The Secret To Business Uniforms That Boost Your Brand Image

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Business uniforms can boost your brand image, but only when they’re done correctly. Having the wrong type of uniform will create the opposite effect and make people look down on your brand. What’s the secret to uniforms that aid your business? It’s not rocket science; the best uniforms will all feature these key elements: 

Smart Tailoring

We’re not talking about dressing everyone up in suits. That’s not necessary for all businesses; in this instance, smart tailoring refers to the uniforms looking nice and smart. This means the tops and the bottoms fit your staff properly. People aren’t wearing extremely oversized things, nor are they squeezing themselves into skin-tight clothing. 

You’ve made a uniform that looks nice and classy. It should be a simple affair; a top and some trousers, maybe with a jacket for when it’s cold. The clothing must be suitable for whatever your business does and can be worn in different scenarios – such as at a business event 

If your employees look smart and don’t appear scruffy, people immediately think better of your brand. 

Colour Coding

Colours have a huge impact on your brand image. For one, choosing the right colour combinations can persuade people to look fondly at your company. If your colours are bright and overbearing, people are likely to see your company negatively. 

Anyway, choosing the colours isn’t the main issue (this should already be decided when building your brand image) the main issue is colour-coding the outfits depending on who’s wearing them. Putting certain employees in different colours is a simple way of differentiating between members of staff. If all the managers wear a separate colour, consumers and customers know who to go to with more serious questions or concerns. It also makes your company look more put-together when each group of employees wears a different colour depending on the job they perform. 

Name Badges

It’s always a smart choice to combine business uniforms with personalised name badges. This brings the consumer closer to your company. They know who they’re talking to and it humanises your employees. The consumer feels like they’re talking to real people just like them, rather than the face of a corporate entity. 

Plus, name badges look more professional. If you go somewhere and none of the staff are wearing name badges, it feels a bit amateurish. These badges are synonymous with authenticity and professionalism, which is how people will now view your business! 

Naturally, different businesses will need different uniforms. If you run a retail company, your uniforms will differ from those of a manufacturing business. Be sure you’re crafting uniforms based on practicality first and foremost. Then, when it comes to design elements, focus on the three things above. Make the outfits look as smart as possible without losing practicality, colour code them well and incorporate name badges. 

You know when you’ve seen a good work outfit; it stands out in your mind and you’re impressed with the company. This is what your outfits need to do to others; impress them and your brand image will go through the roof. 

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