Monthly Archive for January, 2020

Success Strategies for Career Shifters

People leave their old professions for different reasons. Some want higher pay; others desire flexibility and passion. Regardless of your goal, finding a new career is a risky venture that requires diligence, preparation, and timing. Here are some ways to make a successful career switch: 1. Add a degree before leaping. A different industry needs […]

Should You Live in the Philippines? 7 Reasons to Consider Moving

In July 2019, HSBC’s annual expat survey ranked the Philippines as one of the best places to live and work in at 24th place – tailing the U.S. (23rd) and is ahead of China (26th). Their economy is growing steadily, as there are a lot of opportunities for businesses and investments. According to Forbes, the […]

How to Work Out of the Office

You’ll have your regular workspace, sure, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to work there every single day. There’ll be times when you want to have to travel and work, or just times when you want to take a break and work somewhere else. This last point is, indeed, particularly recommended — if you […]

Four Ways To Improve Your Hiring System

If there is one thing that every business needs, it’s a strong HR team. It’s not just about recruiting and firing people, but about the training of new staff, supporting existing staff, and generally being a business that cares about what its team is doing. One way to progress your business is to improve the […]

How Motivation Can Drive Growth in Your Business

As a business owner, your motivation is a big factor in the growth and success of your company. But how do you find time to develop yourself personally when building a business? Personal motivation in other areas can give you the inspiration and ideas generation to put straight back into your company development. Read below […]

Small Businesses And The Lack Of Account Management

This combination is deadly, so we wanted to discuss it with you today. There are a ton of things that can be deadly to a small business. The lack of funding and profit, the economy, competition. The list of things could go on, but all of those are spoken about in every other article. Instead, […]

Why Reliability is so Important in Business

Pixabay – CCO Licence In these days of global business, you must do everything you can to ensure that your business gets ahead of the competition and stays there. Reliability is one of the best ways of achieving this… Reliability Boosts Efficiency Using reliable staff and reliable machinery is a good way to increase efficiency. […]

Increasing Your Skillset As A Mature Student

Image Credit License CC0 Whether you are looking at obtaining your first degree, or you are hoping to return to university to carry out some postgraduate studies, there is no denying that enrolling in an academic course can greatly enhance your career prospects. Whether you are someone that runs their own business or is […]

Making Knowledge Stick

It’s thought that the average person retains about 10% of the information that they read. Of course, this can vary massively. Some of us have got much better memories than others. You remember more if you are alert when you read it than you would if you were tired, your memory is better when you […]

Maximizing Your Chances Of Beating The Entrepreneurial Odds

If you’re considering taking the plunge and trying to set up your own business, you might have stumbled across some statistics that make for grim reading. The truth is that the majority of fledgling companies fail, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t beat the odds. Here are some surefire steps you can take to […]