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The Secret To Business Uniforms That Boost Your Brand Image

Image Location (CC0 License) Business uniforms can boost your brand image, but only when they’re done correctly. Having the wrong type of uniform will create the opposite effect and make people look down on your brand. What’s the secret to uniforms that aid your business? It’s not rocket science; the best uniforms will all feature […]

Subscriptions Every Small Business Should Have

Pexels – CCO Licence If you are running a small business in 2024, and you are not making use of subscription services, then chances are you are paying more money than you need to for everything from software to accounting. The right subscriptions will save you money and increase your company’s efficiency so let’s take […]

Common Factors Affecting Your Sales Team Performance

Image Credit Maximizing your small business sales is crucial for surviving and thriving in the current competitive landscape. On the other hand, consistently missing your sales target could lead to trimming your operations until you eventually have to shut down. If your business is struggling with sales, now is a good time to determine what’s […]

Financial fitness courses return a 3-1 ROI for employers and $500 for employees

In this day and age, getting highly qualiofied and capable staff is harder and harder. Some innovative employers are now reaching out to financial professionals to add value to their employee benefits program with financial fitness courses. One expert claims  it provides a 3-to-1 return on investment for employers and benefits employees $500 in the […]

Why I get people to write their own letters of reference

If you’ve subscribed or followed my blogs, you know by now about my concept of antimimeticisomorphism – Doing out-of-the-ordinary things to create extra-ordinary results with the least amount of effort and lowest cost. Early in my career, a mentor got me to write my own letter of reference. He explained that as the requestor and […]

9 Ways To Spot A Sociopath

This is a great article worth reading if you have someone creating havoc in your life at home or at work. Sociopaths are not all the same, but they do have telltale signs: Here are 9 ways to spot a sociopath.    

Are you ready for PRIME TIME?

One of the key concepts of Personal Productivity Principles is the concept of PRIME TIME. Every time you have a task to do, you have to weigh the time/cost – value equation against your own “productivity expectation” and determine WHEN to do it. PRIME TIME is best explained with a telemarketing/sales example: PRIME TIME = […]

Praise At Work

I am not an advocate of feeding Praise Junkies as spotlighted in the BBC article hyperlinked, but praise does go a long way to motivating employees. Here is a useful infographic to help you motivate your team.

Interview Question To Test A Candidate

Here’s a quick quiz to get your (mental) hamster working… I have used mini tests (quizzes) like this math quiz for years in Interviews… You can find thousands of them online, especially on Go ahead and have a look, try to solve it and then come back so I can explain WHAT you are […]

Recruiting Engaged Employees

Almost all of the research conducted on engagement has so far focused on what leaders can do to engage their employees. But what if it were possible to recruit people who could actually engage themselves? In other words, are there specific characteristics some employees have that make them inherently more engage-able? The answer, of course, […]