Monthly Archive for March, 2018

Win The Skills Game: How To Ensure Your Staff Training Is A Success

Image Devising and implementing an effective employee training programme is one of the cornerstones of success when it comes to business growth. Training should never be an afterthought, because it has so many positive effects in the workplace, such as improving employee retention, keeping processes and people efficient and profitable, and ensuring the quality and […]

Getting into Contracting

Photo Credit The contracting sector is one that is evolving at a rapid rate as more and more people are wanting to take advantage of the benefits of flexible working. And businesses of all kind are also looking to hire people on a less rigid basis, so the demand is growing as well. Contractors often […]

It’s Time to Chase Your Own Dreams Rather Than Building Someone Else’s!

Photo Source When it comes to work, we have it so ingrained in our minds that we should work for someone else that many of us never even consider working for ourselves. While we are at school, we gain all sorts of qualifications and are encouraged to take on all sorts of extracurricular activities. When […]

Is Your Workplace As Productive As It Can Be?

If you look around the office to see yawning faces, heads on desks and people twiddling their thumbs a little too often, the chances are that your workplace isn’t as productive as it could be. You want to sense dynamism, hear the chatter of ideas and viewpoints and see people busying themselves with their work. […]

Hosting The Business Event Of The Year: The Four Commandments

File link Aside from lead generation and raising brand awareness, the great thing about a corporate event is the flexibility. Not in the sense that there aren’t strict time deadlines because that would be a lie. No, it’s more to do with a lack of a game plan. A strategy is essential, but the one […]