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Working On Auto-Pilot? It’s Time For A New Career

If you’re tired of your job then you’re certainly not alone. In fact, the majority of people experience low levels of workplace satisfaction – you don’t need a study to tell you that. It’s probably so common because we all expect it to be the norm. We expect work to be dull and unsatisfying. The idea of the dream career is… nothing more than a dream, right? Well, if your dream career is to become an astronaut and you’re already in your mid-30s then you might struggle. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a career related to that industry; engineering is a good example.

The point is that there’s nothing stopping you from switching to a career that you love. Work is always going to be hard (and occasionally boring), but you shouldn’t hate it, and you definitely shouldn’t be on auto-pilot. You should be challenged every day. Your brain should be working hard. You might never be the first person to walk on Mars, but you can, at the very least, be somewhat passionate about your career. Here are some ideas that might help you find a job role better suited to your mindset.

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For the people person

If you have a gift when it comes to talking to people and making connections (whether with a close friend or a complete stranger) then you need to utilize this talent in the workplace. If you spend 8 hours sitting at a desk and working quietly in front of a screen then you’re wasting your talents. There are so many careers that are perfect for the “people person”. You could go into marketing because selling products and services is all about knowing how to communicate with people (clients). If you fancy something with a little more freedom then you could even look into charity work. The whole concept of charity involves people and the connections you make with them; it’s also a very rewarding career from an ethical standpoint. And if an ethical career appeals to you then you might want to look into job roles…

For the carer

If you were always the kind of person that cared for others and wanted to help them through their struggles then you should look into careers which allow you to make a real impact on people’s lives. The previous point discussed social careers, and those might be a good fit for you too, but perhaps you want to go further than simply socializing – perhaps you want to help people day in and out. You could look into doing an online BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) so as to get a qualification that allows you to work in hospitals, schools, or other environments involving the care of others. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a direct positive impact on people’s lives.

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For the creator

If you’ve always been someone who struggled to get their head out of the clouds then it’s time to stop trying. Businesses are always looking for creative people to help them flourish. Whether you’re designing a logo, creating a website, or simply writing a captivating piece of marketing copy, organizations in every imaginable industry crave professionals with creative talent. You could even sell your talent as a freelancer if you fancy becoming self-employed. Copywriting is a very profitable service to sell to companies at this present time.

Why You Need To Embody The Traits Of Your Business

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The concept of leadership in every form is a mighty task that we all need to evaluate in ourselves. If you don’t have what it takes to lead your business, the chances are that many things that will fall by the wayside. You will miss opportunities, you won’t get the best workers, and your productivity, your products, and your purpose will suffer.

It could be a long journey to understand what you are truly made of in terms of leadership, but for some many people it is starting out on this long journey where you learn so much about, not just yourself, but how to run a business. But one of these shortcuts in getting to this almost perfect leadership personality is that you need to embody the traits of your business. Why is this? And what traits are beneficial?

It’s Easier To Remove The Emotion From The Business

Lots of people you encounter will say that you shouldn’t get emotionally involved in business dealings, but it’s very difficult when it’s your company, your money, and everything relies on your judgement. Lots of us can let our heart overrule our head, but when we are learning to find our feet with regards to what leadership style suits us, when trying to embody the traits of your business, it’s important that you differentiate between matters of the heart and matters of the head.

Your business needs to be an efficient machine, and this is something that we can all learn from. Whether we would benefit from learning how to manage our own time more effectively, or we need to implement better processes so that we can handle our workload, to matters that are primarily business related, emotion can cloud your judgement. Now, this isn’t to say that you need to be a robot at all times, but when faced with problems, you would benefit from a more logical standpoint rather than overreacting. Panic is not an inspiring trait in business leaders!

Innovation & Expansion

Your business needs to develop in every possible facet. A business that is complacent, or is just stuck on one gear will very quickly fall behind the times. The hallmark of every successful business is that it knows when to expand and innovate. This is a trait you can embody by constantly learning and developing yourself. That insatiable hunger for new information and new ways of improving yourself can be done in very simple ways.

The first thing to put in place would be a regular reading schedule. You might find articles online that you can bookmark to read later, and there are plenty that is worth your time, from 5 Strategies to Improve Organizational Effectiveness, all the way through to key influences with regards to entrepreneurial ambition, such as Tony Robbins or Tim Ferriss. There’s a lot of great information out there, and you should take advantage of this. And if you feel that you simply don’t have the time for reading, here’s the solution: make time! We can’t all go on reading vacations like Bill Gates does, but we can certainly make some time to read a chapter of a book, either before everybody else gets up, or after everybody has gone to bed in your house.


There are two schools of thought on the notion of transparency. Transparency in business is viewed as a very vital component in keeping your workforce satisfied because they can see every part of the business process. It helps to keep your entire company as one entity, rather than a series of fragmented parts. So you can either view this as openness and honesty, but you can also view this as an open goal, where your policies and processes are unguarded are rife for theft. But as far as leadership is concerned, having a sense of transparency will inspire confidence in your abilities.

You can implement this by having an open door policy, where your colleagues and employees are free to come to you with any problems or queries, or ways to improve your company. And you should be active in encouraging this sense of innovation and new ideas, so you can learn from your mistakes and develop as a company. As a business, transparency works in improving the development between company and customer.

Many companies now take the approach of having behind the scenes style videos as a way to introduce a customer to what’s actually going on in the offices. This bridging the gap between the business and the customer is meant to inspire trust from the perspective of the consumer. Trust is the most vital human component, and when you, as a leader, are looking to have people understand your approach, you need them to trust you. If they don’t trust you, nothing will be accomplished. Transparency is the key to this.

Taking Risks

Now that you need to be a leader that is willing to try new approaches, there is a lot of risk associated with anything new. This is hardly a surprise, but if you and your business are seen to take risks, then this is an admirable trait of both business and leader. But taking risks doesn’t need to be a massive gesture each and every time, this would be foolhardy. Instead, if you undertake one aspect that could benefit from expanding, such as using new SEO techniques to improve your website rankings, then this is a far more sensible approach.

But remember, taking risks is only beneficial if it pays off, and this isn’t always the case. So you need to be willing to make mistakes also. The idea of perfection is something you need to lose right away. This is in regards to your business and who you are. Nobody is perfect, but admitting your faults means a willingness to rectify these faults, so you can progress and learn from these mistakes. With companies that do make mistakes, it can be shaming to admit you’ve made mistakes, but everybody does. Those companies that refuse to admit their faults are doing something wrong. We all make mistakes, and that’s why pencils have erasers!

A Determination To Succeed

This is where everybody can learn from you. This is the one trait you need to improve your company with. Determination and not giving up at the first hurdle is something we all can benefit from. We see many companies hit setbacks from time to time, whether it’s in relation to a profit loss, or they had to navigate some tough waters, this is where you and your closest allies need to formulate a plan to save your business. But if you don’t have the will to succeed, then this attitude will filter down to the rest of your colleagues. This is why your business, your ethos, and you need to be all on the same page. This goes back to the idea of transparency. And if you can inject your entire business with this determination to succeed, then everyone will feel motivated as much as you do.

The analogy of a business being like a person is true in so many different ways. But the link between you and your business is such an important one, that while you need to make sure that the business does certain things and involve these certain traits, you can learn from your business in how to be a better leader. And even if your business is currently struggling to stay afloat, or you’ve got doubts in your abilities as a leader, look at what you can learn from the business, but also what the business can learn from you.

Investing In Your Home To Save It In The Future

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The buildings people live in can be surprisingly fragile things. Even though they are made from wood, metal, and stone, they will often bear the brunt of mother nature’s fury, being exposed to the elements for their entire life. But, what exactly does this sort of issue mean for your home, and how can you work to make it better? This post is here to answer these questions for you, while also saving you some money in the process.

What Could Go Wrong? Adverse conditions can have a huge impact on your home. With heat causing things like tar to melt, damaging roofing and other parts of the home during extreme periods. Cold, on the other hand, can result in hail stones which can chip windows and cause pipes to freeze, making them crack. Of course, there are loads of different ways that the weather can impact your home. When you’re first buying your home, it could be worth doing some research to make sure that it isn’t somewhere prone to very bad weather.

Can It Be Fixed? Of course, sometimes, you may want to live somewhere despite the risks of damage to your home, and this means that you’ll be looking for ways to solve the issue, not run from it. Websites like have a huge variety of different tools available which are all designed to make your home more resilient when it comes to bad weather. In a lot of cases, the best people to help you choose things like this will be local builders. With the most experience fixing the issues caused by bad conditions, they will know the best ways to solve them.

Is The Risk Worth It? For certain kinds of weather, like flooding and tornados, the defences you need will often be very expensive. This can make it hard to justify living in locations which are prone to them, as you may have to invest a huge amount to do it. If you decide to move somewhere which is likely to hurt your home, it’s always worth making sure that you will be getting exactly what you want out of it.

Set The Budget: Giving yourself a financial target to aim for will make a huge difference when it comes to understanding the worth in your move. While property values are lower in places like this, you have to make sure that you’ll be able to afford the changes required before you take the plunge. Having a budget in place will always make it easy to avoid overspending when you find a home which you think you can’t live without.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the ways that you protect your home from Mother Nature. A lot of people find it hard to handle this side of life, falling prey to bad weather within a few years of moving. But, with the right research and preparation, you should find it nice and easy to avoid a home-based storm.

Everything In Its Right Place: Why Organization Is The Key To Any Organization


Do you have any sort of filing system in your office? Assumedly you do, but it may not translate as sensical to other people. For those who have a hazardous filing system of putting things in a place that is just within arm’s reach, they could benefit from a better filing system. Filing systems are the tip of the iceberg, but it belies one very important thing, that you, as a business, are organized. Why is organization such an important tool to master.

It Promotes Clarity

You might have heard that having a clean desk means a clean mind, and it is true. This is something to translate to your business on a large scale. If you have effective organizational methods, you will be able to see the bigger picture far easier. This is vital if you want to change with the times. Having a sense of clarity and seeing every single component of your business functioning at its optimum is essential. Not only should there be clarity for you, but there should also be clarity for the employees too. This is also known as transparency. In getting a sense of organization together, it’s the best way to get everyone on the same page.

It’s Beneficial To Performance

Avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed is the key to mastering productivity in all of its forms. The underlying thing behind this is organization. Having a sense of order and having a tidy inbox, an organized desk, all the way up through the organized processes and staff members who know exactly what their duties are, translates to a fully functioning organization. Taking advantage of technology is the best way to implement this because it can do a lot of the organization for you. From employee documentation, which you can get more details on from most tech suppliers, to the payroll, if a system is implemented early on, and is organized enough but used in conjunction with the best programs and tools, this is going to make everybody’s jobs easier. The idea of automation is something that very hot right now because it’s a very simple approach to getting your company organized super-fast.

It Gives Off A Good Image

It can’t be said fairer than that. If people, namely clients and customers can see that you are organized and focused, this will inspire trust. This, in turn, will have customers and clients flock to you because you are setting a great example this organization is akin to untrustworthiness, and trust is the most important thing to get outsiders on board with your way of doing business. The image is everything in business, and if we can start from the very basics, such as a tidy desk, organized inbox, and so forth, this is going to translate into an organized team, and it can build up to an organized organization.

We all hated having to tidy our bed when we were kids, but it’s also a very important motivating task. Tidying your bed in the morning means that you have accomplished one small task, so you can start to accomplish more tasks. The same applies to business, if you can get the basics organized, you can then start to tackle bigger and bigger tasks.