Monthly Archive for April, 2014

Weird things people do

As a reader of this and my other blogs, you know one of the underlying concepts of Exponential Mindset Thinking is what I call antimimeticisomorphism. Today’s post is about some weird things successful people do, Based on a Scientific American Magazine article, among many interesting facts, reveals that Dean Kamen, known for the invention of […]

5 Things bosses can do to Improve their employees’ performance

As a leader within your company you have to wear a lot of different hats. One of them is as the Human Resources Director. Here are 5 things you can do to help improve employee performance. #1 Enhance Communication Communication is one of the most important tools for ensuring success. When (problem) issues arise, it’s […]

A sales sin you MUST avoid

Sales sins are basic, fundamental things that can instantly kill a sale. Everything is going well and when a sin is committed, everything stops dead in its tracks. The worst part is, it’s preventable. Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a client who had a qualified, experienced salesperson who committed one of the most […]