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Basic Office Hygiene Tips Every Business Should Follow During The Pandemic

There isn’t a single business in the world that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic in some way and business owners are naturally concerned about what the future holds. Although there is a lot of uncertainty, one thing that is for sure is that we will all have to change the way that we do things. 

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One of the biggest concerns people have is how they are going to boost sales after the pandemic and ensure that they generate enough revenue to stay afloat. But before you start thinking about that, you need to consider the practicality of getting people back into the office. The safety of your staff should be your number one priority, and good hygiene is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of infection. Along with all of the standard advice about social distancing and masks, there are some key office hygiene tips you need to follow during the pandemic. 

Install Hand Sanitizer Dispensers 

Hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so it’s important that you encourage everybody to wash their hands often, and lead by example. But you should also put hand sanitizer dispensers around the office, especially in areas where people are likely to pick things up and touch things a lot. Put up some signs reminding everybody to use the dispensers and once it becomes a habit, people will do it without even thinking. Just make sure that you make it clear that sanitizer isn’t a replacement for hand washing. You also need to check the alcohol content and make sure that it’s at least 60%, preferably higher. 

Deep Clean Every Day 

It’s so important that you do a deep clean of your office space every single day. Even though you might not usually do it that often, you need to make the office completely germ-free every day during the pandemic. Make sure that you use good quality cleaning products that will eliminate all germs. If you buy the cheap stuff, you are putting yourself and your employees at risk. If you have a large office and you are concerned about safety, it may be best to call in a professional cleaning service. 

Wipe Down Surfaces Regularly 

Throughout the day, people are touching their desks, computers and other devices on a regular basis. So, even though you have cleaned the office thoroughly, people could still bring germs in that will spread quickly around the office. You can prevent this if you wipe down surfaces on a regular basis throughout the day. Provide a packet of antibacterial wipes for each employee to keep on their desk. That way, they can always wipe down their computer and desk area whenever they get up and move around, and before they go to eat lunch. It takes a little bit of getting used to but as long as you stress the importance of wiping surfaces down regularly, it soon becomes second nature. 

If you want to keep your employees safe as they return to work and help you rebuild your business, you need to follow these basic hygiene tips. 

3 Things to Do When Preparing for Your Bar Exam

3 Things to Do When Preparing for Your Bar Exam

Are you seeking to enter the legal profession? If that’s the case, the bar exam is a prerequisite test to make that dream come true. However, this critical test can be nerve-wracking as you prepare for it. Out of every one hundred people who sit for the bar exam every six months in Victoria, Australia, only 40% achieve the pass mark. Nonetheless, the joy of passing it can be one of the most fulfilling sensations you’ll ever experience. This article highlights three ways to study and get ready for the bar exam.

  1. Take advantage of bar review preps

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No matter how daunting the bar exam may be, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. As expected, several law school grads tend to specialise in specific law areas after an advanced degree. It explains why just a standard law school programme is inadequate to get you ready for the bar exam. As a way to resolve this, most law students enrol in an all-inclusive bar review course to prepare for the test.

This step allows the law student to understand how the bar exam is conducted and what to expect. Moreover, bar review prep courses contribute to structuring your exam preparation plans. Several accredited establishments such as Uworld run these bar prep courses that you can enrol in. Usually designed to follow a scheduled curriculum, prep courses involve the use of practice questions and also include essays that form part of the syllabus ultimately graded. 

  1. Consistent and active review of the previous year’s work

Bar exams generally dwell more on what you’ve learnt in the first year of law school, but the second year of course work is also relevant. One key way to keep both fresh in your mind is to revise your previous years’ work continually. You want to avoid cramming two years of law study into a few weeks’ preparations before the bar exam; your aim should be to achieve mastery.

By revisiting your previous material consistently, you’ll avoid mounting up pressure that inhibits you from studying efficiently. Known as the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve (EFC), adopting effective learning stops the likelihood of forgetting what you learned over a period. A more modern description of EFC is ‘spaced repetition’, which improves memory retention.

  1. Strategise your studies

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Some people refer to this as studying smarter instead of harder. Experts recommend being able to identify personal strengths and weaknesses to do this the right way. The law student should know how much time to devote to each topic. Furthermore, because specific bar topics appear more often in bar exams, it may help to concentrate on those areas. Remember that you’re not being advised to ignore other bar topics; the objective of strategizing your studies is to learn everything but focus more on frequently examined topics.

The bar exam is your next step to becoming a fully-fledged lawyer. Study smart, manage your time and take advantage of authentic bar prep courses to facilitate your ambition.

Keeping Your Office Working Smart, Rather Than Hard

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The working environment is where you can fine-tune everything to benefit your business. It’s vital that you stay competitive but it’s not just about ensuring that you have the culture or the facts and figures in place. It’s important to ensure that your working environment is conducive to productivity. We have to remember that our employees need to work smart, rather than hard, on occasion. And when we start to incorporate ways to help our employees improve their abilities, we will see it directly in the business. So what are the things that we can incorporate?

Promote Organization

Officers can struggle if they don’t have an adequate system. But it’s not just about ensuring that the files are in the right place, you need to guarantee that organization is a through-line in your business. This means you’ve got to practice what you preach but you also need to make sure that your employees don’t need to worry about keeping everything in a certain order, but rather, is automatic. You can employ offices cleaning services to take the pressure off, of course, but you also need to think about how your office is laid out. Everybody has their own approach to work, and it’s about getting that fine balance. Some people thrive better in a group, but others need to work in a solitary environment. When it comes to your office, ensuring you have a combination of options will help. This guarantees flexibility among your employees.

Incorporate Time Management Tactics

We can lose a lot of time moving from task to task. Because we are forcing our brains to switch gears, this exhausts our reserves. Managing your time is crucial and when you think that multitasking is the best way to keep on top of everything, you’ve got to re-evaluate your attitude to your work. The fact of the matter is you may be enforcing a certain attitude towards working. Now would be a better time to incorporate smarter ways of working and managing your time. For example, when you are completing a top priority task, you need to avoid answering your emails. There are the things you can incorporate, such as the Pomodoro Technique, which works to help retain focus while also having a break. In addition, there is Pareto’s principle, also known as the 80/20 rule. When you start to think that 80% of your results can come from 20% of your efforts, this can seriously reinvigorate your approach to how you tackle your work, but also everything else in your life.

The Importance of Shortcuts

Another key component of working smart, you need to incorporate shortcuts into your life. Whether this is starting to dictate documents rather than typing, when you start to see how much time you can save by incorporating shortcuts, can reinvigorate your entire approach. For example, you can save 21 days a year by typing fast. And so while it’s not easy to learn how to type fast, you can still use shortcuts on the keyboard to speed up your work.

There are many things to consider, and these are but three. What does it take to get your office working better?