Strategic Sales

Strategic Sales and Systemisation

This new event will cover the following topics and themes:

  • Basic sales strategies
  • Sales methodologies and frameworks
  • Reversing For Results – How to re-create existing sales success
  • Gap analyses using comparison tables and client-supplied matrices
  • Pathways To Profits
  • Economic Order Quantities and production planning principles
  • Capacity and constraint managament
  • Marc Marketing Milestone Matrix – sales targets and backfilling orders
  • Promotions and offers – how they need to be coordinated with other sales initiatives
  • Preeminence – are you pushing or pulling sales?
  • Management By Metrics – Sales Funnel analysis and online analytics
    • What are the ratios and conversions?
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
    • Marketing Automation
    • – crowdsourcing data updates

Please come back from further updates and refinements to this page. This is a first draft of the event

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