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How Are You Thinking?

I created this diagram to illustrate different ways of thinking… To adopt and Exponential Mindset™ takes time and exposure. As a blog reader, you are passively involved in the process, to kick it up another notch, you really should get proactive and attend the only FREE event I have scheduled this year – the Exponential Extravaganza scheduled for Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Exponential MasterMind Mindset Thinking

Exponential MasterMind Mindset Thinking

Nothing beats being in a room full of like-minded people who ‘get’ how this works. As you can see from the event page, this is a first-time-ever and one-time-only event.

Imagine what it would be like to have “World Class Exponential Thinking™”…

How different would your results be?

How much less effort would you need to put out to get better results? After all the ultra rich and super successful have exactly the same number of hours in their week as you do…

It’s not what or who you know that creates results – it’s HOW you think.

When you have an Exponential Mindset™, it means that everything you do increases at an increasing rate…

Can you imagine that happening to your bank account?!?! Hmmm…

Now you’re starting to think Exponentially!

Click on the URL to find out more about the Exponential Extravaganza event scheduled for Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and to REGISTER for your FREE Ticket (while they remain available.)

Top Gun Sales Strategies 4 of 4

The last of the Top Gun Sales Strategies is where all the cream is. Getting bigger sales with a higher repeat rate – in other words MORE people buying MORE from you MORE often.

The strategy is to get them to RESOLVE to complete their order – PROPERLY so they get the full value and benefit of their purchase.

There is nothing worse than PAYING for something and not receiving everything that’s included in the purchase. Continue reading ‘Top Gun Sales Strategies 4 of 4’

Top Gun Sales Strategies 3 of 4

Once you have a suspect or prospect who has considered and decided to buy, the next step is to get him or her to commit. Committing means transactionalising the transfer of value from you to him/her.

Guess what?

This is the part where the men are separated from the boys so-to-speak, when the top sales earners earn their big paycheques.

Ask for the order!

This is a must in all sales.

Asking for the order can be subtle:

“Would you like it delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday?”

“Would you like it in blue or black?”

“Will you be paying with Visa or MasterCard?”

“Would you like an extended guarantee with that?”

Committing to a sale it s the simplest of the 4 steps, but it’s the hardest to perfect with elegance and grace. It’s also the #1 most valuable skill that when absent can kill a sales career dead in its tracks.

In the last instalment of this series on Top Gun Sales Strategies, I will reveal why most salespeople lose as much as 10 to 20% of their sales and up to 50% of their repeat sales…

Stay tuned for that next week!

Top Gun Sales Strategies 1 of 4

If you’ve attended any of my events, you probably know that I am averse to doing things the way everyone else does. I call it antimimeticisomorphism. One of the ways I was able to win sales awards early on in my career was the systemisation and automation of the sales process. It’s one of the elements I will discuss at a 1-day event I call Top Gun Sales Strategies and is the focus of today’s post.

As a salesperson, you are paid to SELL. Anything that diverts you away from that should be eliminated or reduced as much as possible.

Continue reading ‘Top Gun Sales Strategies 1 of 4’

Study Shows Taller People Earn More Money

Research has shown that taller men are able to earn more money than their shorter counterparts simply because taller people are perceived to be more intelligent and powerful, this according to a study published in The Economic Record by Wiley-Blackwell.

The study entitled “Does Size Matter in Australia?” uses newly available data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey to estimate the relationship between hourly wages and two aspects of body size: height and BMI.

Does Size Matter? Study shows Taller People Earn More Money

The study finds that taller people, particularly men, earn more money – with every five centimetres of height being worth about $950 per annum.

“Our estimates suggest that if the average man of about 178 centimetres gains an additional 5 centimetres in height, he would be able to earn an extra $950 per year – which is approximately equal to the wage gain from one extra year of labour market experience”, explained co-author Professor Andrew Leigh.

The study also finds that, while there are wage returns to height in Australia, there are no systematic wage penalties to having a higher body mass index (BMI).

Professor Leigh added, “We began the project with a primary interest in whether overweight people were paid less, but eventually realised that the most interesting thing in the data is the relationship between height and wages.”

Here’s the good news, in our Professional Protege Program, we teach people how to appear taller, thinner and more ‘professional’ – without wearing platform shoes. Imagine how you would feel if people SAW you as taller, fitter and gave you that ‘look’ that oozes confidence, prestige and status?

Stop imagining and make it a reality… take a look at our programs and start earning more!

Day 2 Of Unleash The Speaker Within

What a day yesterday was. Spectators became speakers and some really struggled with it whereas others performed like true professionals. Day 2 of Unleash The Speaker Within is all about taking people from Speaker to Superstar Speaker – a Superstar Speaker is someone that is memorable as well as persuasive. There are tips, tricks and techniques that we shared to turn the most inexperienced fear-filled presenter into at least an acceptable performer – all in a matter of minutes.

The best part of today’s activities is that the day ends with LIVE YOU TUBE VIDEOS being filmed on-the-spot. We will be posting them on YouTube over the next few days and weeks – ON THIS BLOG… You’ll be able to see them for yourself. Unfortunately you won’t see the BEFORE or DURING versions – those are strictly private and confidential.

Get yourself registered to this blog by registering in the RHS column ——>

That way, you won’t miss anything important!

Day 1 Of Unleash The Speaker Within

Dave and I are at it in Melbourne at the first inaugural edition of Unleash The Speaker Within. It’s filled with people who want to get over their fears of public speaking, improve or perfect their oratory skills. We had several preview events called How To Become A Corporate Rockstar to fill this event – unfortunately we’re not having any more this calendar year, but stay tuned with this blog to find out more about how to turn a back-breaking business or career into a value-based model that rewards you beyond your wildest dreams.

Day 1 of Unleash The Speaker Within is all about getting out of your spectator’s seat and on to the stage as a speaker. We’re covering preparation checklists and strategies, how to open a presentation, styles and types of presentations as well as different kinds of audiences so you speak to people who are predisposed to listen and enjoy what you have to say.

If you want to develop this kind of confidence and professional stature, stay tuned for our upcoming events – we’re going to cover a LOT more than just public speaking!

Public speaking is one of the most valuable skills you can have. Two of the participants are David Conroy and Gerard Spriet who filmed this YouTube video testimonial. As you can see, they are already quite eloquent and speak convincingly, but they’re looking for that extra edge to make every presentation and performance memorable and fun!