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Get Your Outsourcing Right From The Start


For many businesses around the world, outsourcing is a necessary and essential part of doing things right. In fact, the vast majority of businesses today will not be able to do very well without some kind of outsourcing or other, and this is something that is worth bearing in mind if you have a business of your own. There are many things that you might need to consider if you are going to outsource successfully, and it is absolutely something that you will need to think about as long and hard as you can in order to make sure that your outsourcing is going to be as successful as possible and provide for your business exactly what it needs. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways to make sure that you can get your outsourcing right from the very start.

What To Outsource

One of the first and hardest questions to be able to answer here is what you will actually want or need to outsource. You don’t want to just outsource randomly, neither do you want to overdo it, so it is vital to make sure that you have a clear understanding of why outsourcing is often necessary and therefore when you should use it appropriately. Generally, you will want to outsource anything which you don’t have the resources for, and which you probably never will, and anything which requires a particular skill which you and your colleagues don’t have. That is why marketing and IT are often outsourced, and those are two areas which you will almost certainly be outsourcing as well.


In business terms, the act of procurement is simply the actual process of obtaining the services from the outsourced firm which you need. This process must be done in a manner which is as beneficial for your business as possible, and so that you know you are getting your money’s worth at all times too. Most businesses will find that they need a little help with this, which might come in the form of something like servicenow procurement or might be a matter of seeking professional advice elsewhere. Just make sure that you know how to procure and that you are doing it to the best of your ability from the word go.

When To Outsource

Finally, just as it is important to have a strong understanding of what to outsourcing, so too should you be able to say when it is wise to outsource and when it is not. That means knowing the difference between placing the work in the hands of more capable people at a time when you need the extra resources, and simply shuffling over anything that you don’t want to deal with at present. The sooner you manage to understand the difference here, the easier you will find it to know when to outsource and when to do the work in-house. This is just as important as knowing what to outsource, so make sure you look into it as soon as you can.

Incredible Benefits Of Being An Entitled Employee


Bosses like to trash entitled employees because they’re hard to handle. It’s true that one small thing can set you off and lead to a showdown. And, you’ve got no problem with this because you like to stand up for yourself and others. Employers, on the other hand, prefer it when workers lie down and roll over. It makes their life as the leader a whole lot less stressful.

Don’t let managers and people in charge bully you into thinking being entitled is a bad thing. For one thing, it ensures you never take any BS off anyone. Here are four more reasons it’s an incredible trait to own.

You Always Get Paid

Employers aren’t one-hundred percent truthful one-hundred percent of the time. Some will take a mile if you give them an inch, and that often means you lose out financially. Even something as working overtime without being correctly compensated is a problem. While the majority of workers don’t want to rock the boat, you’re happy to raise your concerns. And, if you need to hire Turley Law Firm’s legal services to prove a point, you will. By putting pressure on the firm, it should result in them stumping up the cash. Plus, it will result in tighter rules and regulations in the future.

You Shoot For The Stars

Baby boomers were and are not like millennials and the Generation X types. They were happy with a middle managers position at General Motors or IBM. You are different because you don’t want to spend your life working for somebody else. As a result, shooting for the stars isn’t a pipedream; it’s a reality. Thanks to people like Zuckerberg and Spiegel, not to mention advancements in tech, you take risks to climb the career ladder. One day, it will mean you’re the boss and not an employee.


You Learn

A direct knock-on effect of gambling is failing. Because it isn’t a sure thing, there’s a good chance it won’t work out in the beginning. But, entitled employees don’t care as they are happy to make mistakes. Like Thomas Edison famously wrote: “I have not failed – I’ve found 10,000 that won’t work.” Getting back up again after you fall is the only way to succeed as it’s a learning curve. Those that play it safe only learn one thing – how to stay out of harm’s way for their entire career.

You Don’t Value Loyalty

Although this sounds like a bad trait, it’s a positive from a worker’s viewpoint. For decades, businesses have used the idea of loyalty to prevent people from leaving. All the while, they were happy to terminate contracts when it helped their cause. Entitled employees understand the dynamic and are glad to trade blows. Fairy God Boss has a statistic that’s telling: almost 33% of young people leave their job early. Those who follow the same course get to use roles as stepping stones to better positions to improve their career chances.

As you can see, being entitled is a no-brainer from a worker’s perspective.

10 Things that seriously irritate your boss

This list of pet peeves is so prevalent it begs to be printed and framed in every office lunchroom.

Each is the soure of a Career Limiting Move (CLM) that usually goes unspoken much to the frustration of the irritant who is usually clueless to the infraction and then usually escalates his/her behaviour committing more and more of the CLMs.

The great thing is – for people who avoid such CLMs is that they get the clear advantage. One that can quickly and easily propel a career on to the fast track.



Dropshipping Tips For Beginners


If now that it is January you are looking for a new direction for your business, there may be no better option for you to try than dropshipping. This type of business is one which has become incredibly popular in recent years and it sees you acting as a middle man between the product and the consumer. It’s a business which can be fun solely online and this makes it super accessible for many different people around the world. If you fancy trying your hand at a dropshipping business this year; here are some tips for you.

1. Sell Products You Like

With any business, it is important that you have a genuine interest in what you are doing in order for it to work and thrive. This is no different when it comes to dropshipping and you will want to make sure that you are selling products which you have an interest in in real life. If you try to sell something you have no idea or no interest in this can be a big task and you may struggle when it comes to the marketing aspect of the business.

2. Choose Something People Are Passionate About

When you begin your dropshipping business the main decision you need to make is whether or not you will be selling this or that product. When choosing a product to sell you can also think about the kind of passion it has behind it. For example vegan beauty products may hold more weight than regular ones because a lot of people are passionate about animals. Yoga will be more interesting than furniture because yoga is something people have a passion for.

3. Choose Light And Hardy

It might not occur to you at first with your products, but it is always worth thinking about the durability and size of what you are selling. Bear in mind that you will need to be paying for the shipping of items and therefore if they are big and bulky it will cost a lot more to you. Also, fragile items might break in transit and this can lead to you having to give a lot of refunds. It is much easier to choose a small durable product for your business and you can simply keep on selling these and shopping them without any major issues.

4. Dropshipping Platforms

When it comes to dropshipping there will be a few big names out there which you may immediately gravitate towards when opening up your business, however you will also want to look for the more obscure platforms which can actually handle your orders much quicker and more efficiently. For example AliExpress is a platform for dropshipping which is super efficient because it shares the same vendors as eBay. It works incredibly fast for orders so that it isn’t penalised by eBay and this can make it a wonderful choice for your customers.

5. Use Oberlo

On the other hand, there are some of the big names which are too good to miss, and one of these sites has to be Oberlo. This is an incredibly good site for starting a dropshipping business and it allows you to customise your online store and make it ideal for your niche and your market. As soon as you see a product you like and want to sell you can add it too your store without handling it and it will allow you to start selling right away.

6. Build a Strong Brand

Just like any other business and brand you may want to create, you will need to think about the marketing of your shop immediately and make sure that you take the time to really get your marketing strategy right. The best thing you can do if you want to become a successful dropshipper is to stick to one niche and bu of a strong rand around this niche. When you have access to a whole range of products it can be tempting to sell lots of different ones, but in terms of branding this can be confusing to your customers and it will make it harder for you to reach the audience you want to reach. Make sure to market your niche consistently and always engage with your customers online.

7. Get a Shipping Partner

Now that you have your products and you have a shop set up for the business, it is time to think about getting interstate transport and international transport for the business. It is always important to choose a shipping company carefully and in a smart way because they will determine how quick your product arrive with your customers and this can effect the reputation of the business. ShipBob for example doesn’t charge you for packaging or warehousing so this can be a good option for you when starting out. Make sure when speaking to a transport company that you try to negotiate because often you can get money off if you try.

8. Present Your Products Right

Another thing which is super important when you open up a dropshipping store is that you don’t just use the generic descriptions for products and boring photos for the store. It is important to remember that everyone else who is selling the same products as you will have access to the same materials and images, and you don’t want to blend into the crowd. This will be a time consuming job but it is a good idea to send yourself one of each of your products and take photographs of them in a professional and fun way which will allow your online store to look better. The same goes with product descriptions and you will do well to remember that you should use SEO keywords to your advantage as well.

9. Choose a Good Retailer

As the supplier of the products you may want to make sure you have a good relationship with a retailer who will present your products and sell them on to people all over the world. It is important when looking for a retailer that you pick one in the right niche, one which you can trust and also one which is well known by people because this will make it easy to sell. You’ll constantly be exchanging information back and forth with your retailer so be sure you find a contact who you can get along with and talk to without issues.

10. Attend Events

One of the things which will always do you some good when starting a business is to think about attending educational events. There are always ecommerce events around and about and this can be the ideal opportunity for you to learn a little more about your craft and how to really sell successfully to your customers. Make sure that you consider also networking with other people around you as this will allow you to gain tips from real people as well as make some connections should you ever need to collaborate on a project in the future.

11. Be Clever With Pricing

The way you present your products on your website will have a big impact on how people perceive your business and whether they will stay to browse and possibly buy something from you. Think about bringing featured products to the forefront of your site, show discounted prices and think about promotions which will draw people in. You can also be clever about this and compare your price with another retailer and this can be a clever tactic to make people stay on your website to browse further.

12. Sell What You Know

Just as it is important for you to sell products which you have a genuine interest in, it is important to sell products which you know and can really speak about. If you have come from a relatively beauty orientated background you won’t want to be selling tools and car parts, and visa versa. Make sure you pick a set of products which you know about and which you can talk extensively about if you ever need to. This will hugely aid your marketing strategy and it can make a big impact on your business.

13. Get a Sample

Before you even think about selling a product online under your own brand, you need to make sure that the product is to be trusted and that it is a good quality item. When you are narrowing down your search make sure to ask for a sample of the product so that you have the chance to see it and inspect it first hand. This can make a big difference to your business because you will be able to say truthfully that your products are the best ones. It will stop complaints from customers and this will make your life much easier.

14. Go Automated

Managing your dropshipping business effectively will likely be hard work because most of the time you will be working with more than one retailer at any one time and this will become harder to track as you get more successful. An automated system which helps collect and sort data can be a handy tool and one which you should certainly consider when it comes to setting up your new business.

15. Plan for Issues

No matter how amazing your business is and how flawlessly you manage to set things up; there will always be risk. Be sure that you plan for things like broken items, refunds and returns and create a policy which works for you.

Want Your Business To Upgrade Its Output? Start With The Office.

Office, Home, Glasses, Workspace, Desktop, Notebook


With the new year well and truly underway, business owners across the globe are plotting ways to maximize performance and profit in 2019. While improvements can be made throughout all areas of the venture, the office forms the heartbeat of your venture. This makes it the perfect place to incorporate positive changes.

Here are five ways to shake things up for the better. While you may not use them all, incorporating the ideas that appeal could be the platform for taking your business to the next level.

#1. Change The Surroundings

Circumstances may dictate that relocation is necessary. When this is the case, finding the right venue is essential. However, even if you stay in the current establishment, switching up the surroundings is very possible. A change of layout or investing in new furniture can be very useful. The open plan option, combined with soundproof booths, can work wonders for the entire team. Meanwhile, opting for brighter color schemes can aid the atmosphere.

#2. Invest In Basic Staff Facilities

Taking care of the human needs can influence productivity and morale. Therefore, investing in simple things like a coffee machine and water cooler could be among the best decisions you’ll ever make. If the employees feel alert, they will perform better. You can take this further still with a classy break room. Besides, when the on-site facilities are of the desired standard, individuals will be less inclined to go off for lunch. In turn, they may get back to work quicker.

#3. Hire Better Staff Members

A strong team of employees is the hallmark of any winning business. Finding skilled, educated, and hardworking individuals to join the team will make a world of difference. Using recruitment specialists is certainly a productive solution, unless you have an HR team that’s capable of handling the task. In this modern world, it’s also worth considering the prospect of using outsourced freelancers. They can supplement the work of your on-site office staff. As long as it brings profit, who cares?

#4. Invest In Your Team Leaders

Leadership is a key business term, and it shouldn’t be restricted to your personal performance. When hiring team leaders, you need to know that they will inspire the rest of the team to achieve greatness. Behavior leadership is a strategy that makes this happen while also making senior staff members feel more valuable. The internal benefits throughout the office environment are just the start. It should result in noticeable improvements when interacting with other departments.

#5. Focus On Automation

Regardless of how great the individual employees might be, human error will still occur. That is, of course, unless you use automation and computers to remove that threat. Apps can be used to promote organization, productivity, and communication. Likewise, items like accounting software and project management tools will make the office a far better place. When the mistakes are removed in this arena, it should promote better results in other parts of the business too.

Getting these elements right won’t suddenly guarantee success, but it’ll certainly help the cause.