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Attention Engineers!

At recent recent Slide Rule Thinking In The Internet Age events, I focused on how to develop an Exponential Mindset to create better outcomes for yourself as an engineer whether or not you’re a designer, project manager or executive. It was informative because it introduced participants to a whole new way of thinking, commonly called outside the square or outside the box thinking.

One of the frameworks that underlies this Exponential Mindset Thinking when it pertains to creativity and innovation in Parallel Thinking as coined by Edward De Bono. There is an event that I came across recently that I thought might be of interest. Its called Creative Innovation 2010. I had a quick look and I have to admit – it looks interesting!

If you’re looking for inspiration as a designer, you want to explore different sources, tap into each one to extract the essence of the message to guide you along the path of greater self-awareness that enables you to come up with bigger and better ideas and solutions for your engineering projects.

I’ve read at least half a dozen books written by Edward De Bono – I highly recommend them if you want to develop your creativity and innovative thinking skills.

Run up the ladder of success two rungs at a time

BUSINESS MANAGERS OR EXECUTIVES: Leverage an otherwise back-breaking effort-based career into a seamless, value-filled relationship-building journey that will have you on the career fast-track getting the best promotions, plum job postings and biggest paycheques, faster than you ever thought possible.

ATTENTION PROFESSIONALS (ENGINEERS, DENTISTS, CHIROPRACTORS, LAWYERS, ACCOUNTANTS): Turn a cash-strapped shoe-string marketing budget and marginally profitable effort-based business into a value-based passive cashflow cash cow that will put you in the spotlight without tipping off your competitors, while you leverage your years of expertise and experience independently of your ‘billable hours’!

ATTENTION SUPER ACHIEVERS: Learn the strategies of the super successful over-achievers who seem to coast through life effortlessly, surpassing their peers with stunning ease without sacrificing their health and wellbeing while ticking off goal, after goal, after goal…

You don’t want to miss the 1-Day Exponential Extravaganza if…

  • You want to get into a leadership position to get on a fast track
    career path. The techniques and strategies revealed will help you
    run up the corporate ladder two rungs at a time.
  • You are in a leadership position, but you’re languishing in the
    role because the added responsibility (chores) and authority
    (bureaucratic paper work and red tape) are not rewarding you
    sufficiently for the effort your putting in (countless over time
    hours). There is a better way to get things done with less effort.
  • You are currently successful in a leadership position, but you
    know that continuous improvement is the mark of a leader. A true
    leader leads from the front. That means acquiring cutting edge
    strategies, techniques and methodologies like the Exponential
    Mindset Strategies that will place you in the top 5 to 10% of

You want to make sure you attend the 1-Day Exponential Extravaganza if…

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