Run up the ladder of success two rungs at a time

BUSINESS MANAGERS OR EXECUTIVES: Leverage an otherwise back-breaking effort-based career into a seamless, value-filled relationship-building journey that will have you on the career fast-track getting the best promotions, plum job postings and biggest paycheques, faster than you ever thought possible.

ATTENTION PROFESSIONALS (ENGINEERS, DENTISTS, CHIROPRACTORS, LAWYERS, ACCOUNTANTS): Turn a cash-strapped shoe-string marketing budget and marginally profitable effort-based business into a value-based passive cashflow cash cow that will put you in the spotlight without tipping off your competitors, while you leverage your years of expertise and experience independently of your ‘billable hours’!

ATTENTION SUPER ACHIEVERS: Learn the strategies of the super successful over-achievers who seem to coast through life effortlessly, surpassing their peers with stunning ease without sacrificing their health and wellbeing while ticking off goal, after goal, after goal…

You don’t want to miss the 1-Day Exponential Extravaganza if…

  • You want to get into a leadership position to get on a fast track
    career path. The techniques and strategies revealed will help you
    run up the corporate ladder two rungs at a time.
  • You are in a leadership position, but you’re languishing in the
    role because the added responsibility (chores) and authority
    (bureaucratic paper work and red tape) are not rewarding you
    sufficiently for the effort your putting in (countless over time
    hours). There is a better way to get things done with less effort.
  • You are currently successful in a leadership position, but you
    know that continuous improvement is the mark of a leader. A true
    leader leads from the front. That means acquiring cutting edge
    strategies, techniques and methodologies like the Exponential
    Mindset Strategies that will place you in the top 5 to 10% of

You want to make sure you attend the 1-Day Exponential Extravaganza if…

  • You are a super achiever who is a little disappointed with your
    results so far. The techniques and strategies you will learn about
    will give you a quick start to get ON the corporate ladder’s fast
    track so you can make up for lost time. It’s not how many times you
    fall down that counts, it’s how many times you get up and what you
    do once you’ve learned the lesson.
  • You are already on the fast track, but realise that others are
    gaining on you. Because this is a race with diminishing positions
    available at the top of the pyramid, if anyone is gaining on you,
    it’s because he or she knows there is a better way to get things
    done with less effort. You need to learn how to get and stay ahead
    without killing yourself. Working more overtime is not a recipe for
  • You want work-life balance without compromising your results.
    This HANDS ON workshop is led by Exponential Growth Strategist
    Dr Marc Dussault whose exemplary corporate and professional career
    INCLUDES having a lifestyle as an international traveller who has
    visited 36 countries, has not had a sick day on the past 20 years
    and is now a top 20 world-ranked masters squash player, sharing
    this with his wife of 25 years. He is living proof that you can
    have it all – but the proviso is that you adopt an Exponential
    Mindset that necessitates fully understanding the concept of
  • You want to be part of something bigger, more meaningful. As we
    know, work and our careers is something we do because it’s who we
    are. It’s our purpose, our destiny. That being said, one smart
    person doesn’t create a revolution, a paradigm shift. People do.
    Smart people are often at the leading edge of innovation yet trail
    at the tail end of economic and social rewards because they lack
    the skills and business acumen to transition from a technician to
    an entrepreneur with persuasion and influence skills. Come learn
    how to do well by doing good.

You should attend the Exponential Extravaganza also IF…

  • If you’re in a job you don’t really like, you’ll be shown
    easy-to-use strategies to determine whether or not you should quit
    your job and/or change your career.
  • If you kind of like your job, but think you should get paid more, I
    will reveal 3 strategies you can use to get that raise or promotion
    you want.
  • If you’re stressed out at work, I’ll show you 2 reasons why that
    happens with antidotes that you can take to relieve stress the next
    time it pops up!
  • If you’re struggling financially, at the Exponential Extravaganza,
    I am going to reveal, for the first time in a FREE event (I share
    this with my top Platinum Members) how to start a business with no
    money down AND an $100,000 investment portfolio with less than
    $5,000. The strategies to be revealed are NOT get rich quick
    schemes (MLM). They are based on what the super rich are doing
    right now to build and protect their wealth.
  • If you’ve done alright financially up until now, but realise that
    you never quite make the big returns, are always a little too late
    to exploit the best opportunities that have already ‘peaked’ – you
    need to attend this event. There’s a reason that’s the case and
    it’s going to keep happening UNLESS you learn how to stop it!
  • If you’ve done well financially but are worried that your portfolio
    is at risk – you’re right it is – more than ever – UNLESS you
    protect it like the ultra wealthy are doing. Come discover how the
    super rich bullet-proof their assets.
  • If you’re concerned about the market’s rollercoaster ride, you’re
    not alone. Exponential investors however are ON the roller coaster
    LOVING every swing there is, the more, the better. Come discover
    how to THINK exponentially so that whatever you’re doing on the
    stock market produces better returns – GUARANTEED. (Please note
    this is NOT a stock market investment seminar – NO investment
    advice will be given. That is NOT where the money is… Intrigued?)
  • Feeling a little demotivated? Deflated? Uninspired? When you
    acquire and Exponential Mindset, something magical happens – ideas
    and inspiration come to you, automatically. That means you’re
    always positively predisposed BECAUSE with multiple options, you
    can cherry-pick the best ones, which on its own is a lot more
    motivating that being stuck with no options at all.
  • If all’s good with what you’re doing, but you feel off balance with
    a little anxiety and pressure that it could all unravel at any
    moment, you need to attend the Exponential Extravaganza. If you’re
    having those feelings, your intuition is bracing you for what’s
    probably going to happen. Avert it now while you can by following
    the 3-step process that takes minutes to learn that will pay off
    with a lifetime of peace and serenity.

With all that said and done – go ahead and book into the Exponential Extravaganza. Bring your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend with you. If you have ADULT children, bring them along as well. If you have friendly colleagues you get along with, suggest they attend as well.

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