7 Office Reception Area Design Tips

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The reception area of an office is the first space that visitors will see. It will ultimately determine the first impressions that visitors have of your business. Therefore it needs to be cheerful and welcoming. At the same time, it needs to be practical – people will be passing in and out, and the space needs to be able to handle this traffic. To make sure that your office reception area ticks all the right boxes, below are 7 tips that could be worth considering. 

Invest in comfortable seating

If visitors are likely to be waiting around in your reception for any period of time, it’s important to supply seating. On top of making sure that there is enough seating, you should make sure that this seating is comfortable in order to help visitors feel relaxed. Couches could be a good option if you’re likely to only have one or two people waiting here at a time. If lots of people are likely to be waiting here and you only have a small reception space, rows of single chairs may be a more practical option. 

Choose easy-to-clean flooring

Reception areas are typically high-traffic areas, so it could be important to choose a flooring surface that is easy to clean. Options like polished concrete or laminated wood may be better than carpet for this reason. It’s worth also adding a doormat to encourage visitors to wipe their feet when they come in – this will stop the reception area flooring getting as dirty so that you don’t have to clean it as frequently.

Allow some space

It’s important that your reception area isn’t too cluttered. If people need to pass in and out quickly, they don’t want to have to be manoeuvring around a maze of chairs. Too much clutter could also make your business seem messy and disorganised. Dedicate some free floor space to allow people through and to make the space feel more harmonious. 

Opt for warm lighting

Warm lighting reminds us of evenings and can promote relaxation. There are many fun ways in which you can play around with warm lighting. You could consider creating an ambient glow by using lighting behind perspex panels – there are companies that can manufacture perspex cut to size. You can also add uplighters to walls to brighten them up. Make sure that overhead lighting is placed in the right locations such as above seating and above the reception desk.

Add some plants

Plants are great for adding a natural touch and they can also help relieve anxiety. Consider adding a plant or two to your reception area where there is available natural light. Floorstanding potted plants are great for making a statement. Just remember to keep on top of watering these plants!

Consider a water cooler/coffee machine

A self-service water cooler or coffee machine could allow visitors to make themselves a drink as they wait. This could save you the hassle of making visitors a drink, while also making sure that they have the option of a beverage if they fancy one. 

Don’t overlook visual branding

It should be clear to visitors as soon as they enter that they are in the right place. While signage outdoors may be able to make this clear, it can be worth also adding a sign indoors (possibly behind the reception desk) that includes your company name and logo. You should also consider your brand color scheme – this should be reflected in the decor too.

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