

I know several local Sydney Engineers who discussed this with me just last week – also impressed by the lighting-quick speed of construction.

This is proof positive of the power of the human spirit to overcome all obstacles and the brilliance of professional engineers to provide solutions that affect us all.