Monthly Archive for September, 2016

50 Interview Questions to Ask Job Applicants

A few months ago I shared with you a Small Business Recruiting Guide provided by one of our trusted contributors.

Because you liked the resource, we thought you might be interested in their latest published work: 50 Interview Questions to Ask Applicants.

The guide contains 50 quick, easy-to-use, and immediately applied interview questions. These questions will help you to decide quickly whether the candidate you are interviewing is the right fit or not. Each question has been filtered through a vast array of human resources scenarios to determine if any are “questionable” or “offensive” based on current HR laws, regulations, and interviewing rules, (e.g., discriminatory questions based on violations of ADA, Title VI, etc.), and each one has passed the test in the US at the time of this writing.

We think this guide will go perfectly well with the Small Business Recruiting Guide we shared with you in the past.