Monthly Archive for November, 2009

Metaphors: Examples To Avoid

In the Professional Protégé Program within the Professional Mastery Curriculum, we cover the use of metaphors extensively – especially at the cornerstone event Unleash The Speaker Within. Today’s post is a humorous twist that I thought you would enjoy. It’s a submission from, one of the hundreds of sites owned by our Virtual Real […]

Great Footy Quotes

At the recent inaugural edition of Unleash The Speaker Within event, we covered the importance of using humour to communicate with your audience. Within the program curriculum, we supplied several supporting documentation to assist people in developing a wide repertoire of content so they can cherry pick the best ones. Today’s blog post will be […]

How to kill your career one puff at a time

Did you know… Australian smokers are individually wasting about 17 days each or as a nation 49.3 million days a year smoking cigarettes. According to Management Today, October 2009. What that means is that if you’re still smoking, you’re killing your career one puff at a time. Employers know how to weed out smokers from […]