Monthly Archive for September, 2014

Who do you look like?

We have all heard the dictum that like attracts like… But does it apply to dogs and their owners as shown in the cartoon below? I leave that in the capable hands of dog experts… Whereas I can lean in on the case of business people attracting the resources and support they deserve. I know […]

You are more committed to being sick than achieving your dream(s)

I bet you’re skeptical, even defiant this is not the case. Surely you want your dreams to come true more than you want to be sick… Maybe, maybe not. Let me explain. I know a lot of busy people. People who complain they don’t have any time to do anything, especially the things necessary for […]

Five tips for creating healthy client relationships

“An ounce of perspiration is worth a gallon of blood” – Dr Marc Dussault Have you ever worked on a project only to encounter glitches or some other stumbling block that sent your clients and/or colleagues into a spin? Perhaps this caused some tension between you and your client and left you wondering if this […]