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What’s The Impact Of A Dirty Workplace On Employees?

No business is perfect, you’ll always be lacking in a number of areas. But that’s what business is all about, constant improvement and shining a light on your own shortcomings. Even if you don’t mean to, your business can make mistakes that impact greatly on your employees. It might be that you didn’t think of building a wheelchair ramp for your disabled employees. It might be that you have offices with not enough windows to allow fresh air in. it could even be something like not providing decent chairs in the office which could stop your employees from getting back pain. However one of the bigger issues is workplace hygiene. A dirty place of work has so many detrimental impacts on your workers that you might not even notice.

More than unprofessional

A filthy place of work is more than unprofessional, it’s incredibly rude. It pretty much shows your employees what you think of them. They turn up to work and the office floor is just littered with bits of food, scrap pieces of paper, fluff from clothes and perhaps even chewing gum. This does not sit well with employees who will be surrounded with this mess for the next 8 hours or more. Would you want to show up to a place of work where there are cheetos crumbs on the keyboard or coffee stains on the carpet? It’s unprofessional but it makes workers feel insulted that you have them working for you in such a messy environment.

Quality of the air

It’s not just rude it’s downright unhealthy. Poor work hygiene levels lead to different kinds of healthy issues that take time to occur but they always do. For example if there is food left around for too long in the sink where people go to heat up and eat their food, this can lead to germs filtering into the air. When employees breathe this toxic air in, they can develop a nasty chest infection. This can lead to itchy eyes, trouble breathing and constant coughing. The worst case scenario is that employees have to take time off work to get better which costs your business ultimately.

Room to move

Waste is a big concern for any kind of business no matter what industry you’re in. To that end, boxes, paper and foam lying around take up a lot of space. These big piles limit the movement of employees and cause general disruption to the flow of work. You can however make good use of cardboard balers which can stuff many boxes into one compacted cube. It’s proven to save around 4,000 hours of crushing and folding by hand each year. Businesses can use this kind of equipment to keep their manufacturing plants clean and void of rubbish just lying around everywhere. You can also save money by recycling such materials and reusing them for your business.

A dirty workplace is a slap in the face to your employees who work hard for you. Show them some common decency by regularly making sure the office is clean and hygienic for them to spend each day in.

Tips For Aspiring Real-Estate Entrepreneurs

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Are you looking for a business idea that could potentially net you a small (or a large) fortune? There are all kinds of avenues you could take, but as discovered by many, one of the biggest ways to vastly increase your finances is to invest in real-estate.

There are various options open to you; two of them being the most common. For example, you could buy properties with an eye to selling them for a profit down the line. This is usually referred to as property flipping. You buy a house, make the necessary improvements to add value, and then advertise the property on your own business website and through the various property websites online. On the other hand, you might want to consider another popular route, and this is by becoming a landlord. Rather than selling the property you have invested in, you might rent it out to tenants instead. You won’t become rich quickly following this avenue, but over time, you will eventually make a profit on your investment.

Both options are viable business ideas and can be taken on full-time, or as means of a secondary income if you already have a day job. For these and other options, you can explore real-estate business ideas here.

Still, despite the promise of great profits, becoming a real-estate entrepreneur isn’t a walk in the park. It involves a lot of work on your part, both in finding the right properties for your portfolio and in finding sellers and tenants to give you your income. Then there are maintenance expenses to consider, which might only be short term if you’re planning to sell later on, but which will be long-term if you’re planning to become a landlord.

Needless to say then, becoming a real-estate entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, no matter how easy it looks when viewing property shows on the television or reading articles on people who have made it big in the business.

If you are wanting to step into this line of work, however, we do have some tips to help you. We can’t guarantee you success, but by adhering to the suggestions below, you will greatly improve your chances.

Educate yourself on real-estate

It’s a no-brainer, we know, but if you were thinking of jumping into the business without doing your homework, then you are going to run into trouble. You should read books on real-estate investing, speak to experienced realtors, brokers, and landlords in the business, and consider taking any classes that might help you within your business. Such classes might be directly connected to the world of real-estate, but taking courses on running a business, marketing, and financial management might also stand you in good stead. You might also consider working for a real-estate firm, be that as an intern or as a paid member of staff, as this way, you will get an up close and personal view of what it takes to work in the business.

Don’t give up your day job

There will be a day when you will (hopefully) make enough money to give up working for ‘the man’ and concentrate solely on real-estate. However, when you are starting out, it is a good idea to have another source of income coming in. This way, if you struggle to sell the property you bought, or if the income your tenants provide isn’t enough for your way of living, then you will still have a regular income coming in each month to help you pay the bills and any other expenses that need to be covered.

Use technology within your business

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As we have suggested before on our site, technology can improve your business, especially in the areas of marketing and productivity. It can alleviate some of the stresses you will be faced with in the day to day running of your business and can make light work of some of your everyday tasks. Therefore, research the apps and software tools that could help you within the real-estate world. We particularly recommend the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system offered by Liondesk which is designed to help you engage with potential house buyers and generate more leads, and apps such as RPR Mobile which can assist you with your property search. It’s worth spending time looking for any other software apps and programs to assist you within your real-estate business, especially if you are working alone.

Be mindful of potential money pits

Even if you’re considering renovating a fixer-upper to make a large profit on your purchase, you should still avoid any property that might eventually cost you more down the line. Not only will you be faced with the short-term costs in putting the property in order, but especially when renting out a property, you might also be faced with ongoing maintenance costs, as well as legal expenses if your property causes illness or injury to your tenant. These are some of the warning signs you need to look out for, so be mindful, especially when you are considering a property that appears to be going for a bargain price. Our advice: hire a property inspector before purchase, and if it looks as if you are going to face a massive dent in your finances, think twice before signing any contract of sale.

Become a neighborhood expert

You aren’t only selling or renting the property you have bought. To incentivize your potential house buyers or renters, you should also sell the locality to them as well. This means finding as much about the location as you can, looking for anything that will add value to your clients, such as schools, career opportunities, amenities, and places of local beauty. The more you can do to sway the client, the better your chances of convincing them to buy or rent. Keep this in mind when you’re scouting for locations too; avoid anywhere that has little to offer buyers or renters, as you might struggle to find people to move into any properties you may have bought.


When looking for a business idea, going for something involved in the world of real-estate is definitely something to consider. As many have before you, you may well make your fortune in doing so. However, to give you a greater chance of success, follow our suggestions, and then put in further research into this potentially profitable venture.

Thanks for reading.

5 Ways To Deliver Excellent Customer Service

We all know a bad customer service experience when we face it. You leave a store, website, or phone call feeling unappreciated, unsatisfied, and sometimes just pushed aside. It doesn’t matter how great a product the business is selling; you know that you never want to shop with them again. As an entrepreneur, you should already know how important your customers are to the business. To keep them happy, here are five ways to deliver excellent customer service.


Employ The Right Staff

The work of a small business owner is never really done, which is why most hire employees to help tackle some of the workload. You always want to employ the right people in your company, but when these individuals are customer-facing, it’s even more vital. This means that you should invest a little more time into the hiring process for these staff members. Once you’ve built up a great team, you must also provide customer service training and then repeat it regularly.


Have Support Always Available

When customers have a question or query, they want it dealt with immediately, rather than a few hours or days later. If you take your time replying to customers, it makes it seem as though you don’t care what they have to say. For this reason, you must ensure that you always have support available. If you can’t hire someone to man the phones every hour of the day, then consider investing in a chatbot instead. You can also provide your customers with a FAQs page.

Go That Extra Mile

Consumers expect businesses to do what they’re paid to and very little else. When you go beyond that, therefore it helps you to stand out. Because of this, you should find ways to go the extra mile. Rather than sending products through the post, for example, you could have a fleet of staff deliver them personally. This can be costly at times, but fleet risk management can save you money on accident-related expenses. You could also send discounts on special occasions.

Ask For Customer Feedback

It’s difficult to improve your service when you’re unsure of where you’re going wrong. With that in mind, you should ask customers for their feedback every time they make a purchase. This shows that you care about your customers’ opinions. If you receive negative feedback, it’s vital that you act on it and show customers the changes that you have made. Customers believe other customers, which means that posting this feedback on your site can help to build trust too.


Treat Everyone The Same

Many businesses treat new customers like VIPs. They give them exclusive discounts, offer better service, and much more, all in a bid to make them happy. The issue with this is that, once your new customers stop being new, this better service tends to end, which can lead to resentment. You must ensure that you offer all customers the same great service, or, the minute the special treatment stops, so will the sales.

A business needs customers to survive, so follow the advice above and treat yours well.

How to Improve Your Customer Service Overnight

If you would like to improve your reputation, sending out the right messages is not enough. You will also have to deliver on your promises and keep your customers happy. If your current customer service is lacking traction, and you are losing clients constantly, you have a job to do. It is always easier and cheaper to keep an existing customer than to go out there and find a new one. Below you will find a few areas you should focus on if you would like to improve your customer service.

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One of the things most business owners miss is engagement. You are too busy marketing, and fail to create meaningful relationships between your brand and your market. In case you are new to the business world, you might need to go out there networking and find people who might help you find the right clients or improve your service. Getting the word out and creating personal relationships might get you more exposure in your local area and help you increase your reputation, too.

Consistent Messages

When you start a business, chances are that you are not completely clear what you stand for and what your values are. Without this, however, you cannot build a successful brand. You need to find your unique selling proposition, especially if you are operating in a highly competitive market. That is why every platform you are present on should have the same brand image featured. You can look for marketing packages for small business owners that will help you manage your brand and create consistent messages on social media, your blog, and other platforms.

Phone Systems

It is also important that you communicate with your customers effectively. If you don’t have a dedicated line for new clients or calling out, following up with leads, it might be time to get one installed. Even if it is just a redirected number, you and your employees will know exactly how to answer the call. If you do a lot of follow ups and customer updates, you can create an auto dialer that will help you schedule callbacks and even take notes or record the conversation.

Implement a CRM

If you want to manage your clients better, you will need a customer relationship management system. It doesn’t have to be too complicated; simple diaries, tasks, profiles, and reminders for each employee will do. If you are engaged in marketing campaigns, you will also have to ensure that your CRM system works well with your autoresponder, your social media management platform, and your client account software, so you don’t have to record the same information more than once.


If you want to be remembered by your customers, you might want to get their permission to stay in touch. Creating a newsletter will help you make the most out of your business, and get your brand out there, in front of your prospects’ or your clients’ eyes. This will improve your overall conversion rates, save you time and money on your marketing campaigns, and help you create a personal relationship with your customers.

Creating Customer Profiles

It is important that you get to know your customers. Not only their background, but also their needs, their wants, their preferences, their most important problems, and their values. You might want to create customer profiles for each client and regularly update them, so you can talk to them as if you knew them in person, even if you never met. Take notes of consultation sessions, so you can mention the things you talked about last time, and show that you care.

Customer Surveys

To monitor your reputation and ensure that you are delivering the best service possible to your customers, you will need to get regular feedback. You can now create a survey on Google or SurveyMonkey for free, and get people to give you an honest feedback. You have to find new ways to improve your service and offers if you want to maintain your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Website Self Service

Many business owners think that they create a website for the search engines. While your SEO is important, you will also have to keep the needs of your audience in mind. Make sure that you are able to accommodate your visitors’ needs. You can implement eCommerce features, so your clients can place their order themselves, and don’t have to call your office. You will also need to look at the search and browse features, and maybe include a Q and A page, which will answer some of the questions visitors need answering before they would hit the “buy” button.

Online Chat

If there is one rule to creating a great website, it might be that it has to answer the question people have when they land on it. If you don’t want to look like you are just a brand hiding behind a site, you can add an online chat feature to your site that will allow you to ask questions before you engage with people. You have to qualify your leads, and a social media chat plugin will help you build a list and eliminate time wasters, as well. You can get to know about the needs of the person visiting your site, and adjust your offers accordingly.

Dedicated Account Managers

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If you don’t want your clients to be passed from pillar to post when they call or send a support ticket, you will need to appoint dedicated account managers to each customer. This person can be the first point of contact for them, and answer all the questions they might have. As they deal with the client personally, they will have a better chance of creating a deeper relationship and trust.

If you want to stand out for your customer service, you will need to ask your market how well you are doing. Take into consideration your potential clients’ needs as well as SEO rules when creating your site, and provide a personal service, tailored to individual customer needs.

How to Stand Out From the Crowd When Applying for Jobs

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There’s no doubt about it, things are pretty competitive out there in the job market, especially when there are so many people all vying for the same positions. To find a job you love and then to be successful in it, it’s vital to up your game and make yourself stand out from the crowd of other applicants all competing against you for the position. If you’re wondering how on earth you can go about doing that, then here are a few pointers to steer you towards success:

Get Connected

Social media is in every area of our lives, so it only follows that it also has an impact on our work lives too. Making sure that your social media presence is an asset rather than a hindrance is crucial. It’s no secret that many employers will check out potential employee’s social media profiles during the application process. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that yours is representing you in a good light and not harming your employment prospects. This doesn’t mean that you should start posting fake updates showing you to be some kind of saint, simply to be mindful about what you are posting so that you don’t stand out from the other applicants for all the wrong reasons.

Following the social media pages of the businesses that you are applying to work for is a great way to get an insight into their current activities and stay up to date with the latest information. This also provides you with the perfect resource when you’re asked what you know about the company at your job interview. Reading through the company website is essential for interview preparation too.

Get LinkedIn

The fastest way to make the right connections in your industry is by connecting with them on LinkedIn; this will also enable you to see new jobs posted by them too. Before you start connecting with everyone and anyone on LinkedIn, it is crucial that your profile is complete. This will give the right impression from the start to any prospective employers checking out your profile. The more relevant information that you include also increases your chances of being approached for opportunities that haven’t been advertised elsewhere.

Perfect Your Resume

Whether you’ve never needed a resume before, or you just haven’t updated yours in forever, now is the time to get it prepared and perfect. If you’re not sure how to get yours looking great, then check out Lucidpress where you will find a range of resume templates to use for a professional looking resume that stands out from the crowd. It’s worth spending some time on your resume to get it just right and up to date with all your latest experience and achievements. By always having an up to date resume available you can ensure that you can send it over immediately when that perfect job comes up, and know that it’s sure to stand out from the hundreds of others that land on the recruiter’s desk.

6 Ways To Create A More Productive Office Space


For every business in the world, no matter the shape or size, time is money. This means that productivity is an incredibly important part of creating and maintaining success. Every day, business owners encourage their employees to work harder and faster than ever before, but what most don’t realize is that the office that they provide their team could be making this more difficult. With that in mind, here are six ways for you to create a more productive office space.

Stick To Moderate Temperatures

When it comes to the temperature in your office, you need to think like Goldilocks. If you set the thermostat too high or too low, then the space will become uncomfortable for your team, making it difficult for them to work. Higher temperatures can also encourage bacteria to grow. You need to aim somewhere in the middle and set the thermostat at around seventy degrees.

Let In Natural Light

Few things hamper productivity more than a poorly lit room. After all, if your team can’t see their work properly, it’s going to be quite difficult to complete it. Poor lighting can also result in eye strain and other issues, which make working more challenging. This is why it’s so important that your workspace has plenty of light. Opening the blinds and cleaning the windows helps with this.

Keep The Space Clean

Even if your team can’t see the used dishes or smell the dirty bathroom from their workstation, you can guarantee that it’s on their minds, resulting in stress, which harms productivity. For this reason, you should stock up on soaps, cloths, urinal deodorizers, and more, and thoroughly clean the space. You should also clear out any clutter that the business has no use for.

Provide Private Work Rooms

These days, more and more businesses are opting for an open plan design for their office. This provides many benefits, including increased collaboration. The only problem is that a space arranged like this usually offers many more distractions too. Providing your team with private work rooms allows them to get away from the noise and concentrate when they need to.


Introduce An Office Plant

Adding a touch of nature to a space like an office can help to tackle feelings of stress, boost mood, and increase productivity. There are a number of reasons for this, including better air quality. Live plants and flowers promote healthier indoor air, as they remove carbon dioxide and add oxygen. This will help to keep your team healthy and feeling energized.

Allow Employees To Decorate

Many employers see photos, cuddly toys, and other mementos as a distraction to their employees, and, as such, ask that they keep such things off their desks. However, these items can actually make your team more productive. This is because it reminds them of why they’re working in the first place. Because of this, you should allow your staff a few desk knick-knacks.

Time is money in the business world, so take care of yours by creating a more productive office space.

Feel Out Of The Loop? Connect Your Business!

Do you ever get that feeling that you’re so totally out of the loop with being a Business? Do you ever actually feel like you’re not a business at all? It’s a common thought that so many of us have as a small business, because all we can ever label ourselves as is small. So we carry that word around with us as if it’s our one and only name. And what that can bring, is a sense of feeling like you’re completely out of the loop with business, and that no one is going to have the slightest clue as to what you’re on about. You feel like you have no voice, and you have no way of ever making your mark on the business world. Well let us tell you how that is all about to change. There are so many ways that you can get yourself in the loop with your business, and feel like you’re actually one that can be classed as a fully functioning business, with a reputation to uphold. To get there will be a long journey full of change, and we know how much change can scare people. But if you’re ready to take the plunge and make a few changes, the best of the business world is where you could be heading. So take a seat and relax, and see if you could adopt any of these changes!


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The Current Trends

There are so many current business trends that you could try and follow, but a lot of them are hard to keep up with. But the thing you need to take away from this article, is that you shouldn’t be following anyone, you should be making your own mark on the business world, being as unique as you most possibly can do. Because as soon as you start following others, you start masking your business more and more. Unless you do something super out of the ordinary to catch the eye and draw the attention away from the others that already have it, this is just not going to work. But what you can do, is take little snippets from trends that are occurring, and find a way to make them your own. So for example, one trend that seems to be circulating at the minute as we go into this millennial business era, is the millennial style of business. This is one that’s cutting all of the corners, and revolutionising how a business should be ran. Diving further into this, you will notice that millennial business know how to work wonders through social media, and grabbing the attention of a younger audience, as well as a wider range of people. People want to see that a business is funky, modern, and well…just millenail. There are plenty of articles on the Internet that will talk you through how to be a millennial business in great detail, so if you feel like the modern vibe is one that you might have been missing, then go and have a read and see what you think!

Connecting Your Business

Your business needs to be connected to the outside world in a way that when someone has a problem, you’re always going to be there. This is one of the biggest failings a company has, because the amount of times that we’ve tried to connect with a business, but the response has took days… if not weeks! Or the phone just keeps on ringing and ringing. It’s the worst business practice you can have, but as a small business, it most likely is the only business practice that you have at the minute. Unified communications is what you need within your business, giving your customers complete access to you through software like a VoIP system. This means that when you’re in the office, your business is still on the go, which is exactly what you need if you want a good business practice. You might also want to think about running a 24/7 chat line through perhaps your app if you have one, or your website. All this would mean is that your employees would have to take small shifts after work hours. There could obviously be a cut off, because only the worst of the worst when it comes to customers would expect to be able to contact you all of the time. But you could make it 24/7 by ensuring that your customers always have that chat route open, with the promise that you would return in the morning!

Getting On The Map

Getting your business on the map is something you definitely want to think about doing, and no doubt will have kept yourself awake at night thinking about. Because when you think about it, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses that are on the map already, so trying to find your spot can be hard. But if you’re just a small business who never really comes out of its shell, meaning you only stay in the small office you have and try to get what custom you have, you’re never going to get anywhere. You need to make big business moves to make your mark, and one way of doing that is to publicise yourself through techniques such as TV marketing to get your business on the map. It allows you to advertise your business, and the more you pay, the more networks it can run across. You really only have one shot with this, because get your advert wrong, and it could be one everyone switches off, but get it right, and it could capture the attention of the people you might have been avoiding!

Finding The Cracks

Finally, you really need to be able to find the cracks in your business, and repair them as quick as you possibly can. Business is all about trial and error, but when the error comes, so can so much trouble. So think about anything that you know isn’t running smooth with your business at the minute. From your marketing to your products or services you produce. Go through it with a fine comb, and see what you can find!

7 Reasons Why It’s Important To Create a Happy Work Environment


Employees are the backbone of any company, and without them, you wouldn’t be able to serve your customers well. Most companies value their employees and are happy to accommodate requests. However, there can be times where negativity can become the norm in the working environment. If this type of distraction builds up, it can have a significant effect on the overall productivity and wellness of your workers.

Companies like Google have invested heavily in keeping employees happy, so if it works for them, why not try it too. Check out some of the main reasons why ensuring worker happiness is a crucial element of your business success.

Happiness is contagious

When people are happy, you can see it on their face, their body language and in their work ethic. This happiness also rubs off on other people, so if you have an office full of happy people, they’ll achieve so much more.

Improving success

Most people like to feel they are successful. This is true from everyone from the post room person to the senior executives. When an employee is happy and feels like they are contributing to a company, they naturally become more successful and always strive to do better every step of the way.

Reduces stress

Workplaces can be stressful, but if you have a bunch of happy people in your office, it can alleviate the negativity. By having a relaxed and stress-free environment, everyone can enjoy a motivated and productive team effort.

Minimizes business risk

There may be times where you have disgruntled employees, but by addressing issues as they arise, you will minimize the risk to your business. Employees should feel safe, secure and protected at work; otherwise, you may find they call in the help of a work injury lawyer or seek compensation if things go don’t get addressed promptly.

Encourages support

When people are happy, they will offer their services and support each other more frequently. Working in groups and teams also becomes more effective as individuals feel they can contribute to discussion and problem solving without feeling judged or knocked back.

Improves creativity

A workforce that enjoys being at work is more likely to want to contribute ideas and solutions to projects. They will feel they can openly talk to others and share ideas without the fear of making mistakes. Plus, it also gives everyone the chance to put any type of idea out there, no matter how wacky it sounds.

Increases productivity

It may come as no surprise that happy people are more productive. They are keen to get a job finished, but not just in the fastest manner, an accurate one too. Happy employees are motivated and driven to achieve more, which also gives them the confidence to raise the bar in the working environment and strive for promotion opportunities.

These are some of the main reasons why you should strive to keep your team happy and supported during the working day. As individuals spend the majority of the day in this environment, it is crucial you have dedicated staff to help your business move forward.

Software Your Employees Will Love

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Today there are so many tech tools available which can make your business more efficient and productive. With a vast amount of choice out there it is difficult to know what is right for you and your business and the whole process can be overwhelming and cause you to worry about how you will utilise these platforms.

Every business has a different purpose, a diverse customer base and has different needs, so you need to decide which are the best user-friendly tech tools for you,


Trello is a user-friendly project management tool which is very visual, easy to follow and it simplifies tasks for you. Trello enables you to create a system to manage your tasks and is a time saver and a great way to organise and manage your work and your employees’ work. If you’re not currently using a project management tool at the moment or you don’t think you need one, it’s worth giving it a go as it’s free.


A social media management tool, Buffer means you can manage multiple social media accounts at once. Controlling your personal Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram profiles can be time-consuming and can easily get pushed to one side. However, a social media management tool can help you schedule posts, so you don’t have to think about them again and also gives you some great insights showing you how much engagement your posts are receiving. It can free up loads of time for you as you can post several posts out at once on different platforms.


Slack is one of the largest and fastest growing companies and a great tech tool for internal communications. Slack allows your teams to create their own channels of conversations, video conferences and also create alerts for specific objectives. A platform like this can be advantageous for the increasingly flexible working lives as it means that people can work from home and at different times. Having somewhere staff can coordinate online can be extremely productive for your business.


It can be a horrible task each month to collect your receipts, make sure you have them all and fill in those expenses forms – even though you desperately want your expenses back. If you’re not using Expensify, you really should be. It is a handy tool that keeps track of business expenses, receipts, reimbursements and business purchases. It makes all of this more manageable for employees, managers and the finance team too as it allows you to upload images of receipts and submit purchases for approval right from your phone.


If you’re working in sales, then SalesForce is one of the most popular tools for your company. It is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform which does not require IT experts, to set up or manage. However, it does have a competitor in, and it’s a good idea to do your research and check out this NetSuite CRM vs salesforce comparison to see which one is right for you.

Improve Office Morale And You’ll Impact Productivity

Are you interested in boosting the productivity of your company? Of course, you are, because higher productivity will typically result in increased profits and that’s exactly what you want if your business is going to be as successful you had hoped. So, now you should be turning your attention to how you reach this goal. The answer is always going to be exploring levels of office morale. The confidence and enthusiasm your team has for the company and what you are trying to achieve will have a tremendous impact on whether or not you see success on the market. But how do you improve office morale?

Celebrate The Victories

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The first step must always be to look at what you are trying to accomplish and when you succeed, embrace it. Do not shy away from celebrating victories, pursue this idea and make sure it is a key concept within your business model. Individual employees should feel championed when they successfully complete different goals in your business. They should constantly and somewhat naturally be reminded that they are a vital piece of your overall business model. Not a cog in a machine, but rather an integral member of the team. Highlighting your team in this manner does not have to mean that you are providing financial incentives. Even the basic levels of verbal praise may ultimately have a tremendous impact.

On a grander scale, you should be looking at structures and software that can be implemented into your business model that elevates this idea. According to companies such as Surprise HR, human resources can be used as a system to ensure that victories are championed throughout your business, both big and small.

Ensure Voices Are Heard

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This again plays into that concept of guaranteeing that employees feel connected to your business. You should be taking steps to ensure that they do feel as though their thoughts and opinions are being listened to. Now, this could be anything from an employee suggestion box to something more software orientated. You might even make sure that you or, for larger businesses floor managers, are sitting down with employees on a regular basis. The tactic you take here will largely depend on your specific business model and the set up you have in play. Ultimately, though, this is going to ensure that employees feel respected and that they do want to provide the best possible work for your business.

Introduce Fun

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Last but certainly not least, it shouldn’t be all work and no play. Now, this doesn’t mean that every other day there should be a bouncy castle outside your office building. Unless of course, you’re holding a fundraising campaign for the local community, which in itself can boost morale. Instead, it simply means that you should be looking for smaller possibilities that ensure work doesn’t feel like a complete drag. Casual Fridays are a great example of this, allowing employees to bring more of their personality and individuality to the office.

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