Monthly Archive for June, 2015

History Repeating: How collaboration tools ignite business success

It wasn’t that long ago when people had to be physically in a place to meet another person. Over the last century, we have seen a rise in technology that has impacted the consumer and business behaviour across the human race that has seen us become more informed, more knowledgeable and more efficient. Think about […]

Considering a Change in Career? Here are 3 Tips to Help Your Decision

At some point in your working life, you may want to change careers. If you aren’t enjoying your current job, then chances are you will not be performing at your best either. Moving into another career, one that you like or have an interest in, can help you become more involved in your work and […]

Recruiting Engaged Employees

Almost all of the research conducted on engagement has so far focused on what leaders can do to engage their employees. But what if it were possible to recruit people who could actually engage themselves? In other words, are there specific characteristics some employees have that make them inherently more engage-able? The answer, of course, […]