Monthly Archive for June, 2020

Why It’s Beneficial To Work With Local Suppliers In Business

When it comes to local suppliers, it can be helpful to support those as a business, rather than opting for those that are bigger and have a lot more prominence across the country or world. It’s important to support your local businesses and suppliers where you can for many reasons. Here’s why it’s beneficial to […]

How to Impress at Future Business Networking Events

Right now, the Covid-19 pandemic means that business networking events, quite rightly, are off the table. But that won’t always be the case. If you’ve struggled with succeeding at networking events in the past, we’ve got some advice to ensure you get it right when you next get the opportunity to network. Now is the […]

Crowd Control Is Now The Number One Priority For Pandemic-Stricken Businesses

Before the virus hit, companies had subtle ways of controlling crowds of customers flowing in and out of their premises. Businesses used turnstiles and other subtle cues to direct the motion of traffic. But given the current public health concerns, firms are having to rethink people management completely. We’ve already seen significant changes in the […]

5 Ways to Boost Productivity in Business

Image: Time is money, so productivity in business is everything. You want to be making the absolute most of the time that you have each day to be earning the highest amount of profits possible. Here are five ways you can go about it. Use modern software Business software allows you to be fast, […]

10 Ways You Should Manage and Engage Remote Employees For Maximum Impact

Working with remote employees can be an incredible way to save on overhead costs, equipment, time, and so much more. It’s one of the most viable and smart solutions for 2020 and beyond – but you can’t simply hire the remote workers and expect them to get on with it like worker bees. You need […]

From Surviving To Thriving: Advice For Business Owners Affected By The Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world on its head. At the start of the year, nobody could have predicted what would unfold in the months to follow. For business owners, it has been a terrifying time, but there are signs of green shoots appearing. If you’ve been putting all your effort into surviving the […]

Changing The Way You Do Business: How Covid-19 Has Reshaped Companies

Photo by Philipp Birmes from Pexels When the pandemic hit, many businesses had to go into crisis mode to try and save their company. With consumers’ needs changing almost overnight and supply chains becoming broken, business owners had to sit down with their teams and make some tough decisions. One of the most immediate changes […]

Important Health And Safety Tips For New Construction Businesses

The construction industry is a great area to get into but there are some big challenges to overcome. When you are starting your construction business, it’s important that you prioritize health and safety. There is a lot of legislation in place and if you don’t comply with the law, you could end up with injuries […]

How To Support Your Employees During Unprecedented Times

For a lot of employees at the moment, a lot of their priorities and worries will be around their health, and the health of their loved ones. We are getting ever-changing information, as the situation is constantly changing, and the advice we are given changes. It can be an anxious time as an employee, wondering […]

Pandemics Threaten Business, But They Could Also Make It More Efficient

Back in 2006, Jeffrey Staples wrote in the Harvard Business Review that pandemics were the single greatest threat to business continuity. His words came on the back of various bird flu and coronavirus that shook the Far East in the run-up to the financial crisis. But despite the very real evidence that epidemics were already […]