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Trouble Shooting Before Trouble Happens




Running a business is fraught with pitfalls that can cause no end of headaches. The smooth running of a company can be the beginning of success, whereas any speed bumps that appear can shoot you off course. Obviously, nobody wants their business to go careering off the set course, but putting out fires as they happen is not the best plan. You should try and prevent the flames from beginning in the first place.


There are so many common issues that can be easily preventable if you take the right precautions before hand.


Holiday Mix-ups


When employees put in their holiday requests, it can be hard to keep track of them all, particularly when you have many of them. Most companies have a tried and tested routine for setting requests, but it is possible for things to slip through the cracks. Using apps can really help for you to keep on top of everything. GetSling is a way for employees to put in their requests and for you to keep track of them easily. You can also manage shift patterns on the same platform so that everything is in the same place.




Communication is the biggest asset you have between yourself and your employees. Whether you’re talking about updates, new information, changes to rotas, or anything else that you would need your team to know about. You can solve any communication issues in the future by developing good communication links early on. You can use group chats like messenger or Whatsapp, or simply by setting up an email just for important information to be passed around.




One of the easiest ways of keeping on top of your organization is to use a piece of software that interconnects with different platforms, and that can be accessed by multiple devices. G Suit allows you to do all that, and to share everything that you create on Google Docs, that you enter into your Calendar, or manage on your Google Finances with whoever you need to.


Life and Work Balance


When running a business, it can be so easy to get the work to life balance wrong. Sometimes it can feel like you’re drowning in work, that you have to be working every day of the week, morning to evening, no matter what. But that imbalance will only make your life more stressful and can even harm your health. Set boundaries early on by shutting off your phone each evening at a set time, and putting aside weekends for you and not for your work. Book holidays the same as any employee can, and stick to them. By taking time for yourself, you won’t ever put work ahead of family.


Friend vs. Boss


There is a fine line between a friend and a friendly boss. You want to be able to get on with your employees, have a laugh and be able to enjoy your time at work. But there is a trap where you become more of a friend than a boss. You don’t want to lose the respect of your staff purely because you went out with them last Saturday. Draw lines early on and create a distinction between you and you-as-a-drinking-buddy.




It might sound ridiculous, but gossip and rumors within the workplace can quickly turn into bullying. And where that sounds like something that happens on a school playground, workplace bullying is one of the biggest issues within most industries. It can undermine you, it can ruin your business’s reputation, and if can cause harm to your employees.

Ineffective Marketing


Marketing Campaigns are the backbone of your business, they are what draws people to your company and raises your profile online and in the physical world. Marketing is mostly effective when you can properly analyze the data to figure out the best way to target your audience. Google Analytics can help you track your data, and, combined with Adwords, you can create a campaign that perfectly targets your audience.

Business Awareness: How To Notice Working Issues When They Occur


We all know that an effective business replicates what is successful and updates it, while eschewing the possible negative scenarios which can drag it down. Great, thank sounds wonderful on paper, but how is this effectively implemented? How can you be completely sure that your business is firing on all cylinders, even in the face of potential avenues of difficulty which are hard to determine? Well, these avenues of difficulty, no matter how hard they are to determine, should be given the most credence, and they should have the utmost importance lent to them. If your business has weeds dragging down the whole enterprise, you will not be performing to your optimized potential, and that can be dangerous.

When you’re promising better and higher growth charts to your shareholders, saying ‘we weren’t aware of that issue at the time,’ is not something that goes down well. For these reasons, it’s important to understand exactly what to do, and how to do it.

These following methods will help your business overcome the sticking issues which are hard to identify at first, by being able to notice them from the offset.

Employee Communication

You must always allow the ‘troops’ to come to you with any problem without fear of reprimand. An employee covering a mistake up for fear of dismissal or punishment can only lead the issue to fester, and grow, and become so large it’s hard to manage. For this reason, you must stay wise about the environment your employees work in. Allow them to come to you about any issue, small or large, without fear of being punished or criticised. Only ever look for solutions. If the employees are still not comfortable with coming to you at the frequency, you’d like, consider leaving out comment cards to give your employees a confidential method of bringing insight to your office.

No matter how you choose to let them communicate, you must stay wise about the whole process. The employees are the first and foremost people you want to stay open with you , as they understand the developmental process of their job role much better than you do. Even if you have the utmost understanding of what they do, no one understands the minute to minute minutia of how their job role is worked in the present day, so they are the best able to assess any irregularities and try to combat them.

Root Cause Analysis

Okay, so five employees have come to you with a problem, and they are all symptoms of a bigger issue. Now you have this information, what should you do with it? Ignore it? Sit on it? Ask the employees to find a solution? Of course the latter method there is the only one with any potential, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be able to successfully identify and eliminate what is going wrong. This will take a more in-depth solution, namely root cause analysis.

Root cause analysis helps a firm identify what issues are occurring and cut them off at the ‘root,’ so that the symptoms will never come up again. This is so important if you hope to grow as a firm, because symptom solutions will only get you so far, and the repetitive investment in time and money it takes to get there will make your business run inefficiently. Implementing the best root cause analysis will often take a specialized firm that can help you draw up an action plan from their breadth of experience. However, if you have built your firm from scratch, it’s likely that you may have some inkling as to where the issues lie.

Assess all aspects of the working chain from the lowest level up to the high, and see where the problem emanates. It may not always come from the suppliers or the basis of your working duty. Sometimes it can be caused by management, or misplaced departmental priorities, or the workplace culture. Make sure you assess all variables in order to gain the most complete picture possible.


Business IT systems often have some form of administrative hub where all computer activity can be monitored and stored. This can be a good way of making sure that your employees are all carrying out their jobs to the extent detailed in their job description. While it’s never nice to single out an employee or a group of employees, finding out that they are going about their daily tasks in a completely inefficient way can help you find the solution immediately, without enacting costly methods of finding the issue.

Staff Training

The best method of overcoming an issue is to prevent it from occurring. For this reason, you must always invest plenty into staff training. This allows your staff to get a complete view of their job role, and stay aware of any new methods of work which will help them stay with the times. Consider educating your employees above and outside the job role they are currently working, as a more complete view of how your operation works is useful in the eyes of any employees.

Synergy is a word often used by business experts as the most desirable aspect of departments working together and being effective due to that. This can only work if both departments have a good understanding of what the other does, as then they can interact with ability and honesty, not worrying or wondering about how the other department will perform. This intra-business trust can only be beneficial and will have wonderful results on your business strategy.

In conclusion, all of these tips will contribute to an attitude of ‘yes we can,’ as opposed to employee worry about issues that occur. Remember, you are all on the same team, even if you are paying your employees handsomely for their time. You should never be afraid to help them out, as they should feel towards you. Whatever you help your staff with is something you are helping your firm with, so it’s important to always look at the greater picture and try to find solutions based around that. With this working culture in place, you can be sure that there will be no problem too large to handle.

Making a Difference in Your Community as a Businessperson

Is there anything better than being a businessperson and earning money from doing what you love? Is there anything better than being a pillar of your community? Yes, there is, and that is being a businessperson that actively helps to better the geographical community in which their business is based.

For advice on how to do just that, and how to do it well, make sure to read on.

Image sourcecircle-159252_960_720.png

Franchise a community helping industry

Franchising is the act of buying into an industry and making a financial donation to it and getting the rights of the industry in return, and you can do just that in your attempt to make a difference in your community. Specifically, you can finance a helping industry, such as a private duty home care franchise, and help it continue to provide the help it already gives, only with far greater funds at its disposal. What investing in a home care franchising opportunity will do specifically is help it continue to provide 24-hour care, a far greater level of caregiving and a better enhanced level of personal planning through the provision of training opportunities. Basically, by putting your money to good use in this sense you could greatly enhance the life of somebody in your local community.

Go green

Going green with your business is something that you should be doing in order to do your bit in helping to protect the wider community of planet earth from global warming. However, it also something that you should doing in order to help your local community too. You should be doing so, and you should be getting your neighbours involved in doing so too, because it gives you all something to work towards. It gives you all something to do together that will enhance community spirit togetherness. So, get commercial solar panels fitted to your premises’s roof and get the neighbours to do so too.

Buy local and partner up locally

If you really want to see your local community thrive you always have to give it precedence with every business deal you do. This means buying and sourcing whatever it is that your business buys and sources as locally as you can. And it means partnering with other local businesses and making them clients of yours. You should do this because when local businesses thrive, so does the local housing market. And when the local housing market thrives, everybody in the community benefits.

Your business’s local community is something that will forever be intertwined with its image. Therefore, you should be doing all you can to ensure that this community is properly tended to and nurtured so that it never weakens. By doing this you not only do the right thing by it, but you do the right thing by your business too. So, go out there and do it! You never know, this could be the unexpected change your business needs to get the results you want for it.