Monthly Archive for August, 2015

How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Lawyer

Lawyers may seem scary and intimidating, but almost everyone will need to see one at some point in their lives. If you’ve never met with a lawyer before, don’t be afraid to ask questions and to meet with a variety of firms before settling on one you feel comfortable with. After this, it is up […]

So, you want to quit your job… Don’t make this common mistake

Quitting a job or starting a new business is part of the circle of ‘business’ life that is now well accepted and expected. The reasons include a faster-changing world, accelerating with new technologies, the desire to expand one’s reach beyond a single industry and/or role and of course life-cycle changes following a life-changing event such […]

Do you have a legitimate case for unfair dismissal?

Written by: Laura Costello (Bachelor of Law/International Relations at Latrobe University). In Australia, unfair dismissal laws and regulations protect employees from being dismissed on prejudicial or unreasonable grounds. What is an unfair dismissal? An unfair dismissal occurs where the Fair Work Commission (the body that deals with cases of unfair dismissals),determines that; the dismissal was […]

Enhancing your professional credentials

How would you feel if you could earn an extra $200 per week? Or what if it was a larger amount that could see you earn anywhere from an extra $10,000 or more per year? It is very achievable to achieve these figures, if you are seeking to gain more income from employment. You can […]