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How To Determine If You Should Let Someone Go

Bad Employees, Bad HabitsToday’s blog post is quick and easy. Letting someone go is never easy, but every once in a while, it’s necessary. Here is a quick way to know if you should let someone go.

Ask yourself this simple question:

“If I knew then what I know now about this person (all the good and bad), would I make them a job offer?”

If the answer is definitely “No!” then you have your answer.

Note to employee: If you are not sure of your current employer’s answer to this question, you’re on VERY THIN ICE. Shape up or ship out!

In future posts, I will delve into the cancerous implications of bad staff – something I usually avoid discussing, but is increasingly important when you adopt Exponential Mindset Thinking™ and Boundless Opportunity Thinking™. Neither can be fostered in a toxic environment of negativity.

More on that in the weeks and months to come.