Monthly Archive for September, 2019

Why Health And Safety Needs To Be A Priority In Your Business

(Pixabay Licence) No matter how busy you are as a business owner, you must never forego good health and safety practices within your company. Not only is it your ethical duty to protect the employees and customers who frequent your premises, but it’s in your best interests too, as your business will suffer if you […]

Are You Working On The Right Schedule?

Scheduling yourself can be a real struggle, especially in a world that expects you to be self sustainable and in charge of it all. Timekeeping is supposed to be a soft skill, after all, and if you’re in search of a career, you need to be a pro at it! But there’s a chance you’re […]

Six Tips That Will Make Starting Your Own Business Much Easier

There are few things that are more challenging than starting your own business, but there are also few things that are more exhilarating and fun. If you’ve always been driven to work independently and to be an entrepreneur, and if you’re full of ideas, chances are you’ve been thinking about starting your own company. Here […]

Could Company Culture Transform Your Bottom Line?

Image via Pexels – CC0 Licence It’s the intangible factor that everyone feels. And it’s something which has the potential to make an impact on your profit margins. If things aren’t quite gelling within your growing start-up business, it could well be the missing ingredient. We’re talking company culture – something which can be hard […]

Is Your Business Prepared For The Remote Work Revolution?

Remote working is a very popular trend in business right now and more companies are adopting the practise because there are a lot of benefits. The majority of people find that they work more productively when they can set their own schedules because everybody has their own way of working. Studies show that the 9 […]

Common Business Frustrations And Why They Aren’t That Bad

Owning a business can come with many frustrations, Whether it’s running out of coffee at the most inappropriate time, or an important piece of paper going missing, it’s not the easiest thing to navigate in life. If you have staff and other colleagues in the same building as you, this adds an extra element of […]

Financial fitness courses return a 3-1 ROI for employers and $500 for employees

In this day and age, getting highly qualiofied and capable staff is harder and harder. Some innovative employers are now reaching out to financial professionals to add value to their employee benefits program with financial fitness courses. One expert claims  it provides a 3-to-1 return on investment for employers and benefits employees $500 in the […]